New Frédérique Constant Ultra-thin Moon Phase Own Movement Watch

As the Mars probe Curiosity Explorer launched by NASA space agency landed on Mars, mankind successfully partially deconstructed the infinite fantasy of this planet for many years, so that we can get from the earth Watch the intricate photos from a distant planet and unveil its mystery. Through TV, computer video, and even iPad, we can all see the face of Mars, or use advanced and powerful telescope equipment to survey this flaming planet in real time.
However, there is a star in the endless universe. There is no need for an unmanned detection vehicle, a telescope, or a picture transmitted by a television. As long as we look up, we can easily peer into it. This wonderful star is the moon. No matter where you are in the world, you can see the bright and bright moon guarding the earth.

Design evergreen, lasting like a moon
The shape of the moon has not changed since dawn, but when we look up at the cloudless night sky, it constantly reminds us how fascinating this planet-dependent planet is; it also inspires us to continue to understand the moon, The vast universe.
Frederique Constant’s Slimline Moonphase Manufacture ultra-thin moon phase own movement watch combines elegant and evergreen design elements, just like the existence of the moon, exuding a light of light and blooming a simple beauty. For centuries, you won’t notice its disappearance. The five watch models of the series will be launched simultaneously, all of which are equipped with unique movements independently developed and produced by FC-705. They are also contained in exquisite wooden gift boxes and are attractive.

Easy and convenient, the best key. Sweep the track and start from the crown
The latest ultra-thin moon phase in-house movement watch series combines various outstanding functions and designs. The most clever thing is that every complicated function on the watch can be adjusted by twisting the crown. Convenient operation plays an indispensable role in Frederique Constant watches, especially complication watches.
Pull out the crown to three positions to adjust different functions: position 0 can be used for refining; right-hand position 1 can adjust the date, left-hand can adjust the moon phase function; finally, the hour and minute hands can be adjusted through position 2. Simple and convenient, the best key to the outstanding performance of the ultra-thin moon phase own movement watch.
With a case diameter of 42 mm, this slim watch fits your wrist comfortably. The noble and elegant design of the watch will surely become the darling of your wrist. In the ultra-thin moon phase in-house movement watch series, all models are equipped with sapphire glass surface and bottom cover to see the movement of their own movement. At 6 o’clock on each dial, the date and moon phases are displayed. Frederique Constant used the new technology laser ablation to create the surface pattern, which makes the moon phases more vivid and detailed, jumping on the dial to show the striking outline. The movement is engraved with fine grains of Geneva ripples and Perlage, set with 26 gems, and has a 42-hour power reserve.

Your best moon phase choice
Frederique Constant’s ultra-thin moon phase own movement watches are priced from RMB 29,000, highlighting its value with high cost performance, adhering to the brand’s concept of ‘accessible luxury’. Model FC-705S4S6 is unveiled in a finely polished three-layer stainless steel case. The arched silver dial is equipped with nickel-chrome hand-embedded graduations, which echo the polished nickel-chrome hands. Finally, the elegant black crocodile belt successfully created an elegant and enduring design.
It is believed that the blue theme of FC-705N4S6 has attracted many watch collectors. The second stainless steel model in the watch series, with a harsh navy blue as the background of the dial, forms a strong contrast with the silver nickel-chrome hands, and is harmoniously fused, creating a unique style ; Paired with a bright blue crocodile strap with white stitching.
The rose gold case of another FC-705V4S4 exudes a low-key luxury style. The curved silver dial, set against the hands and indexes of rose gold, is elegant and flawless, and the brown alligator strap is more prominent under the thin case.
Two top models in the ultra-thin moon phase watch series with 18K rose gold case. The arched silver dial of the FC-705V4S9 model is also equipped with hand-assembled rose-gold indexes and hands, and a dark brown crocodile strap. On the other hand, the FC-705C4S9 has a chocolate-colored dial that subtly blends the rose gold-coated gadgets on it to attract everyone’s attention.
Whether in space ten thousand feet away or on your wrist, the silhouette of the moon is still moving, and moving between objects and stars will always impress people.
Technical specifications
Movement: FC-705 automatic own movement, moon phase function, date display, waterproof 30 meters
Case: stainless steel, gold-plated, stainless steel + 18K rose gold bezel, or 18K rose gold
Bottom cover: Sapphire crystal glass movement
Dial: Arc surface treatment, manual assembly scale
Strap: black, dark brown, or dark blue crocodile strap with white stitching

You Deserve A 2013 Tissot New Real Shot (25 Photos)

Responsible editor comment Tissot booth: Since 1853, Tissot has been based on tradition to innovate. This year not only made breakthroughs in innovation, but also made great efforts in the inheritance of history. Features are:
1. The red and black grid decoration on the outside of the booth is very avant-garde and modern, while the antique watch inside the booth makes us feel the glorious history of Tissot.
2. Tissot’s Powermatic this year is a surge, marking that Tissot has its own mechanical movement.
3, the other is the world’s watch this year, this is a replica watch, streets and alleys are all ads for this watch.
 [Watch House Special Report] On April 25, 2013, the annual watch industry event Basel International Watch Fair kicked off. The Watch House team went to Switzerland to give everyone the first time in front Bring the report of the exhibition and send the new beautiful pictures of major brands as soon as possible. Here we bring new Tissot Basel products, real shots of Tissot watches, friends who like Tissot can see it first.
 At the show, in addition to the top watch brands, there are also people-friendly brands that are widely accepted by the general public. Tissot, as a watch brand that is widely known throughout the world, has won many brand advocates with super value for money. Tissot is where many people’s ‘watch dreams’ begin. Tissot in 2013 appeared in Basel with a luxurious dinner. The new product is like a pearl on the skirt, swaying along with the figure of the owner.

Exquisite showcase.

Chi 200 Series 2013 Tony Parker Limited Edition shows precision, toughness and classic style, just like French basketball team captain Tony •
Parker showed the same style in his signature throw. Aiming at the basket is its precise performance; as an athlete’s endurance and strength, it reveals the toughness of the watch. Tony
Parker quickly bypassed the opponent to reach the free throw line, like a textbook, reflecting his classic style. This watch is unique, and its stylish and sporty details give it unique characteristics, making it easy for the wearer to set it up.
It is appropriate for any occasion.
Watch details: The design of the Tissot Hao Zhi series is very pure and noble. Its mechanical movement is equipped with
Equipped with a power reserve of up to 80 hours, it gives the watch an endless luxury experience. These extraordinary qualities are attributed to its revolutionary mechanical power 80 (Powermatic
80) Movement. After full strings, this movement can work for three days without any adjustment. Whether you’re busy at work or on a leisurely vacation, you can control the time anytime, anywhere, and face any arrangement calmly.
Watch details:

 Electronic window makes reading easier. Tissot
Speed ​​touchscreen watch is the perfect combination of racing series and racing series. The design of this watch continues the style of the racing series. The motorcycle sport has further inspired the designer’s creative inspiration. The wearer will experience 11 items
The more touch screen functions, these functional designs are derived from the competition series. The Tissot racing touchscreen watch combines the outstanding advantages of the two series of watches, fully showing the wearer’s youthful vigor and vitality.
Watch details: In 2013, in order to celebrate the 160th anniversary of the brand’s birth, and in order to show the brand’s new vision, Tissot re-engraved the Voyager series launched on the occasion of its centennial birthday in 1953. Tissot was founded in Lloyd, Switzerland in 1853
From the beginning, it was destined to be more than just a local brand. Since 1858, Tissot has begun to explore as far as Russia, and even the United States and Latin America. The global exploration spirit of Tissot is still evident today
see. Today, at the 160th anniversary of the establishment of the brand, even though the headquarters is still in Le Locle, Switzerland, Tissot’s business has spanned more than 160 countries on five continents, becoming the largest traditional Swiss watch brand. The 160th Anniversary Reissue of the Tissot Voyager Series has 24 time zone displays. The dial is printed with the corresponding national capitals in different time zones. The timeless classic appearance perfectly interprets the travel spirit.
Watch details: The dial is made of luxurious mother-of-pearl. Tissot in
The world’s first solar-powered touchscreen watch was launched in 2013, once again leading the future trend of the watch industry. For women who love environmental protection and pursue an elegant life, Tissot Solar Series watches can
Fully meet their needs. In addition to various touch screen functions, this watch also combines various exquisite and fashionable elements, which is the perfect combination of superb technology and gorgeous appearance. Tissot Tengzhi series solar watch has height
Gauge, compass and weather forecast. At the same time, diamonds, mother-of-pearl dials, and other decorative elements leapt from the dials, and their extreme perfect style will bring extraordinary beauty to the wearer. When the sun shines for your love
Do you still buy watches that require battery replacement when the watch provides energy?
Watch details: 1 ”is definitely worth having, you know.

 Based on the great success of the Kutu series, Tissot launched the Kutu small second hand this year. The asymmetrical design of the watch dial is full of visual beauty, it uses a small second hand movement,
Separate the second hand from the hour and minute dials. In the dial, the axes of the two chronograph dials are offset from the 12 o’clock position and land near the 1 o’clock position in the dial, leaving more space for the date display area. So, at 9 o’clock
The calendar window is also ingenious and pleasing to the eye. The craftsmanship of this watch is very sophisticated, which fully reflects the elegance and exquisiteness of the watch, and combines the superb watchmaking skills with the practicality of the watch. Tissot Kutu series of small seconds is not only a perfect product designed for watch fans, but also will become a favorite of fashionistas.
Watch details: Tissot with pure Swiss descent, never facing consumers with high spirits, but humble to provide you with the perfect timekeeping service. Such a brand can have today’s brilliant achievements, relying entirely on the ‘good popularity’ accumulated for a long time.
 The pictures and information collected by the reporting team in front of the Watch House will be uploaded to the special topics in Basel, so stay tuned.
Watch home 2013 Basel international watch exhibition special website:

Seiko Seiko Appoints New President And Ceo

Seiko Corporation announced the appointment of former senior vice president Yosh Kawada as the new president and CEO, effective April 9. Kawada will also serve as Senior Vice President of SEIKO Watch Corporation, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

Kawada has focused on watchmaking companies for 27 years and has played a leading role in sales and product development. ‘I am honored to hold the position of President and CEO of Seiko Corporation,’ Kawada said. ‘The brand now has a very good influence in the United States. I plan to implement a successful strategy and continue to lead the company on the front line of the watch industry.
Kawada succeeds Kenji Hagiwara, who has newly assumed the position of Senior Executive Director of Tokyo Seiko Clock Co., Ltd.
‘I sincerely appreciate the encouragement and support I received during my tenure as President of Seiko Corporation,’ said Hagiwara. ‘I am very proud to have played an important role in the substantial growth of the company over the past three years. Thinking and passionate values, he will lead Seiko Corporation to achieve greater prosperity in the coming years. ‘

There Is A Gorgeous Pure White Precious Chopard Diamond Jewelry And Watch

This year, Chopard, the Geneva jewellery watch brand, launched the new Precious Chopard collection of high-end jewellery and jewellery watches with the theme of ‘Dance’. Precious Chopard jewellery is decorated with diamonds and a variety of colorful precious gems. It is crafted by the best jewelers with outstanding craftsmanship, exuding the grand momentum of the grand party.

   Among the many new Precious Chopard collections, Precious Chopard diamond jewellery and jewelry watches are the most pure and gorgeous.

   Precious Chopard collection includes jewellery watches, rings, earrings and necklaces, exquisite and beautiful. Just as Haute Couture uses only top-quality fabrics, this Chopard Precious Chopard diamond style naturally uses the highest quality diamonds. Drop-shaped diamonds and round brilliant-cut diamonds set the entire case and bracelet, pure and eye-catching. .

   On the dial, a baguette-cut diamond surrounds a tiny flower crown, presenting a snowflake-inlaid floral pattern. The strap is also available in black and white matte canvas. The earrings and rings are shaped like a watch with a delicately curved curve that takes the shape of a flowerbed.

   The Precious Chopard collection embodies the perfect fusion of superb technology and rich modern flavor, highlighting the rich and varied artistic style of the Geneva brand Chopard. Chopard’s work follows the purest fine jewelry tradition, and the craftsmanship contained in it is of the highest standard: waxwork jewelry sculptors, gemsmiths, inlayers or polishers … from lines to shapes, from gold carving to gem polishing They continue to push the limits and combine their talents to give vitality to the most beautiful jewelry.