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Every BOVET timepiece has been infused with ingenuity in the early stages of development. It is a crystallization of function and aesthetics. ) The endless thoughts have created a masterpiece of integration. BOVET 1822’s timepieces go beyond the perfect mechanical structure, achieve the ultimate harmony of beauty and technology, and bloom a round and elegant charm.

The date display dial surrounds the hour and minute dial in a concentric circle design. The uniquely shaped chassis outlines a 240-degree arc, leading the tourbillon frame below it.

The brand’s new work carefully considers the movement’s functions, the visual aesthetics of the decorative details, and the mode and position of the display hands. The designer has fully reflected the aesthetic considerations and the various functions that were chosen when drafting the first draft, allowing the watchmaker to conceive the corresponding technical solution. Since the beginning of creation, new ideas have gone hand in hand with technological factors. In the creative policy of Pascal Raffy’s team, a new high-performance watch with complex functions came into being: combining the tourbillon movement with the perpetual calendar function, without hindering users from exquisitely appreciate the exquisite and transparent tourbillon frame, and taking care of the perpetual calendar is the most difficult. Achieved ideal for easy reading.
Summit Mechanical Masterpiece
The creative tone of the new watch makes the retrograde perpetual calendar specification an inevitable choice to see through the magnificent structure of the tourbillon frame. To this end, the research and development department of DIMIER 1738 watchmaking workshop, conceived solutions for easy-to-read functions. The calendar display windows of traditional watches are mostly located in the center of the dial, while the hour and minute displays are located on both sides. Pascal Raffy’s idea is exactly the opposite: the hour and minute display occupies the center dial position. Because human eyes are used to interpreting the hour and minute hands, the limited dial space still does not impair its legibility. The space at the edge of the dial was released to become the foothold of the day and month display window. The large horizontally opposite display window indicates that the fonts embedded in it are magnificent. The font on the sapphire crystal dial is white or black (depending on the dial tone), which makes it more legible. The clear turntable adds a sense of space, and at the same time sees the exquisite machinery, making people appreciate it. The display window is black or white as the background color, which clearly sets off the words of the week and month.

The hand-embedded back dial is painted and processed to complement each other with two same-colored base plates that display the number of the individual timepiece and the number of stones in the movement. The two base plates can be engraved with personal information or painted with miniature strokes according to user requirements, adding magnificent thoughts.

Reverse hand-mounted five-day power reserve retrograde perpetual calendar watch
The date indicator Thai semi-hidden under the hour and minute plate, only the triangle arrow glides over the date plate, clearly indicating the date, while adding mysterious beauty. In order to be able to install retrograde mechanical components under the delicate time-division dial to promote the detailed 240 ° retrograde indicator, the watchmaker of DIMIER 1938 workshop specially developed a micro-shaped gear for the watch and registered a patent. At 12 o’clock, there are two concentric dials that display the leap year cycle and the remaining days of the power reserve, adding practical functions to this watch that can run continuously for five days. The tourbillon frame at the six o’clock position pushes the watch’s flawless timekeeping function. The arm frame connected to the 3/4 board sets off the beautiful arc of the tourbillon frame. The round shape and the hour and minute display above form the ‘8’, which means luck and wealth. A tourbillon composed of a balance spring produced by the DIMIER 1738 workshop drives a precisely calculated balance amplitude, allowing the heart of the watch to beat 21,600 times per hour, while retaining the extraordinary power reserve specifications of the movement and more than nine Complication. The tourbillon frame is composed of 69 well-structured and delicately decorated components, which are inspired by the creation of the first timepieces of BOVET 1822 nearly two hundred years ago, including the unique blue lacquered balance wheel; the arm design is interpreted with the Yin-Yang philosophy Escapement wheels; and escapement forks with scales. The watch has a double-sided design, so the front and back of each component are polished by hand. The artisans in the workshops do their best according to tradition and create extraordinary quality with ingenuity. The same outstanding details include the exquisite and sharp reentry angle and the rounded corner technology of the tourbillon frame splint. Both of them show that the craftsmanship has reached the pinnacle, confirming the rigorous quality requirements of BOVET 1822 and DIMIER 1738.

Tourbillon Virtuoso III is a new member of the Grand Complications complex function watch, adding practical functions to the series, injecting magnificent artistic colors into the high-end watch country, activating the level of craftsmanship, and inheriting the fine tradition of BOVET

The watch’s full range of functions also includes a hand-embedded hour and minute display on the back. This original and unique feature designed by the DIMIER 1738 workshop for all Grandes Complications watches was born out of the ever-changing concept of the Amadeo® case. First introduced in Fleurier’s full range of Amadeo® cases in 2010, the flexible shape can easily be transformed into a double-sided watch, table clock or pocket watch without the need for tools. The watch’s colorful appearance allows the tourbillon’s ingenuity to be fully utilized. The latter’s adjustment device uses a precise vertical axis design to offset the effect of gravity on the operation of the timepiece. This feature is especially important when the timepiece is used as a pocket watch or a clock.
The perfect embodiment of watchmaking
The craftsmen of Pascal Raffy and BOVET 1822 believe that precision machinery and timing technology alone are not enough to stand alone, and the watch’s finishing process is equally important. This magic of the perfect combination of technology and aesthetics has driven BOVET since 1822 to pursue a tradition of master-class luxury watchmaking. The complex movement structure and the mechanical action of mutual traction, unobstructed craftsmen engraved the Fleurier motif on the surface of all plywood and the machine plate, making the Fleurier pattern engraved by collectors by hand since 192, on curved, vertical and even hidden surfaces On the show again. The sapphire crystal week and month turntables are crystal clear, allowing users to enjoy the magnificent and beautiful mechanical dance steps. The stylish appearance of the watch continues Edouard Bovet’s pioneering development of a transparent caseback, which is a new generation of masterpieces that Edouard Bovet is happy to see through the innovative spirit of exquisite machinery.

Tourbillon Virtuoso III limited to 117 gold tones

The design inspiration of the case also comes from the brand’s past masters: the two crystal mirrors are beautifully curved, reminiscent of the big fire enamel case back of the BOVET pocket watch. This meticulous feature directly affects the structural shape of the movement. The thickness of the latter must be concentrated in the central position to fit the concept of space utilization advocated by the great architect Le Corbusier. Virtuoso III Tourbillon goes back to its historical roots and travels past time and space. The button attached to the mainspring is located on the lugs above the watch, allowing the case back to open like a pocket watch made by BOVET in the 19th century.

Grand Opening Of Nanchang Flagship Store Of Radar Watch Isa Series High-tech Ceramic Touch Watch Jiangxi Region Glory Listed

(Nanchang, China-July 22, 2014) The pioneering watch brand of high-tech materials and design in the Swiss watchmaking industry, RADO, the flagship store of Rado Nanchang, opened today. Mr. Wan Zhifei, President, and Miss Qin Lan, a famous actress, attended the opening ceremony with the theme of “Dazhi to Simple • Touching the True Self”, and grandly released a new masterpiece of Swiss radar—the Isa series of high-tech ceramic touch wrists. The watch, together with the guests, felt the passing of time and touched the beauty of Jane.

RADO opens its flagship store in Nanchang
  At the celebration of the glorious launch of the Isa series of high-tech ceramic watches in Jiangxi, Mr. Wan Zhifei, vice president of Rado China, said: ‘Since ancient times, Nanchang has been known as’ Guangdong households, Wutouchuwei ‘, It is not only a historical and cultural city, but also a city with great economic vitality. Here, we can gladly feel that more and more people have begun to focus on the quality of life and pursue fashion consumption. Today we bring you The Swiss Radar Isa series of high-tech ceramic tactile watches here perfectly combines the complex and simple design with the exquisite touch technology, which perfectly explains the pioneering spirit of Swiss Radar’s continuous breakthrough. It is believed that the launch of this watch will lead a new wave of the wrist, and more consumers in Jiangxi will pay attention to and love Swiss radars. ‘

Inside RADO’s flagship store in Nanchang
  As a special guest of the celebration, Ms. Qin Lan’s fresh appearance added a coolness to the hot summer days. Her natural and calm temperament complements the RADO Swiss radar high-tech ceramic touch watch from her wrist. At the celebration site, Miss Qin Lan was very happy to say: ‘The Rado Swiss Radar Isa series of high-tech ceramic touch watches made me fascinated at first sight. The complexity and simplicity she presented has always been the true meaning of life. Natural The minimalist design to be carved makes this watch look natural and flawless. The application of high-tech ceramic touch technology adds a touch of agility to this watch, making time controllable. Everything is up to me. Hard-wearing materials for a lightweight and comfortable experience, suitable for any occasion. ‘

Famous actress Ms. Qin Lan shows RADO Swiss radar high-tech ceramic watch
  RADO is a series of high-tech ceramic tactile watches specially designed for female consumers. It subverts the traditional crownless structure and attracts her attention. She stands out from many products. The technology behind its large and simple design is even more amazing-high-tech ceramic touch technology. This technology perfectly realizes the dream of crown-free watch adjustment, which perfectly interprets Swiss radar again. The brand philosophy is ‘if you can imagine, you can create. If you can create, you can achieve’ brand philosophy. She is quiet but still agile, simple and concise, and silky-smooth to the touch, showing the extraordinary temperament of women at all times, becoming the focus of much attention.
  RADO Nanchang flagship store is located in the fashionable shopping district of Zhongshan Road. It is currently the first and only Swiss Radar flagship store in Nanchang. The new flagship store covers an area of ​​60 square meters, continuing the modern and simple design style of Swiss radar. A comfortable and bright shopping environment, a rich and varied product portfolio, and intimate professional quality services have become the perfect embodiment of the Swiss radar’s pursuit of excellence.

Famous actress Miss Qin Lan commemorates the signature of RADO’s flagship store in Nanchang
  To celebrate the opening, RADO also specially prepared an exclusive dinner for partners who have long supported the brand. Together, they expressed their full confidence in the market in the Southeast region. Undoubtedly, the grand opening of the Nanchang flagship store of Swiss Rado and the glorious listing of the Isa series of high-tech ceramic touch watches in the Jiangxi region will certainly inject new vitality into the watch market in Jiangxi.
Rado, a pioneering watch brand with design and high-tech materials
RADO was born in 1957 and is an important brand under the Swatch Group, the world’s largest watch group. As a global leader in watch design and innovative materials, Swiss Radar first introduced high-tech ceramic materials to the watchmaking industry in 1986, setting a precedent for ceramic watches. Swiss radar is also one of the first high-end watch brands to enter China. It has a unique understanding and special feelings about the Chinese market and Chinese consumers. Adhering to the core spirit of Visionary, Innovative and Iconic, Swiss radars continue to make breakthroughs in materials and technology, and are committed to innovation, creating a future history with a pioneering spirit.

Gorgeous Bloom Rm 19-02 Floral Tourbillon Watch Tasting

The so-called ‘short-lived’ means that the time when beautiful things appear is short and fleeting. Another meaning is to learn to appreciate and cherish beautiful things. In recent years, throughout the previous watch exhibitions, most of the watches with ‘flowers’ as the theme of creating new products are full of charming charm, which is sighing the watchmaker’s magic. The new RM 19-02 watch regains the watchmaking traditions of the past, and has given birth to Richard Mille’s modern watchmaking philosophy, creating this wrist tourbillon flower watch. (Watch model: RM 19-02)

Magnolia on the dial

Watch display

   Magnolia is the only flower in the world that has survived for millions of years. Its history is even longer than that of bees, so it is precious. Magnolia is designed as a pattern on the dial of the watch. , Yuyi endless eternal cycle and rebirth. The flowers are bright and clean, delicate and elegant, with a solid structure, and have strong adaptability to harsh environments.
At the appointed time, the orchid blooms slowly.

Watch magnolia display

   If you think the flower will not move, then you are very wrong. Designed at 7 o’clock, this magnolia flower has 5 hand-carved and drawn petals that hold a flying tourbillon in the flower core. Pressing the button at 9 o’clock, Magnolia will bloom slowly at regular intervals or as required, and then gently close, opening and closing, as if dancing and flying in harmony like an elegant ballet. At a specific time, the watch has a lifelike dynamic beauty that is ‘a flash in the pan’, which adds to the watch’s spectacle and makes the watch full of charm.

Watch case display

   Diamonds that symbolize eternity and sparkle are women’s favorite. Just like the 45.40 x 38.30 mm watch case, the diamonds are set in the case to shine and add another beauty to the watch. The classic branded barrel case adds the brand’s unique charm to the watch, making the diamond look fuller and more delicate. The watch dial is made of pure gold, which represents wealth, and is treated with lacquering to show another beauty of gold.

Watch flower display

   As long as you pay attention, you will find Richard Mille’s superb skills, the ingenious craftsman interprets the charm of nature, and handles the details in place. When the flower is fully bloomed, the flying tourbillon in the center and the “inlaid flower” will also rise by 1mm at the same time, just as the flower blooms happily for pollination.

Watch Tourbillon
   This complex mechanical device is made of grade 5 titanium alloy, located in the center of the tourbillon movement, 5 levers on the back of the petals, and a device equipped with a long gear shaft to support the flying tourbillon and flower core from the flowers. Up. Movement power is provided by a separate exclusive second barrel.

Watch hour and minute display

   The exquisite and compact hour and minute dial is located on the upper right of the watch, and the inner and outer dials are set with brilliant diamonds. There are luminous parts on the hour and minute hands, which is convenient for viewing the time in a dark environment.

Watch back display

   The exquisite appearance needs a powerful inner ‘core’ to maintain, so the watch uses a dense bottom process to protect the movement’s safety. However, the movement of the movement can also be observed in the gap of the highly ornamental back cover, which adds an interest to the time.

Watch overall display

Summary: Strict control of the details shows the extreme craftsmanship of the RM 19-02 Floral Tourbillon Watch in watchmaking technology. The magnolia flower hand-carved by the famous sculptor Olivier Vaucher is fresh and elegant against the background of the pure gold dial. The pattern drawing and transfer that took hours to complete makes this ‘garden’ on the wrist made of pure gold and varnish more gorgeous and vibrant. The orchid blooming technique is the biggest highlight of this watch, making the hand-carved flower bloom in front of our eyes, bringing a visual enjoyment. In addition to the precise mechanical structure, the artistic beauty presented is unique in the world. This watch is limited to 30 pieces in the world. If you like it, you can see its beauty in the RM store.

Miniature Oscillating Infinite Possibility

Despite its small size, it is widely used. The micro-rotor is enjoying an upsurge, and the watchmaking industry has focused its spotlight on its excellent qualities.

   Like the traditional oscillating weight, the miniature oscillating weight is used for winding the automatic movement, but its size, shape and position are very different. The conventional oscillating weight is a flat half-disc and is placed on top of the movement; the miniature oscillating weight is a small and slightly thick half-disc, fully integrated into the movement. In 1957, the miniature oscillating weight was invented by Buren and Piaget at about the same time, and then popularized by Universal Genève. It represents the tireless pursuit of technical performance in the watchmaking industry, and of course to make the movement and watches slim and elegant. Today, these two goals still exist, but they are more intense and distinct. Only the first three companies, Piaget Piaget, continued to use the miniature rotor, which proved to be the decisive factor in the second ultra-thin watchmaking competition in 2000. A fourth player who plays an important role in this field should also be mentioned: Patek Philippe. In the 1977 quartz crisis, Patek Philippe developed the Caliber 240 ultra-thin self-winding movement. To achieve this, Patek Philippe recruited the creators of the Universal Genève movement, which provided a lively and important experience for the construction of a unique micro-oscillating ultra-thin movement.

Patek Philippe Calibre 240 ultra-thin self-winding movement

   In the 2000s, the pursuit of perfection and diversity was part of the great renaissance of mechanical watchmaking. In order to stand out, many brands choose to use micro-oscillating weights, despite their inherent shortcomings. Compared with the conventional large-sized oscillating weight, the miniature oscillating weight has less inertia and low winding efficiency. For example, Montblanc’s new miniature balance movement also takes 11 hours to fully fill a Cyclotest machine, compared to a conventional balance movement in only 8 hours. To compensate for this situation, miniature rotors are usually made of high-density materials. The more affordable ones are tungsten, while the luxury ones are made of 22K gold or platinum to achieve standard or even more winding efficiency. Some of Roger Dubuis’ movements, such as Hermès, RICHARD MILLE, Richard Mill and Parmigiani’s Vaucher Caliber 5401 movement, and Chopard’s Caliber 1.98 movement. Among them, Caliber 1.98 movement can provide up to 65 hours of power reserve.

   In 2002, Girard-Perregaux developed a variant of the three-golden-bridge tourbillon movement. The miniature rotor was placed under the barrel, and it was wound unconsciously. MCT is based on the Peseux 7001 movement, created from the main movement, and is still in use today. Then Laurent Ferrier. The elegant technology and unique solution of the mini-rotor are still prevailing, and at least three brands made this choice in 2017: Romain Gauthier, Peter Speake-Marin and Bell & Ross (via movement supplier MHC). Large brands are still exploring the optimization technology, ergonomics and optimal slim ratio of miniature rotors. The technology choices of Panerai and Carl F. Bucherer are representative of current trends. The heavier the material and the larger the size, the higher the winding efficiency of the miniature rotor. With the development of the times, the size of watches and movements has continued to increase. The diameter of the Patek Philippe Caliber 240 is 27.5 mm, and the diameter of the BVLGARI BVL138 is 36.6 mm. From the simplest to the most complex (such as the Grande Complication de Cartier watch), the concept has become more flexible and applicable.

   In general, the miniature oscillating weight is a good solution that saves the thickness of the movement and manufactures an ultra-thin movement; it releases extra space and presents a delicate hollow out. However, the micro-rotor movement is not cheap. At present, only a few brands offer micro-rotor watches with a price of less than 10,000 Swiss francs. It can be said that they are still exclusive to high-end watches and connoisseurs.