Ruan Jingtian Shows Sunshine Charm For Mido Limited Watch Show

September 4, Taipei, Ruan Jingtian was invited to be the event guest of Mido limited edition watch. Ruan Jingtian, who has both a sunny smile and a stylish taste, perfectly interpreted this year’s Mido limited watch with different shapes. Characteristics and design concepts. He himself likes Xiaotian, a famous watch, and he is very experienced in this new watch. He is even more professional than the counter staff when introducing it. Xiaotian said that he likes watches very much, so he will look at them and study them, but when it comes to collecting, Xiaotian humbly said that he doesn’t have such financial resources at present, he may only have a look. At the press conference, Xiaotian first took the sunny image of a sports boy, held a surfboard, and appeared on the stage to show a good figure. He likes surfing and water sports, and the watch on his hand fully shows the handsomeness of the sunny boy. Having just traveled to Europe with his girlfriend Xu Weining and returned to Taiwan, Xiaotian said that this trip to Europe has gone to a lot of places to play, and has gained a lot. It also made him fully charged and ready for the next drama performance.

Stars In The Country Of Precision Omega Omega Constellation Series

If you ask a watch player OMEGA which series is the most representative, some people may answer that the hippocampus, super tyrant and iron tyrant are several powerful and all came out in 1957. The same ladder, but for some watch fans, the Constellation series is the watch that can best symbolize OMEGA. The reason why there is such a difference is related to which aspect of your understanding of the brand OMEGA is focused on. If you understand that OMEGA is a universal sports watch that can land on the moon, dive, and be antimagnetic, then the aforementioned mentions such as the hippocampus Waiting for the three series is naturally typical of this brand for you, but if you think that the essence of OMEGA is a ‘precision’, then the constellation may be what your brand should look like.

Posters of the Constellation series of the 1950s. From the design, you can find the style inherited from the Centenary watch.

An old line from 1952
Since its inception in 1952, the constellation has been known for its highly accurate quality. The cover of the watch case is also named after the observatory pattern. The brand’s basic positioning in the beginning was to demand high precision. Because the image of the constellation Huai Que is deeply rooted in people’s minds, for a long time, players have mostly discussed it with the movement, and relatively little attention has been paid to the design of the appearance; on the other hand, it does not have the same line of style as the Speedmaster Design vocabulary, the constellation has undergone various changes in its history of more than one Jiazi, so for those who do not know the context, may feel dazzled, but in fact, in this different generations of different styles There are indeed many classic design elements created in the zodiac constellation. These elements are not only impressive, but some even influenced the design trend of the time, which caused extensive influence on the times.

The picture shows a style specially made by OMEGA for a customer in the Middle East in the 1950s. The astronomical pattern made of enamel on the face plate shows that the constellation series was the flagship work of the brand to display high-precision technology.

The first-generation constellation introduced in 1952 can be regarded as a continuation of Centenary, the centennial of the founding of OMEGA in 1948. The movement is to change the small three-pin of Cal. 341 to a large three-pin 354. It has inherited the Centenary’s formal style from the face plate to the lugs. It is worth mentioning that it adds the word ‘Constellation’ and the star logo at the 6 o’clock position with the small seconds dial removed, and this element also becomes A DNA that is most recognizable throughout the constellations of all ages.

This unique dish style that connects the apex of the time scale into a 12-angle shape, the center of the face plate is sloping, and the outer edge is inclined downward is also a design element found in the early constellation series.

Dish Dial runs through the generations
Almost shortly after the introduction of the first generation, OMEGA added another classic element to the constellation, that is, the 12-cornered face plate nicknamed ‘gossip face’ among fans of the Chinese circle. Connected in a circle of 12 angles, the central protrusion is the boundary, and the outer edge is slanted down to form a special Dish Dial. This kind of faceplate has a unique shape and has a very sense of presence in the market. Therefore, it is also very popular with consumers. It has even become one of the few representative elements that can be used across the constellation to change models. get it.

Since the launch of the Constellation series, both the shape and the internal core have continuously changed with the times. For example, this 1974 rectangular case is equipped with a quartz movement, which is the brand’s first marine astronomical watch.

Master of watch design has also imprinted footprints
In the 1960s, Constellation introduced a new case that was quite different from the previous design. This case was integrated from the middle case to the lugs, and the overall outline was connected into a continuous curve, which was very different from the original structure. Due to the arc on the left and right of the watch body, this shell type is also called ‘C-Line’, and Taiwan is called ‘abalone shell’ because of its oval shape. Abalone shells were quite popular throughout the 1960s to 1970s, and OMEGA The zodiac sign can be said to be the source of this wave of pop, but what many people may not know is that this C-Line constellation was actually operated by the late watch designer Gerald Genta, although as his early The style of the work is not as strong as we are familiar with later, but the design concept that emphasizes geometric lines has faintly seen the master’s handwriting.

The Constellation ‘Manhattan’ watch was first introduced in 1982. The most obvious design feature is the claws on both sides of the case. Because it is very popular in the market, the current version of the Constellation watch still maintains this feature.

Landmark change in 1982
Since then, the constellation has also been replaced with a variety of different movements, from mechanical, electronic balance, quartz to tuning fork movements have been used, and the shape of the watch itself has also changed, from round case To the square shell. The constellation ‘Manhattan’ introduced in 1982 can be said to finally set the appearance design of the constellation to be one. The case of this generation is a bit like a C-Line variant, but the lines on both sides have been changed to straight. The fixing method is also different. The most important thing is that the new version adds a pair of ‘eagle claws’ to the left and right of the case to fix the mirror, and this pair of clasps has also become the most prominent feature of the model.

The current constellation series integrates the essence of more than 60 years of development, and its appearance has left a classic figure in people’s hearts. In recent years, it has also integrated the certification of the Master Observatory, representing its spirit of pursuing precision.

The design of Manhattan has been used all the way to this day, and now it has become the basic type of the constellation series, and now the first thing that everyone thinks about of the constellation is the pair of claws; of course, for experienced players, the constellation in their hearts may be abalone. The shell, the gossip surface, and even the original design of the OMEGA style dating back to the 1940s, but this difference also illustrates the wonderful history of this series that has been active for 60 years and has been constantly seeking new changes.