Sports Gentleman’s Style Tasting Celebrity Watch Crichton Watch

In 2018, it attracted worldwide attention, and the four-year World Cup set off another wave of sports. Baume & Mercier, a Swiss watch brand that has always been advancing with the times, understands the importance and status of sports. For them, sports are not just relaxation and adjustment to fill leisure time, but also represent an upward attitude towards life. Below, let us admire this sporty watch.

 An exquisite and versatile watch can hold a series of scenes from the gym to important business meetings, always fully invested without counting minutes. This Crichton Club watch showcases the extreme contemporary style, exquisite and dynamic, it is a modern, precise, high-performance, sturdy and reliable timepiece. In short, it is a masterpiece of excellence, whether it is work Suitable for occasions or sports and leisure moments.

Watch real shot display

 The case of this watch is made of stainless steel with a diameter of 42 mm. The stainless steel case is treated with a bead blasted diamond carbon film and has a matte texture.

 The case is crowned with a grooved stainless steel engraved bezel. Its one-way rotation function is to prevent incorrect information from being displayed under wrong operation, and to make the bezel easier to operate. Its numbers are manually filled with black varnish. system. Large screw-down crown for quick date adjustment.

 The streamlined case curvature and slightly curved lugs fit snugly against the wrist during exercise and are ergonomically designed.

 In order to protect the readings of the watch from the external environment, this watch is equipped with a scratch-resistant flat sapphire crystal and has been treated with anti-dazzling inside to achieve the best legibility.
  At 12 o’clock, the trademarked hour markers are decorated, and the delicate orange varnish lines are dotted on the side edges, making the entire plate more vibrant. The hour and minute hands are covered with a luminous coating, which not only cleverly continues the overall harmonious beauty, but also makes the entire design stronger and more powerful. The central second hand is painted with a bright orange varnish, and the end is covered with a fine luminous coating, and the movement of the watch is clearer.

 The screw-down closed case back is adorned with the Clifton Club badge to protect the movement.
 The black All Roads calfskin printed with boat-like canvas texture looks low-key and comfortable on the front. The orange rubber texture calf leather lining with reverse trim effectively prevents slippage during exercise and increases the comfort of wearing.
In summary: Baume & Mercier watch has a good commander style, at the same time has both practical performance and comfortable wearing characteristics. A versatile and practical watch.

Bryce Br 03-94 Horolum Chronograph And Br 03-92 Horoblack Three-hand Calendar

Bell & Ross is not only a leading professional flight watch, it has also established a unique aesthetic with a classic square case and a simple appearance; the brand launched the first work of the new Horo series BR03 last year -92 Horolum, two models of BR03-94 Horolum chronograph and BR03-92 Horoblack three-hand calendar are added this year; the name ‘Horo’ is taken from the sandblasted steel case and dial, and the sandwich type has a very clear display The dial echoes the design style of the collection.

The design of the BR03-92 Horoblack three-hand calendar reflects the professional spirit of Bell & Ross. The case has a very contemporary feel, continuing the classic design of “Fangzhong sees the circle” and the concept of drawing from the aircraft cockpit instrument clock.
Modern minimalist design
   Two new works from the Horo series, BR03-94 Horolum chronograph and BR03-92 Horoblack three-hand calendar, embody the essence of Bell & Ross professional timepieces. The concept of cockpit instrument clock material; the steel case and dial are sandblasted, and micro glass beads are sprayed on the metal surface with strong pressure, which makes the case and dial surface appear subtle and consistent texture and grayish simplicity Beauty and similar one-piece effect; sandblasted matte texture can avoid harsh sunlight reflection, but also highlight the watch’s exterior lines and practical functions; another feature is the sandwich dial structure, which is overlapped by two pieces Made of metal sheet, shoulders the primary functional task of the ‘Horo’ series clearly displayed at all times.

The BR03-94 Horolum chronograph and R03-92 Horoblack three-hand calendar are equipped with a double-layered gray dial. The gray upper dial has perforated numerals and time markers, exposing the lower layer of Superluminova® C3 luminous coating.
BR03-94 Horolum chronograph
   Limited to 500 BR03-94 Horolum chronographs, including two elements of night (‘Lum’) and clear display. Superluminova® luminous materials can enhance the display function in different light conditions at day and night. The two new Superluminova® C3 green luminous materials are similar to the green lights of the airport runway at night. The luminosity is very outstanding. The luminous materials are coated on the lower layer. The metal sheet makes the large 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock figures and time markers even more prominent. Even the completely dark environment does not damage its function, and it can emit green light for a long time at night. In addition, at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock, there are small seconds and 30-minute timer, respectively. The bevel of the outer edge of the dial has a tachometer scale; the watch is equipped with a gray-green calfskin strap, which has a simple overall design.

BR03-94 Horolum chronograph stainless steel case, 42 mm diameter, gray dial, double-layered structure, gray upper dial with perforated numerals and hour markers, exposing the lower layer of Superluminova® C3 luminous coating, hours, minutes, small seconds, Date, chronograph, tachymeter scale on the outer bevel of the dial, self-winding chronograph movement BR-CAL.301, anti-glare sapphire glass, waterproof 100 meters, gray-green calfskin and black tough synthetic cloth strap , Limited to 500.
BR03-92 Horoblack Calendar
   The BR03-92 Horoblack three-hand calendar is limited to 999. The dial is simple and uncluttered, highlighting the responsibility of clear display; the case is a Bells classic stainless steel square case design, sandblasted; the rod-shaped dial The glyph design with the four numbers 12, 3, 6, and 9 is easy to read, and it is also the first design feature of Bell & Ross; the same grinding effect of the case and dial sets off a consistent simple gray tone beauty; The contrast of black and gray on the time scale and pointer also has the effect of enhancing the display.

BR03-94 Horolum chronograph and R03-92 Horoblack three-hand calendar stainless steel case, diameter 42 mm, gray dial, double-layer structure, gray upper dial with perforated numerals and time markers, exposing the lower black Superluminova® C3 luminous Coating, hours, minutes, seconds, date, BR-CAL.302 self-winding chronograph movement, anti-glare sapphire glass, waterproof 100 meters, black rubber and black tough synthetic cloth strap.

The BR03-92 Horoblack three-hand calendar with black Superluminova® C3 luminous coating is quite unique.
   Two new works, BR03-94 Horolum and BR03-92 Horoblack, converge the charm of contemporary industrial design. The round and united case lines are extremely simple and profoundly simple; the watch design exudes a strong sense of the time, derived from the idea of ​​traditional flying military watches It also gives unique temperament and personality, together with simple design, clear display and sandblasted steel shell and other details, to create a modern and pure aesthetic style.

Decrypt Special Mission Clock

‘Deciphering passwords is not a solo game. It needs to be a ghost! Only when others fall into the trap, you can easily avoid it.’
 —- ‘Unspoken’ Mai Family
The years are quiet
   About ten years ago, there was a hit TV series called ‘Understanding’, which is indeed a good medicine for viewers who like secret spy war movies. At that time, I was deeply obsessed with it. The storyline of the entire play is summarized in six words: listening to the wind, watching the wind, and catching the wind. The background of listening to the wind and watching the wind happened in the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Although I was not a witness of that time, the grandparents in my family were so impressed with my ears that I wanted to return to that pure age.

2005 hit TV series ‘Unspoken’, watching a shot in the Wind

   Ideals and beliefs are mysterious and energetic, and once infatuated, people seem to become extremely powerful. National interests are paramount, and I think this is the period during which most Chinese people believed. ‘Understanding’ has decrypted the story of 701 hidden in the old forest in the mountains, so that we are satisfied with those who are curious about these years. And this article is to decrypt the domestically produced clocks that have a special mission in this period of time. The recorders of these times, the old predecessors who designed and manufactured these instruments, I salute you, good times, I’m still there.
What is a special mission meter?
   In the early days of the founding of New China, material was scarce. Many situations in the development of industry are difficult, and the process of transition to industry is a historic transformation. That is, in this period of passion, the country has also developed the light industry. Clocks and watches are one of the typical products. So what is a special mission meter? It mainly refers to the timing equipment used for military products in order to perform various tasks.

Produced by Shanghai Stopwatch Factory, 6-second chronograph stopwatch, designed for artillery, equipped with calculation range

   A distinctive feature of the military is the habit of using numbers as codes for various needs. For example, troop numbers, hospital numbers, and some military product numbers, and so on. At present, the information I collect and the physical objects of watches and clocks I usually start with ‘1’ and ‘3’. The number ‘1’ represents products used by the Navy. As distinctive products in the timepieces, it is the 104-type ship clock and the 105-speed boat clock; the Shanghai brand 24 diamond and 29 diamond automatic mechanical watches, and the number ‘3’ represents The products are used by the Air Force. As representative products, there are well-known aviation chronographs coded as 304 and 301 aviation clocks. The number ‘2’ currently has no reliable data indicating that it is used by the Army. Another thing that cannot be ignored as a military product is the chronograph stopwatch, such as the chronograph stopwatch used by artillery, which is classified as the Army. These product models are also task codes.
Decryption 1: the watch factory takes on the task of producing military watches
   I remember that a few years ago, the national watch seagull once filmed a documentary ‘China Heart Armour Noon Love’. One of them involved the early Tianjin Watch Factory designing military aviation chronographs for the Air Force. The density level is classified.

Mission code ‘304’ aviation watch related documents, density class ‘Confidential’

   The production of this aviation chronograph was not easy to come by. At that time, the relationship between China and the Soviet Union was relatively tense. Many Soviet experts who assisted China had to evacuate China and the related drawings were taken away. As a result, many ongoing operations have to be stopped, of which ‘304’ is also such a situation. For the manufacture of ordinary mechanical watches, we are still in the beginning stage, not to mention the completion of this mechanical stopwatch with a timing function and a cylindrical wheel structure. It is conceivable that the degree of difficulty in designing and manufacturing it. This slightly bitter and sweet youth, recalled to the elderly now, is a simple sentence, ‘No matter how difficult we have to get it down.’

In 1965, it successfully trial-produced the aviation chronograph watch in Tianjin Watch Factory, number: 304. At the same time, it is also the first aviation chronograph watch in China

   There are also several watch factories in China that have served military units. These secret levels are different, some have been decrypted, and some are in the density level.
Decryption II The secret code is ‘618’ factory
   The German Anselm Kiefer once said, ‘I’m not nostalgic, I want to remember.’ Here is a relatively unfamiliar term ‘third line factory’. The third line factory is characterized by ‘decentralized, backed, hidden’. It is not difficult to speculate that there should be a secret here. This secret happened in the northwest, Xi’an, Shaanxi. In 1965, with the approval of the National Technical Committee, the ‘Meridian Clock Factory’ was established. In 1967, it was officially renamed the ‘State-owned Wind and Thunder Instrument Factory’, which is a military unit with the secret code ‘618’.

   The main watch product of Fenglei Instrument Factory is called the ‘Panda’ brand. At that time, people also rushed to say ‘Shaanxi has three treasures, golden monkey smoke, Xifeng wine and Panda brand watches.’ There is a little digression at that time. Watch brand, Shanghai Watch Factory also used Panda brand. However, behind all this, the actual manufacturing is also in full swing, the famous code is the 301 aviation clock.

The old worker in the original ‘618’ factory was holding the real ace product of Fenglei Instrument Factory at that time, the 301 aviation clock.

   Mission code 301, the instrument used in fighter aircraft. It has 5 days of long power, two functions of sailing time and time measurement, using a fine horse movement, stable performance and high accuracy. It is very worth mentioning that the small disk of this timing function goes backwards. This is contrary to the traditional clockwork chronograph. In response to this problem, I consulted the watch expert Wang Xiangming. His answer is to avoid the interference of large hands, and it is not difficult to see the intention. At the same time, there is an electric heating design behind this clock to ensure that when flying at high altitudes, the temperature is too low to damage the travel time accuracy.
   The “618” factory also manufactures some military products. With the passage of time and the reform and opening up in the 1990s, many third-tier factories were transformed, and Fenglei Instrument Factory closed down. At present, there are many ‘301’ clocks on the market, which are generally products of this period. Earlier this year, I met a friend of the Xi’an Clock and Watch Institute. Ask him if the ‘301’ clock is still in production? Where did it go? His answer was ambiguous. It is not difficult to see that to this day, the ‘301’ clock is still somewhat mysterious.
Tribute to military watches
   In a sense, these military products have accelerated the development of China’s watch and light industry products. The introduction of many designs and complex functions is undoubtedly a good thing for the watch industry.

   The ship clock is type 104. There are two types of clocks. One is a 12-hour clock, such as a picture, and the other is a 24-hour clock. The 24-hour clock is also designed to make it difficult to see the day and night. This typical feature uses a pendulum movement, but also a fine horse movement, which has more stable and superior performance when traveling.

   Speedboat clock with code 105, a simplified version of 301 movement, it is worth mentioning that this clock has a more rigorous design for water resistance, with waterproof rubber rings on the front and back.

   Shanghai brand 24 diamond, fully automatic single calendar watch. The design of this watch is a diving watch style, with a lock on the head and a bezel that can be rotated. Responsibly, the design of this watch dial now seems to be very flavorful, generous, Shanghai LOGO, using A641 movement, the number of gems is 24 diamonds, I have disassembled this movement many times , The design of the sliding gear is very clever. If you have the opportunity, you can introduce it separately. This watch is well preserved, and the luminous effect is still effective today.

Shanghai 24 diamond watch under ultraviolet light
   With this article, I would like to pay tribute to those who have worked hard for the watch industry in China, and thank you for showing me these works. This gives us more hope in the future of watchmaking.

Longines & Mido Swiss Elegant Watches For Chinese Love

The Chinese have a special feeling for Longines. Maybe Vacheron Constantin, Jaeger-LeCoultre, and Athens are not familiar with this luxury brand, but everyone mentions Longines when you pass the swatch era. Perhaps Longines has been noticed. The price of Longines is not low, but the benefit you get from it is that you choose a watch that is well-known in the domestic brand. The average person looks quite respectable. In addition, another good choice is Mido. In comparison, Mido is more cost-effective. Although there is still a certain gap between Longines and Longines, the identity of Swiss watches plus affordable prices is also a model for entry watch brands. .
New Longines Soymia Series

Every year, every minute, every minute, a delicate Longines is always a gift for many people. This beautiful treasure on the wrist can accurately tell the time in your life, but also add elegance and taste. Longines recently launched a new masterpiece, the Soymia series. Rose gold surrounds the wrist with its low-key and restrained posture, but it flashes confidently in the light and dark realms, letting the golden halo move the blessed one minute and one second. Warm heart.

Longines Soumia chronograph stopwatch, using the brand’s exclusive column wheel movement, the case diameter is 39 mm, the market price: RMB 31,000; the same ladies watch diameter 26 mm, the market price: RMB 17, 800.
Amido Belgrade Celli III

Busy work life has long murdered romance and made us more and more practical; single days may be lonely, but enjoying loneliness is also a unique experience in life. The Mido Belem Celli series uses the elegant shape inspired by the violin to play a round dance for you; you will find that the life of a person can also be enjoyed every moment of the time.

The Amber Belem Sairee III men’s watch is equipped with a calfskin leather strap, which can see the crocodile leather pattern on both sides of the strap, and the rolled crocodile leather pattern with a folding buckle has high abrasion resistance. It adopts automatic mechanical movement ETA 2836-2 (certified by COSC Observatory), the dial diameter is 39 mm, and it has hour, minute, second and date functions. It can be adjusted in five different places to ensure high accuracy. 40-hour energy reserve. Retail price: RMB 8,700.