Bulgari Launches New Bulgari Bulgari Series Ladies Watches

[2015 Basel] 2015 is the 40th anniversary of the birth of the Bulgari Bulgari series. Inspired by the creation of the Roman Pantheon in historical and classical architecture, the Bulgari Bulgari series has been loyal to its origins since its inception, firmly committed to the road of innovation, and adhered to the distinctive contours of the subtle adjustments. Despite 40 years of ups and downs, youth is still as usual .

   At this year’s Basel Watch Fair, Bulgari will launch a new Bulgari Bulgari series of women’s watches. The ingenious fusion of diamond and stainless steel not only retains the traditional fundamental attributes, but also highlights the distinctive spirit of the times.
Bulgari Bulgari Women’s Watch 33mm

   The new Bulgari Bulgari women’s watches are available in two different sizes. The first is 33 mm, equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement that displays hours, minutes and seconds; the second is 26 mm, driven by a quartz movement, and displays hours and minutes. Both watch cases are made of stainless steel with mother-of-pearl dials and brilliant-cut diamond-set bezels.

Bulgari Bulgari Women’s Watch 26mm

technical details
Movement: automatic mechanical movement / quartz movement
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds / hours, minutes
Case: stainless steel, non-back-through, diameter 33mm / 26mm
Dial: white, mother-of-pearl
Diamond setting: bezel, dial
Bracelet: stainless steel bracelet

Cartier’s Most Classic 7 Major Series 8 Entry-level Watches Recommended

As a luxury brand started from jewelry, Cartier’s watch business is far better than many people think. You know, Cartier has already entered the world’s top ten top watch brands. The classic Santos, Tank, Pasha, and blue balloons are still good choices for buying watches today. They are soft or masculine. Cartier has a wealth of watches to choose from, and the price is also very loose. From 20,000 to 2 million, you can buy different levels of Cartier watches, and there is no break in the middle.

 It is worth mentioning that most of Cartier’s classic series have entry-level works that are quite attractive. It is not difficult to buy a Cartier watch for 20,000 to 30,000 yuan, which seems more valuable than its jewelry series. .

1, Tank Solo stainless steel quartz watch (RMB 17,300)

 The Tank watch was born in 1917. The design concept is derived from the parallel section of the French Veyron tank. The strip design of the track evolution of the tank, with Roman numerals, is the Cartier watch Tank that many people prefer. The Tank series has introduced a variety of models, such as French tanks with curved case design, American tanks with rounded corners, etc., but here we recommend the Tank solo series launched in 2004, which is a fusion of tradition and modernity. Production, the price is less than 20,000 yuan. Learn more & gt; & gt;

 2. Ronde solo stainless steel quartz watch (RMB 18,000)

 If you don’t like the square design of the tank, then try Ronde solo, the stainless steel version of the round watch series. The round polished case is inlaid with a semi-arc spinel, exuding an absolute Cartier atmosphere. The price of 18,000 yuan is also very intimate. Learn more & gt; & gt;

 3. Santos stainless steel quartz watch (RMB 34,900)

 Santos’s unobtrusive design with screw inlays is elegant and dynamic, but also more resolute. It has been praised by many people as the ‘White Collar’s Preferred Watch’. The shape of the watch was established as early as 1904. It can be called a classic, and the story of the pioneers of world aviation behind the watch is euphemistic and moving, making it a long-lasting masterpiece. And the price of Santos quartz watch made of stainless steel has always been very reasonable. Learn more & gt; & gt;

 4. Pasha stainless steel mechanical watch (RMB 42,900)

 Pasha still continues Cartier’s bold and tough style, showing elegant texture in the thick shape. The essence of elegant and functional design, polished stainless steel made of watch strap, case and bezel, is very suitable for female consumers. If it is a male consumer, then Pasha Seatimer is more recommended, it is a carefully tailored men’s watch with emotional challenges. Learn more about pasha watches & gt; & gt; Learn more about Pasha Seatimer watches & gt; & gt;

 5. Basket balloon stainless steel quartz watch (RMB 31,800)

 If you choose a Cartier women’s watch, then Blue Balloon is believed to be the choice of the most people. Some people have said that “Rolex is not young and fashionable; Omega Longines is not high enough; Bulgari is too exaggerated; Patek Philippe is expensive and terrible; only Cartier’s blue balloon has not only tens of thousands of basic models, but also a round side of the dial Shaped, unable to stand out more clearly, more powerful than LV’s full-bag printing, silently speaking about the dignity of the owner. ‘The price of an entry-level blue balloon has just passed 30,000, and it is still one of the most popular watches in the Hong Kong market. Learn more & gt; & gt;

 6. Caribo stainless steel mechanical watch (RMB 58,000)

 Calibre is Cartier’s latest masterpiece. It has the tough character of a pilot’s watch, remembering the world’s first wristwatch created by the founder of modern watch Cartier in 1904, and full of ambitious future. The balance of strength and beauty shows the masculinity of men. It is equipped with 1904 MC movement, although the function is simple, but from the structure to the polishing, but it shows real kung fu. It has two barrels and a 48-hour power reserve. Learn more & gt; & gt;

 7. Roadster stainless steel mechanical watch for sports cars (RMB 37,200)

 Cartier Roadster is said to be inspired by the world’s super-luxury sports cars, so all of them have the power of a sports car and the elegance of a luxury watch. Its strap can be replaced at any time, showing different personalities and styles, elegant sportsmanship or gentle style. Learn more & gt; & gt;

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Quietly Popular “Mechanical Style” For 9 Women’s Watches

In fact, many women like mechanical watches, and major brands have begun to pay attention to women’s needs in the field of mechanical watches. More and more mechanical watches have also appeared, ranging from complex functions to small Time indicates that mechanical women’s watches are quietly popular, and a ‘mechanical style’ of a female watch is jumping up. Tag Heuer Lincoln series women’s watch, reference price: 55600 RMB Chanel rotating camellia dial watch, reference price: 311800 RMB Hublot BIG BANG python pattern watch, reference price: 31500 RMB 时 LV Time Scroll Jewellery Watch, reference price: 500,000 RMB Omega Constellation 27mm women’s watch, reference price: 250100 RMB, Roger Dubuis jewellery watch, reference price: 262000 RMB, Rolex Oyster Perpetual Women’s Date watch, reference price: shop Chaparmioni TONDA 1950 diamond watch, reference Price: 170,000 HKD Zenith STAR OPEN watch, reference price: 194000 RMB