Novices, National Elegant Representatives Take Less Than 20,000 Yuan│longines 2018 Basel New Purchase Table Guide

Is it expensive to buy Swiss brand watches? How much does the budget have to be enough? Longines’ new 2018 budget of 20,000 yuan, you can find your favorite watch.

The author of this article Laura Lan Lan Siqing is a well-known watch and jewelry critic in the Chinese language circle, creating the public account ‘Capitalized’ ‘Luo Yan’ as the main writer, and founded ‘Imagination Studio’ to engage in professional copywriting, consulting, lectures and other work. He has served as the editor-in-chief of a number of professional watch and clock magazines and a column author of many domestic magazines. In addition to specializing in the appreciation of mechanical watches, he also has unique insights in jewelry, life, culture and art.

Generally, I would recommend newbies who buy mechanical watches with a monthly salary as the goal. If you want to go higher, you can choose one-third of your annual income as your budget. So for friends with an annual salary of about 150,000, buying a good watch for the budget of 20,000 is your best budget baseline. When choosing a cost-effective watch, in the range of 20,000, you must first look at the design: easy to match clothing, generous and timeless design, and secondly, choose a stable and reputable brand for mechanical watches. So it is more convenient for future maintenance work. Friends who like outdoor sports or are more active can choose high-waterproof or sports-style watches. Sven and introverted friends, it is recommended to choose from the classic three-pin classic style. At Baselworld 2018, Longines has always been I believe that under this budget, no matter what style preference you have, you can always find your own style. In 2018, Longines launched a variety of new styles and budget-friendly new works at Baselworld.

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Master Crafts Annual Calendar Watch RMB17,500

What is an annual calendar? Many people use the word ‘automatic recognition’ to describe the calendar display in the calendar watch. It sounds like the calendar has become more advanced. Is the almanac advanced? The calendar display is divided into several types in the mechanical watch movement device: calendar (date or date plus week), full calendar (date, month, week), perpetual calendar (with leap year display except for the whole day) and annual calendar (full calendar size month Automatic display function). Among them, the perpetual calendar that can accurately display the full calendar and leap year information until 2100 is the highest price of all calendar watches and the most complicated mechanical gear trains inside. The Longines Master Series annual calendar watch, the case diameter of 40 mm is quite moderate. To put it simply, the calendar function can display calendar information with different precisions in cooperation with the design of the movement gear speed and the precise calculation of the number of gear teeth. The perpetual calendar is a complex and precise calculation of the gear train. The hands or dial are on the watch face. With sufficient power, you can always display the correct calendar information without manual adjustment. Even if there are big and small months and whether the year is a leap year, it can be accurate. Is displayed on the faceplate. The design of the mechanical structure of the annual calendar is more complicated than the perpetual calendar. In February, only 28 days (or 29 days) of automatic display and leap years are calculated for mechanical gear trains. However, it is relatively ‘easy’ to exclude all sizes in February. The month and day information of the month is displayed in order on the faceplate. It is not constituted by the method of ‘identification’, but the gear itself has been designed into a well-calculated structure, which is displayed on time. The annual calendar function can adjust the size of the month by itself, except for February. At present, the perpetual calendar style watches in the horological market are priced at more than 350,000, and the annual calendar is between the ordinary full calendar and the high-end perpetual calendar. For practical wearing, the annual calendar is closer to the convenience of daily use. The date of the month needs to be adjusted manually. As long as your watch is not forgotten to wind up and stopped, the date display on the faceplate will be correct every month. In fact, almanacs are rarely seen in the market. Until recently, high-end brands have really adopted almanac watches as a must-have, and the prices are mostly between 100,000 and 400,000. The Longines Master Series annual calendar watch has a simple parallel month and date layout, equipped with the new automatic movement L897 developed and manufactured by ETA for Longines. The annual calendar movement is not a common style on the market, so not to mention whether the universal movement famous factory ETA has an annual calendar movement that can be used for thousands of miles. The 64-hour power reserve, with the calendar (date, month) display windows side by side at 3 o’clock, is also a rare movement that uses this layout. The Longines Masterpiece Series Calendar Watch is priced at only 17,500 RMB with a stainless steel and leather strap. Will increase significantly. In addition to the silver-white wheat ear grain dial, the Longines Master Series Annual Calendar also has black and blue dial models. The classic classic style of the Longines Master Series is decorated with classic wheat ears and simple roman numerals on the annual calendar watch. It is equipped with a display panel. The size of the 40 mm is proper. It is practical and stable in appearance. In terms of large elements, such an irresistible price, it can be said that it is one of the most cost-effective new watches at the Baselworld 2018.