Fashion Person Of Aircraft Instrument Panel – Belarus Br 03

Today I would like to introduce a fashionable person to everyone. He has a ever-changing square face and a strong body with a sophisticated atmosphere. Bellace chose the right master on the retro road and learned the essence of Panerai. A while ago, the poisoner wrote a story about an aviation clock. As the dashboard surface of a flight meter, the classic black and white combination, the conspicuous digital dial surface, and the simple scale pointers have become frequent flyers of flying instruments. In order to facilitate installation and save space, the panel is often fixed with screws at the four corners. Bell & Ross has taken this as inspiration to design the main explosion-shaped square watch. The four corners are decorated with screws, tough style, and the ritual sense of the aircraft cabin has been on fire in just a few years. Robert Downey Jr.’s collection contains a piece of Bell & Ross, outstanding appearance recognition is the most important consideration for celebrities. And Bell & Ross is still very high in design recognition. As soon as you see the square screw dial, it is inseparable from Bell & Ross. Poison division today brought a limited edition of 999 Bronze Bell & Ross, model BR03-92. You can see the retro effect exploded, focusing on diving & bronze features. Thanks to the watch sponsor @sunlight for sponsoring this article. It can be seen that Bell & Ross has worked hard on the accessories. Not only is it equipped with a three-proof large box. The moisture-proof and dust-proof design guarantees the safety of the watch inside. In addition to the large box, there are two types of straps inside and a dive. Badge. The original straps are the two in the picture above. The left side is the belt and the right side is the tape. However, I still prefer the thick brown leather belt. Perfectly matched with the retro look of oxidized bronze. Bronze is a very traditional metal material. The history of human use of bronze can be traced back to more than 5,000 years ago. Bronze is an alloy of copper and other metals. Because copper is easily oxidized, bronze will slowly change its color during use over time, from rose red gold to red to dark red, brown, and blue from the beginning. Green, the color will continue to deepen, so watches with a bronze case, become different in different degrees of oxidation, becoming a selling point. Bronze case is usually used by brands for diving watches. Because stainless steel was not available in the early maritime period, bronze has become the first choice for shipbuilding materials due to its excellent corrosion resistance (a protective film is formed on the surface to prevent corrosion). It is also used in addition to the hull. Manufacture portholes, clocks, boat accessories, and marine instruments, so many people think that bronze can remind them of the ocean. But because the bronze surface is too easy to oxidize, it will change color in less than three days when you wear a copper watch that sweats. Although there will be no problems under daily contact, rust will be left on the hand, so the back cover of modern copper watches is generally not made of bronze, avoiding direct contact. The special oxidation effect of the bronze watch is very fascinating, and the effect itself can be removed and restarted, so many watch friends are also keen to play the oxidation effect of the copper watch. Once you are not satisfied with some cola or ketchup, wipe it off and return to it as new. Although Bell & Ross is famous for making flying styles, this bronze diving watch is very tasteful. Bronze material, retro effect with large luminous scale, unidirectional rotating outer ring, waterproof lock bar up to 300M depth test. The luminousness of the diving watch must be large enough and bright enough to ensure convenient underwater reading. The design of the logo and shoulder guard case is in place. The heavy effect in the hand will not be heavy. The edges are beveled and the grooves are polished. The lines are visually well segmented. The handle is made of semi-rubber material, which will not rust and will not be unscrewed. The back cover of the stainless steel engraved diving emblem is fixed with four screws. The nameplate is engraved with a limit of 999 pieces. Most of the three major needles of Belles are ETA2824 and SW200. The price is more than 30,000 yuan. Design your own confidence. The use of a special hexagonal screw shows that Bellace is not a stigma, it is not easy to design a style of its own. I am very generous, but I am cool. Everyone said that life needs a sense of ritual, and Bellex gave me the feeling of a distinctive hip-hop style. Wearing this square cabin table, I put myself in the air or under the sea, sharing a no-man’s land. Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Bronze limited edition: diameter 42MM, waterproof depth 300M, unidirectional rotatable outer ring, double strap configuration with belt and tape, the price is 31500RMB.

Watches Do Not Maintain Value, But Can They Not Lose Money?

It is not too late to get to the topic. Because I read an article about watch value preservation in a certain media two days ago, I also decided to talk to my brothers about the issue of watch value preservation. The general media wrote about the practical issue of watch value preservation, and wrote all the parity. So I want to say something practical and practical from the perspective of players and sellers. Before I start, I want to explain that the following are some actual conditions in the watch market. I write to tell you that brothers can understand as experience or knowledge. New players please go to the counter to buy watches, old players please show their magic. Let’s start.

This picture is a screen shot of the past two days. Many brothers should have seen it. In fact, it is the issue of watch value preservation.

There is no doubt that watches are not value-preserving.
   When some brothers saw this conclusion, they would say that at the auction, a watch took millions and millions. Why did n’t the watch maintain its value? Yes, some of the watches at the auction can get ‘astronomical’, unfortunately, these watches are not usually available to us. The watches we can access are basically the mainstream brands on the market. And individual rare antique watches at auction are not a thing.

Rolex Paul Newman’s ‘Paul Newman’, this sky-high price watch at the auction has nothing to do with us buying watches.

   The mass-produced watches from various watch brands on the market are mass-produced and continuously supplied. How can things be “preserved” and “valued up” when things are continuously available and can be bought at any time?
   Some people will say that I can get a very low discount when buying a watch, which is much cheaper than the public price. The problem is that you can get new watches with low discounts, and others can get the same discounts. Unless the new watch is left unused, as long as the new watch tears the film to get started, and the new shoes are dropped to the ground, it immediately becomes second-hand. No matter how many folds you get, it is definitely not the price of the new watch, and the price is going to go down. As an example, really, a sister bought a new watch at a 40% discount through a friend. The sisters are very happy. I feel that I have a 40% discount. I went to the pawnshop and I can still make money. As a result, when they arrived at the pawnshop, they were 20% off for recycling, and the sisters were dumbfounded. This is the reality.

Cartier key is a new watch that Cartier has been slowly warming up recently.
   Some people say that Rolex keeps the best value. I use the most straightforward words, Rolex value preservation means that Rolex’s recycling discount is better than other watches. For example, other watches may be recycled at a discount of 50%, and normal Rolex may be collected at a discount of 50%.

   Some people say that I keep the value of my popular watches, the water ghost is super hot. For example, I have a brother who bought a nigga 116610 with a calendar. Calculated according to the exchange rate and discount at that time, the price was good. Not long after wearing it, poisoned the green ghost, and came up with a black ghost for a green ghost. As a result, the nigger was given to the second-hand dealer, the recycling price was 38 thousand, and then he changed the green ghost.
   Some people say that Green Water Ghosts are now over-priced, and a watch is hard to find. The green ghost is indeed the hottest watch now, and some people always joked that those who bought the green ghost before have now made money. But the actual situation depends on the situation. Watches, like cars, also look at the year, such as the Green Ghost in 2011. Now it is impossible to sell at a high price (year, product, accessories, bracelet length, all affect the value of a watch).

Green Ghost’s new full set of stocks now basically exceed the public price, but this does not mean that the second watch you have worn can still maintain the original value. It is inevitable that the price will fall.
   Therefore, the watches you can see and buy on the market are not value-preserving. Most watches have their own discounts, coupled with the generations of new generations, new ones, and old ones immediately fall. How can watches maintain their value?

   Someone would say, then, simply, I will buy a second watch, which is second-hand itself, should this always be worth it? When you buy a second watch, wear it for a while, and get tired, you will find that if you find someone to recycle, you still lose money. Sell ​​it yourself, you will find that the price of other watches like you is lower than yours (because the price of other watches is lower).

The price of niggas is now higher than before, but the recycling price of niggas is actually not that high.
   These situations appear above are the real situation in the watch market. Brothers who want to experience it can sell and sell their watches.

Since the watch doesn’t maintain its value, why can it still say ‘can’t lose’?
   I want to share two sentences with you first. The first sentence is ‘Don’t always think about preserving value and not healthy when buying a watch’; the second sentence is ‘Don’t criticize us for everything is linked to value, if not linked, collectors will soon go bankrupt.’

IWC Mark 18 has a large circulation in the market. The picture shows the little prince on the blue disk.
   These two sentences are two words that impressed me very much in the process of contacting the watch. As you can see, the meaning of these two sentences is opposite. The first sentence is not to consider value preservation, and the second sentence is to consider the value of the watch. It’s boring to buy a watch just considering the value preservation, but it doesn’t consider it at all, it will have an impact on the economy (except everyone). So this degree, take it for yourself.

   Not to mention falsity, buying a watch is costly and expensive. Some people always ‘lost money’ in it, so they can’t buy it slowly, and they have no money in their hands; some people can ‘not lose money’ in it, so they always have money to continue to buy watches. Watches are not value-preserving, but they can also be ‘not losing’, so I will say some practical methods below, everyone depends on their situation, use if you want to use, do not use if not.

Jaeger-LeCoultre’s new master is also a new watch that has slowly started to heat up recently.
   ‘No loss’ here means that in the process of buying a watch, in and out, basically guarantees ‘balanced income and expenditure’, buying a watch ‘not losing money’ or ‘rarely losing money.’

   The reason why most people buy watches is ‘loss’ because you are standing in a ‘buyer’ position. The watchmaker earns the money of the ‘buyer’, so the ‘buyer’ must lose money. So what should I do? In fact, the reason is very simple. It is a sentence. You must buy the watch at a price lower than the market price, and then wear it yourself. When you wear it for a while, and you are tired and want to take a shot, it is possible to ‘not lose’ or ‘rarely lose’. Of course Sometimes, it can be ‘earned’ (to be honest, as long as you want, watches can be used to make money, it depends on whether you want to). So I bought a lot of watches in, out, and in fact ‘not much money’.

Breguet 7027 is actually a more popular watch. It is called ‘wheel’ by some players and sellers.
   This principle is simple, I told you, but the experience in it requires you to slowly explore it yourself in the process of buying a watch. For example, the most important thing is to understand the market and know the prices of various brands and watches on the market. There are actually three prices here, one is the second-hand market price (the price that the watchmaker sells to the buyer); the price of the same item (the peer price between the watchmakers); Of these three prices, one is lower than the other. So things are simple. As long as you buy the watch at a price lower than the second-hand market price, the watch will not lose, or will lose very little (because you will have to discount it after you wear it). If you buy a watch with a string price or a closing price, then the watch can ‘earn’. Of course, there is one more thing to note. It is best to sell this watch by yourself. If you give it to the watchmaker, people must set aside their own profits, right?

Vacheron Constantin 85180 is also very popular, I feel no worse than Patek Philippe at the same level.
   As for the brand new complete set of new watches, bought at a price lower than the price of the new watch, and directly changed hands, it is also a profitable business. But this has become a pure selling watch, I have not worn it, and I have no fun playing.

   The methods are the above. If you do n’t use these methods to look at yourself, how to buy a watch at a price lower than the market price, you need to explore it yourself (after all, everyone’s way is different), I just tell you some actual conditions. I sometimes use these methods, sometimes I do n’t use them, depending on the specific watch and mood (because it’s very tiring to buy a watch, I always have to think about it when I see a watch). In short, it is not too ‘expensive’ to buy a watch. If you want to buy a watch, you can just ask the leader of the house for money.

   Buy a ‘watch’ or ‘婊’, the family must support you to buy a watch.

Blue In The Sky Aesthetic Moon Glashütte Original Eccentric Moon Phase Women’s Watch Limited Edition Commend Mid-autumn Festival

The moon of Mid-Autumn Festival is as bright as a mirror. It is especially moving against the blue starry sky. No matter where you are, as long as you look up to the sky, you can enjoy the beautiful charm of this good night. Glashütte’s original moonlight romance is infused into women’s watches, and on the occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival, special editions of PanoMatic Luna eccentric moon phase ladies’ watch boutiques are launched to define the beauty of moon phases for you.
The latest model of the PanoMatic Luna Eccentric Moon Phase Lady’s Watch presents unparalleled views of the sky for fine watchmaking: a curved silver moon on a pale blue mother-of-pearl dial hangs in the sky, and diamonds are like Star bright. The unique off-centre hour / minute display, the small second hand, and the Glashütte Original’s large calendar all make it fun to read the time.

Dial: Superb Blue

   The sparkling blue mother-of-pearl dial on the new PanoMatic Luna eccentric moon phase ladies’ watch is fascinating at first sight, and it is hard to look away. The dial is hand-crafted by the watchmakers of the brand’s own factory in Pforzheim, a true portrayal of superb craftsmanship. Mother-of-pearl is an organic material derived from the innermost layer of marine shells. Its delicate characteristics require that you be very careful when processing it. In order to accurately display the required color, the back of the delicate white base material is painted with a layer of paint. The natural texture of mother-of-pearl gives the dial extra features that make each watch truly unique.

Moon Phase Display: Moon Goddess

   The moon is always fascinating. The PanoMatic Luna eccentric moon phase ladies watch captures this magical charm of the moon and reproduces it elegantly: the soft curved meniscus relief complements the silver starry sky. The elegant curve shape benefits from the diamond milling process of excellence, which creates a deep sense of vision. The moon phase display at 2 o’clock combines tradition and artistry, which is absolutely rare for ladies’ mechanical watches.

Big Calendar: Glashütte Original Exclusive Features

   The distinctive large calendar is one of the most recognizable elements of Glashütte Original. It consists of two concentric display panels at the same level. In this way, the two numbers that make up the date are not separated by a line like the regular date display, ensuring best legibility. The large calendar is designed in an oval window at 4 o’clock, in harmony with the elegant design of the PanoMatic Luna eccentric moon phase ladies watch.

   The finely polished stainless steel case has a diameter of 39.4 mm, and the surrounding bezel is set with 64 brilliant-cut white diamonds, which contrasts with a total of 18 brilliant-cut diamonds inlaid with 9 bar-shaped hour markers on the dial. , Dazzling. The winding crown also combines functionality and dazzling beauty: a large brilliant-cut diamond of 3 mm makes the crown more glorious. As a result, a total of 83 brilliant-cut diamonds weighing 1.09 carats make the entire watch radiant and unstoppable. The watch is equipped with a light blue Louisiana alligator leather strap and pin buckle; the same color strap as the dial completes the elegant beauty of the watch.

   The PanoMatic Luna eccentric moon phase ladies watch is equipped with the brand’s self-made Calibre 90-12 self-winding movement. Through the sapphire crystal case back, this exquisitely modified core mechanism and its rare double gooseneck trimming mechanism are at a glance. Exhaustive. With three-quarters of splints, blue-steel screws, and various decorations unique to Glashütte, classic German traditional watchmaking elements are memorable.

The new light blue PanoMatic Luna eccentric moon phase ladies watch boutique limited edition, only available exclusively in the brand’s own stores worldwide.

A Tribute To Dutch Artist Vincent Van Gogh Jaeger-lecoultre Launches The Reverso À Eclipse Hidden Enamel Painted Watch

2015 is the 125th anniversary of the death of the famous Dutch post-impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh. Jaeger-LeCoultre cooperated with the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam to launch a limited edition Reverso à Eclipse concealed enamel-painted watch. The dial pattern is Van Gogh’s masterpiece ‘Sunflower’.
   Swiss watch brand Jaeger-LeCoultre takes pride in its creative tradition stemming from its outstanding creativity and deep historical accumulation, and supporting the creation and talent of artists in different fields is also the consistent goal of the watch factory. For this watch factory with more than 180 years of artistic excellence, this is not the first time that enamel has been applied to the Reverso watch series to pay tribute to the artist. Reverso’s dial and caseback make it a rare masterpiece that is a masterpiece of display. On this occasion, Jaeger-LeCoultre and store partner Gassan joined hands to launch the limited edition Van Gogh sunflowers of the Reverso à Eclipse hidden enamel painted watch in honor of the great painter Vincent Van Gogh.
   This unique watch is the result of a sincere collaboration between Swiss watch brand Jaeger-LeCoultre and his Dutch partner Gassan, who is looking forward to creating an outstanding watch that combines three elements of craftsmanship, art and heritage to pay tribute to the world famous Painting master Vincent Van Gogh. The artistic masterpieces created by the enamelist on the dial make these three elements reflected in the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso à Eclipse hidden enamel painted watch. When the curtain opened, Van Gogh’s famous painting ‘Sunflower’ hidden under the dial appeared.
   This unique reversible watch has a rose gold case and is equipped with a Jaeger-LeCoultre-made 849 movement. The Reverso à Eclipse concealed enamel painted watch perfectly interprets the rare and charming traditional technique of enamel micro-painting, which requires extreme dexterity and patience. With just one simple action, you can open the curtain of the watch dial and enjoy the unique charm of Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflower’ micro-painting.
   This unique masterpiece of art is jointly produced by Jaeger-LeCoultre and the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, and is limited to 5 pieces. From September 4, 2015, the work will be exhibited in the Van Gogh Museum after the completion of the new entrance building.

A.Lange & Söhne 1815 And Saxony’s Important Scientific Institution

The 1815 watch series created by Lange A. Lange & Söhne reminds people of Ferdinando Adolf Lang grid. 1815 was also a turning point in European history: Napoleon returned from the last battle in Waterloo. The Vienna Conference established a new international order. In the new map, the size of the Kingdom of Saxony is reduced by a third compared to the original. Although Saxony’s political influence has been weakened, locals have made up for this by improving education, art and culture. The Dresden Botanical Garden, built in 1815, is one of the examples of the scientific enlightenment in the early 19th century, and Ferdinando Adolf Lange later realized his entrepreneurial dream.

Time Monument: 1815 UP / DOWN in Alpinum, Dresden Botanical Garden

 The history of the Dresden Botanical Gardens is full of interesting stories. In 1815, the Academy of Surgery and Medicine was allocated land to build a botanical garden. The inauguration ceremony was held five years later. One of the most well-known natural scientists at the time, Heinrich Gottlieb Ludwig Reichenbach, was appointed director of the botanical garden. Due to his good relations with the Saxony royal family, this newly established scientific institution enjoys special privileges and financial support. The botanical garden has collected as many as 7,800 varieties of plants in five years. This number is indeed staggering compared to similar facilities and explains why the Dresden Botanical Garden is so striking.
 At the beginning of the 19th century, Dresden also developed into a major area of ​​science. The Mathematics and Physics Salon has influenced the city’s technical culture and is the ultimate authority on all timing work. The Technical School (Technische Bildungsanstalt), established in 1828, offers different vocational training to maintain the rapid development of the industrial age. The ambitious watchmaker Ferdinando Adolf Lange was one of the school’s first well-known students.

Annual rings telling historical stories: 1815 RATTRAPANTE PERPETUAL CALENDAR on a cypress trunk

 The botanical garden has also evolved from a technical school to the scientific base of today’s Technical University of Dresden. With more than 10,000 plants from all over the world, it still ranks among the most important botanical gardens in Europe today. One of the special attractions in the park is the Alpinum with many stone columns, reminiscent of the basalt columns of the Giant’s Causeway on the coast of Northern Ireland. On the bottom of the cypress trunk that has been preserved to this day, the ring rings have witnessed many important years in Dresden. This is also the location for 1815 UP / DOWN and 1815 RATTRAPANTE PERPETUAL CALENDAR. These two models remind people of Ferdinando Adolf Lange and his legendary pocket watches.

China-made Boutique Tianwang Hengyi Leisure Series Watches Recommended

Since its establishment in 1988, Tianwang Watch, a domestic watch brand, has become a well-respected brand with exquisite watchmaking technology and perfect shape design after more than 20 years of wind and rain.

 Tianwang Watch originated from Dapu County, Guangdong, with annual sales exceeding one billion yuan. It should be a leading company in the watch industry in China. Recently, I saw a blue watch of the Hengye series of the Utopia watch. I feel that the design and workmanship are still very good. Its product model is GS5363S / D, and the general offer is around 2200 yuan.
 The Hengxuan series is named after ‘constant power, lasting life’, all adopt automatic winding mechanical movement. It was first introduced in 2007, and it can be seen that the vitality of its products is still relatively strong. The overall case is 38.5 mm in diameter, and the bezel is designed with a dodecagonal concave curve. It can be seen that the brand is very sensitive to the trend of men’s watches in the world today. The grey-blue dial is reminiscent of the early Audemars Piguet Royal Oak models. The junior hands and hour markers are quite satisfactory, which is very suitable for this relatively small dial. A convex glass is designed on the date window at three o’clock, which is clearly a classic goldfisheye to pay homage to Rolex. The design of the lugs and steel bands is smooth and compact, which enhances the integrity of this watch. The bottom cover is see-through, you can see the automatic movement used.

 Learning and imitation have been the secrets of success that have been adopted by all sectors of the manufacturing industry since China’s reform and opening up. This watch objectively refers to the design of many Swiss classic models, but it feels very coordinated when put together. The reliability of the mechanical watch products and the accuracy of the travel time, to be honest, there must be some differences between brands, but I believe that not as many national watch skeptics claim as large. A more affordable price, a more beautiful design, and a more reliable workmanship. In fact, our ordinary consumers expect nothing less than domestically-made products in various industries on the market. This Tianwang Hengzheng has successfully completed these three ‘comparisons’, and the editor is satisfied with her.
 Watch details: tianwang / 32165 /

Tag Heuer Launches Two 500th Edition Special Edition Watches

Since 2004, TAGHeuer has been the official timekeeper for the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race. The Indy 500 is known as the oldest car event and is also one of the three famous crowns (the other two are F1 and Le Mans 24 Hours). To celebrate 15 consecutive years of cooperation with this legendary event, TAGHeuer has launched two special edition 500 edition watches.

   The stainless steel case back of the new watch is engraved with the 500th logo, the start date of this year and the track masonry pattern, telling an important part of the TAGHeuer brand story and its deep connection with the world of the race. With two new watches, TAGHeuer shares its sincere passion for the sport with speed and watch enthusiasts around the world.
TAGHeuer Special Edition 500

   The new Carrera 500th Edition Special Edition watch demonstrates the enthusiasm of the avant-garde watch brand TAGHeuer for the thrilling motorsport. This watch is 41 mm in diameter and features a black perforated calfskin strap with red stitching and lining. The sub-dial at 6 o’clock is decorated with the 500 mark, and the ceramic bezel is engraved with red ‘INDY500’. This sports chronograph has a black dial with a white sub-dial, and the words ‘CARRERA’ and ‘CALIBRE16’ are printed on the top and bottom of the date display window at 3 o’clock, respectively, revealing the series and built-in movement of the timepiece. The relevant scales, marks and hands are decorated in red, making the timing information more legible. The watch comes in a special packaging.

TAGHeuer F1 Series Printed 500th Special Edition Watch

   The new F1 Series Indy 500 Special Edition is a vibrant 43mm chronograph that is clearly linked to the long-established Indy 500 event. On the black aluminum bezel, the red ‘INDY500′ and brand emblem are distinctive and easy to understand. The ’60’ minute index is decorated with a sporty red lacquer, which is more conspicuous against the background of the black dial. The central chronograph seconds hand, the hands in the white sub-dial, and the inner ring numbers are also bright red. The 500th stamp is on the subdial at 6 o’clock. The TAGHeuer F1 series printed 500th special edition watch is also presented in a special package. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

True Prestige Columbus Hurricane Watch Watch Appreciation

Magellan, Columbus, Da Gamma and other pioneers of maritime expeditions have emerged in the era of great sailing that began in the 15th century. As the only effective way for sailors to determine longitude, ship bells have become standard navigation tools since the nineteenth century. The Zenith watch brand produced high-precision navigation watches and standard astronomical navigation clocks during the First World War, and was used as a naval standard in many countries. Although with the gradual evolution of radio wave navigation and other technologies, the astronomical ship clock has gradually faded from the historical stage since the 1950s, Zenith’s uncompromising pursuit of accurate and stable timepieces is still the same, and the astronomical ship is reproduced on the wrist Bell’s brilliance has always been a dream of Zenith.

 Columbus Hurricane Watch and its case

 After more than 5 years of intensive R & D work, Zenith launched the prestigious Columbus high-complexity watch in 2010. For the first time, the nautical astronomical ship clock free-swing horizontal directional frame was transplanted to the watch to offset the gravity. The adverse effect of the watch’s travel time is similar to that of the marine timepiece. The development of this ultra-complex watch essentially solves a key problem that still plagues the modern watch industry today: how to make the meter achieve accurate measurements in movements that continue to affect its accuracy. The name Columbus is not only a tribute to the greatest nautical explorer in the world, but also stems from historical heritage. Zenith has manufactured the Lepine astronomical clock movement as early as the early 20th century, and its escapement was named ‘Columbus escapement. ‘. This astronomical clock was awarded three first prizes from the Neuchatel Observatory in Switzerland and the ‘A-Class Certificate-Very Excellent’ of the British Tytintown Observatory. This invention not only shows the brand’s bold creativity, but also pays tribute to the brand’s history.

 Zenith Maritime Astronomical Clock

 Zenith specially invited Ding Zhixiang, a famous ship clock collector, to take the history and evolution of ship clocks as the subject, and condensed the times in the ocean wind and waves into the ancient ship clocks that have solidified history. At the event, the appearance of an extraordinary timepiece of the true time series of the Columbus Hurricane Grand Nautical Watch was stunning. The outstanding high-complexity technology and exquisite enamel engraving technology made everyone in the audience breathtaking.

 Zenith Prestige Columbus Hurricane Watch

 As the pinnacle of high-complexity watches, this truly valuable Columbus Hurricane Grand Nautical Watch is limited to 10 pieces in the world. It is entirely handmade and equipped with three major achievements in watchmaking: patented gravity control system, sesame chain Transmission mechanism and unique high frequency of 36,000 times / hour; using the most exquisite master craftsmanship such as enamel, engraving and micro-painting, this classic series embodies the heritage of maritime precision timepieces, condensing more than 150 years of real time works More perfect ancient craftsmanship.

 Zenith has always been a pioneer in the field of unexplored, praising the spirit of fearless and courageous exploration. Columbus series watches perfectly reflect the brand’s continuous breakthrough in watchmaking technology and never stop pursuing the ultimate step. The unremitting exploration and tradition of the time have made this great technical discovery, and also set an important milestone in the pursuit of accurate timepieces.

Technical data of the Zenith Premier Columbus Hurricane Watch
Price: 2,167,000 RMB
• The first gyroscope tourbillon watch with sesame chain transmission
• Sesame chain drive system provides balanced power for the barrel
• Tribute to great sailing adventurers
• Hand-made gold components screwed into the movement: micro-engraving, enamel, micro-painting and enamel engraving with filled silk
• Limited edition of 10 pieces
El Primero 8805 manual winding movement
The unique gyro mechanism keeps the adjustment mechanism in perfect horizontal position forever
Movement: 16 ½ ‘‘‘(diameter: 37 mm)
Thickness: 5.85 mm
Number of components: 354
Gyroscope frame is formed from 173 components
The chain is formed from 585 components
Gems: 53
Vibration frequency: 36,000 times (5 Hz)
Power reserve: at least 50 hours
Off-centered hour and minute display at 12 o’clock
Gravity control auto-adjustment module at 6 o’clock
Small seconds at 9 o’clock
Power reserve indicator at 3 o’clock
Sesame chain drive system under the hour / minute dial
Case, surface and hands Case, surface and hands
Material: 18K rose gold
Diameter: 45 mm
Thickness: 14.80 mm / 21.80 mm
(With box sapphire crystal)
Crystal glass and case back: box-shaped double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal, dome-protected gyroscope tourbillon
Water resistance: 3 ATM
Surface: 3 gold enamel surfaces
Time scale: black lacquered
Pointer: Blue steel
10.2260.4052W / 98.R573
Brown alligator leather strap, rose gold tri-fold clasp

Antique Watches The Choice Of European Riches

This gold Cartier watch was launched in 1921, and it was not discontinued until the 1970s. Please pay attention to its crown, which has the delicate effect of jewelry. Because it is unexpectedly flattering, it will last for a long time and also affect the design of Cartier watches in the market. This one on the right is also Cartier’s housekeeping breed, with weird and novel styles. It was born in 1928; no matter how it is reflected in the market, its appearance alone is very easy to remember.

 Breitling watches are not ‘only’ in the aviation watch manufacturing industry, but they are obviously different. It was born in 1884 in a family factory specializing in making timepieces and other science-related equipment in the Swiss Jura Mountains. The owner of this factory is called Breitling (full name ST · IMIER BREITLING). Since the design and positioning of Breitling aviation watches is ‘making the most practical and reliable aviation watch in the world’, it is not necessary to consider that the average person is ‘tired with numbers’ in the design of the dial. For pilots dealing with numbers, Breitling’s appearance design is in line with aesthetic principles; functions are perfect; practicality is impeccable. In short, it is the favorite of contemporary naval aviation pilots. The Breitling, which was introduced in 1952, has been “good” so far, and it has now become a rare commodity that can not be achieved with a little money.

 Panerai is a famous watch born in Florence, Italy in 1860. It is as famous as David in the town hall. Although the company started from watchmaking, it devoted all its efforts to military production during the First World War, and was widely involved in precision machinery manufacturing. With its watchmaking scientific and technological strength accumulated for many years, Panerai focused on manufacturing high-precision sights, depth measuring instruments and fish detonators, which caused its fame. The MARE NOSTRUM-52MM in the picture is modeled after the professional chronograph supplied by Panerai for the Italian Navy in 1943. Even the smallest details are the same as the original. Military green woven strap.

 Numerous records show that there are many famous celebrities in this brand of Dai Baozhen. Although there are unlucky Louis XVI and his unlucky wife Mary Anton Vannett, this has not affected its reputation in the slightest. The vintage black-faced flight watch was produced in the 1960s and is known for its simple and versatile functions. In today’s auction market, the 50-year-old Breguet is not uncommon, but due to the enthusiastic pursuit of watch fans, the price has never been reduced.

 This ‘broad-bodied’ BULOVA ACCUTRON is the earliest electronic watch produced in Switzerland in 1963. Obviously, the ‘old nobles’ in all famous watches were unwilling to get involved in electronic watches. It’s just a ‘funny’ field. As a popular brand in Swiss watches, Bulova developed this low-end electronic watch with only 27 parts. At the time, it seemed to be a failure of the ‘self-destructing Swiss watch mountain’, and no matter what the subsequent results were, anyway This performance has a long history and is very hard to find.

 This extraordinary Rolex Daytona, with a chronograph function, is a special style launched in 1963. Rolex is a ‘famous brand’ in the world-renowned Swiss watch family. Many varieties are very famous and cost-effective. Even the late leader Mao of China has been awarded a watch of this brand. In the same year, the Swiss watch delegation came to visit China. In the face of China’s top leaders, there is no doubt that they can afford any watch made in Switzerland. However, they still chose Rolex in the choice. This Rolex in the picture has a very strange color mix. The combination of white steel and light pink is rare in high-end watches, and it is still a men’s watch.

 The sports watch, born in 1860 by the Swiss watchmaking family Edouard Heuer, was not as famous as it was before being acquired by LVMH. Swiss watchmaking companies have always regarded pedigree as more important than fame, and once the production is expanded and the popularity rises, the purity of the pedigree will inevitably be affected, so TAG Heuer, like many other Swiss watches, is improving its reputation. Don’t rush to achieve the title. It was not until the 1920 Olympic Games in Antwerp, Belgium that TAG Heuer emerged as an official timer, and it was out of control. TAG Heuer always places its products in the ‘innovative timer’ segment, not to be confused with simple watches. It was for this reason that TAG Heuer first launched in 1975.

 Watches have reached the level of hiding, each of which reflects a wide range of values, and there is no uniform standard. Of course, there is no reason to exclude speculation, but good things have universal value, and there are many people who are sought after. You can’t limit them if you want to limit them. Some tables reflect the scarcity of the world, some tables reflect the noble quality, and some tables reflect the celebrity effect. In addition, the appearance of the watch and the integrity of its mechanical structure are also an integral part of the hiding system. Especially Chinese people, the most important thing is almost impossible.

 Blancpain’s full moon calendar with gold case. The watch was released in 1983, and the moon face exposed under the watch is a moving part of this watch. I heard that this ingenious design was prepared for whimsical Italians, and later became popular in the watch industry. Romantic Italians always consider decoration more important than practicality. If there is a little flower like this, it is certainly better.

Omega ‘milestone 1941’ Collector Watch

The prototype of ‘Milestone 1941’ originated from the stainless steel watch numbered ‘CK 2080’ launched by Omega in 1938. Although the replica model introduced this year follows the traditional design of the old model, It also uses coaxial escapement technology and more luxurious materials. On the complicated watch dial, the outermost bezel is the rangefinder, and the innermost is the ancient spiral tachymeter scale. These complex scales may rarely be used when you wear the watch, but this also Enough to become the capital of your circle of friends.
Omega 3203 movement, watch diameter 38 mm, 18k white gold case, black lacquered dial, black alligator strap, 18k white gold buckle.
Reference price: 120,900 yuan