Athens Fantasy Black Devil Tourbillon Watch Introduction

Athens Watch——The pioneer of the invention of innovative timepieces, showing the breakthrough of watchmaking through the ‘Fantastic Dark Lord’ tourbillon Only Watch.
 The legend of Athenian watch represents the development of the ‘FREAK’ tourbillon-a game changer that revolutionizes high-end watches-the ‘FREAK Diavolo’ tourbillon follows the footsteps of its predecessors in technology, materials and design Demonstrate unparalleled progress.
The famous Swiss watch maker Athens watch set countless first records in the watch industry, showing that the results are encouraging. Based on the ‘Imagination’ tourbillon launched in 2001, the new ‘Imagination Dark Lord’ tourbillon Only Watch is a testament to Athens’s one-step creativity.
 Due to the extremely novel, simple and different design of Carrousel Tourbillon from Whimsical, there was no hour hand, minute hand, dial and crown, and it was the first revolutionary watch to use silicon as the escapement wheel at that time. ‘Imagination’ tourbillon revolutionized the development of high-end watch industry. Now, like the brothers and sisters, ‘Fantasy DIAMonSIL & reg;’, ‘Fantasy Diamond Heart’ and ‘Fantasy Blue Ghost’, ‘The Whimsical Dark Lord’ praises the original through the wider use of silicon and bringing its tourbillon to a new peak The innovative spirit of ‘Fantasy’.

 ‘Fantastic Dark Lord’ Tourbillon Only Watch is named after its devil-like appearance and power reserve. It is one of the smartest watch works set against its ‘tentacles’ and black cloak-like background. The most obvious example is that the watch uses silicon as the material of its patented hairspring (Si 1.1.1.); In addition, the most fragile heart of the watch, the escapement, is mostly made of silicon. Athenian Watch introduced silicon in the original ‘Fantasy’ tourbillon to change the entire high-end watchmaking industry. At the same time, Athens optimized the application of this advanced technology on the ‘Fantastic Dark Lord’ tourbillon, using optical photolithography (photolithography). Cutting-edge technology further enhances watch performance. Furthermore, the ‘Fantastic Dark Lord’ tourbillon Only Watch showcases another development of the ‘Fantastic’ family: a flying tourbillon with a seconds display, and two new ball bearing systems and a balance wheel concept and design.
 The Carrousel Tourbillon is all self-developed by the Athens Watch Factory. It rotates around the center every 60 minutes. The ‘Fantastic Dark Lord’ tourbillon’s 4Hz (28,800 times per hour) frequency and 8mg * cm2 balance inertia make The watch is more unique because no other tourbillon is controlled by such a powerful oscillator, and it has such a long power reserve (up to 8 days). Its outstanding performance is the result of the perfect use of new technologies such as optical lithography, and the use of the finest and newly developed materials such as silicon and LIGA (deep electroforming technology) nickel in the core.
 The extraordinary watchmaking technology of the Athenian watch is further confirmed by the seconds indication of the ‘Fantastic Dark Lord’ tourbillon. Unlike other members of the ‘Fantastic’ family, the flying tourbillon replaces the commonly used oscillator. Outside the flying tourbillon cage, an arrow second indicator and a blue semicircle scale are installed. The second indicator rotates every minute, and the position zero is fixed on the minute indicator shaft.
In addition, two specially conceived ball bearing units allow the minute movement and the seconds indicator tourbillon to perform the ‘flying’ function without the need for bridge support.
 ‘Fantastic Dark Lord’ tourbillon is simple and easy to use. It uses the case back to replace the crown. The upper bezel can be adjusted by adjusting the time. The gear connection shaft runs directly through the movement to fix 3 ‘pointers’ or avoid adjusting it. The “hand” shift occurs during the time calibration.
The ‘Fantastic Dark Lord’ Tourbillon Only Watch not only has excellent functions, but also has a fascinating aesthetic. The clean lines are designed with bold black and dark gray tones and embellished with bright colors. The stainless steel case is equipped with elegant crocodile leather straps. The ‘Fantastic Dark Lord’ tourbillon Only Watch represents the unwavering imagination and unique style, and implements the characteristics of the ‘Fantastic’ tourbillon series innovation and invention.

Technical data
Model 2083-115 / OW
Case Stainless steel
Unique; with the number & ldquo; 1/1 & rdquo; beside the case; & ldquo; Only Watch & rdquo; at 6 o’clock
Blue outer circle; 12 characters for hour markers, seconds arrow indication and semi-circle scale
Power reserve over 8 days, sliding spring
Vibration frequency: 28,800 times per hour (4 Hz)
Rotating inertia 8 mg * cm2, adjusted by 4 screws
Hairspring Silicon hairspring, unique design of Athens watch
Escapement Right-angle escapement fork, silicon, no oil needed
Running trajectory
Powered by manual refining, the refining mechanism is driven by turning the case bottom cover. One rotation of the case back is equivalent to storing 12 hours of power
Set time Adjust the time by turning the outer ring forward or backward
Watch diameter 44.5 mm

Roger Dubuis Chinese Valentine’s Day Watch Featured Blue Ocean, Dark Night Stars Fantasy Lovers Pair Watch

Sweet Valentine’s Day is approaching. Valentine’s Day with the lover is to explore the blue ocean and admire the dark night sky. It has always been a two-star destination for dating, adding points to romantic relationships. ROGER DUBUIS, a top watchmaking brand from Geneva, Switzerland, specially selects two pairs of watches, translating the two elements of blue ocean and black starry night between the dials, allowing couples to intertwine love plots on their wrists. , Remind each other of deep affection between minutes and seconds.
Roger Dubuis romantic blue face couple pairing watch, Excalibur 36 stainless steel diamond watch on the left, Excalibur 42 steel chronograph on the right

徜徉 Blue Love Sea
   Blue is a symbol of eternity. Walking hand in hand with the beloved lover on the blue sea, enjoying the sweetness of only two people, feeling the eternal deep love between each other. ROGER DUBUIS recommends the ‘Excalibur 36 stainless steel diamond watch’ and ‘Excalibur 42 stainless steel chronograph’, with a blue dial, stainless steel and diamond materials, symbolizing the blue ocean flickering in the sun With an eye-catching light, the simple and neat design perfectly complements the style of the wearer, and even the lovers of the world commemorate the eternal moment.
Roger Dubuis mysterious black face couple pairing watch, Excalibur36 black face diamond watch watch on the left, La Monegasque black face automatic watch on the right
Love under the night sky
   Black is the representative of mystery. With the beloved in the night, he or she looked up at the starry sky, and gave his heart to the mysterious and intoxicated love. ROGER DUBUIS recommends two black-faced watches-‘Excalibur 36 black-faced diamond watch’ and ‘La Monegasque black-faced automatic watch’. The mysterious night is transformed into a watch face. It is equipped with the RD821 mechanical movement and records every hour, minute, and second that it has traveled.
ROGER DUBUIS Selected Couples Watch Technical Information

EXCALIBUR 36 Diamond Watch
Model: DBEX0378
Case: 36 mm, stainless steel
Diamonds: 48, weighing 0.99 carats
Dial: blue dial, white Roman numerals
Function: hours, minutes, seconds
Strap: blue alligator leather strap
Buckle: Stainless steel discount
Movement: RD821 automatic winding movement
Water resistance: 30 meters
Geneva Quality Seal
   With a three-pointed lug fixed strap, highly discernible grooved bezel, and long Roman numerals, it perfectly interweaves Roger Dubuis’s highly recognizable Excalibur King’s Sword series. This series is based on medieval European warriors Warrior is an idea. The 36mm model is designed to fit the female wrist with a slim fit.

Excalibur 42 King Sword Chronograph
Model: DBEX0389
Case: 42 mm, stainless steel case
Dial: blue dial
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, date display, chronograph
Water resistance: 30 meters
Strap: Semi-matte black alligator strap
Buckle: Stainless steel adjustable folding buckle
Movement: RD681 automatic winding movement
Seal of Geneva Premium (Limited edition only)
   ‘Excalibur 42 stainless steel chronograph’ inherits the sports characteristics and elegant beauty of the new Excalibur 42 series, and leads the chronograph to the field of aesthetics. The 42-mm-diameter case highlights the authentic brand ancestry and highlights its unique personality. It is clearly visible that it inherits the iconic elements of Excalibur: the strap is fixed with a three-pointer lug, the highly recognizable concave bezel and Long Roman numerals. The unique personality and luxurious charm undoubtedly make it stand out from the crowd in the fine watch world.

EXCALIBUR 36 Diamond Watch
Model: DBEX0278
Case: 36 mm stainless steel case with bezel set with 48 diamonds (0.99 ct)
Dial: black satin-radiated dial, rhodium-plated mirror finish, white Roman numerals
Functions: Small seconds at 6 o’clock, black radial satin texture, 18k white gold seconds ring, black scale
Strap: Black silk strap
Clasp: stainless steel adjustable folding clasp
Water resistance: 30 meters
Movement: RD 821 automatic winding movement
   The Excalibur 36 watch combines excellent clockwork structure and eye-catching design, visually burning with bold and fiery passion, like a brilliant diamond glory, as if time resides here, witnessing every unique and wonderful moment, the rose gold bezel inlaid 48 diamonds (0.99 carats), in the overall accessories, it is like performing a magnificent Flandora on the wrist, which reflects the iconic avant-garde spirit of ROGER DUBUIS, and displays exquisite jewelry Traits.

La Monegasque Chronograph
Model: DBMG0026
Case: 42 mm, 18K rose gold case
Dial: Black sunray dial
Function: hours, minutes, small seconds
Water resistance: 50 meters
Strap: Black alligator strap
Buckle: 18K rose gold pin buckle
Movement: RD821 automatic winding movement, limited: 188
Geneva Quality Seal
   Inspired by La Monégasque of the Monte Carlo Casino, the case lines are smooth and elegant, and the binocular chronograph dial has enriched the surface layering of the Russian roulette, which perfectly reflects the bold creativity and excellent quality of Roger Dubuis. Equipped with a black solar radiation dial and red Arabic numeral hour scales, with different configurations of red and black correlation, it presents another luxurious style of Russian roulette.

Belarus Ww1 Limited Watch New Classical Unique Beauty

Bell & Ross watches have always been known for their luxury and practicality. In 2012, the brand highlighted the Vintage WW1 Heure Sautante time-hopping and power reserve watch. This year, Bell & Ross has continued to launch the WW1 Régulateur scale hands watch. Its exquisite craftsmanship has a neo-classical aesthetic. The simple and easy-to-read dial design is impressive. .
WW1 Régulateur scale hands
Subtle features, clear and easy to read
 WW1 Régulateur scale hand watch is equipped with a Swiss scale hand movement, based on the ancient master’s accurate time clock technology. The three functions of hours, minutes and seconds are displayed separately: the middle minute hand, the 12-hour hour dial and The 6 o’clock small seconds hand is clearly arranged without overlapping, and the reading time is accurate.
WW1 Régulateur scale hands dial design
Simple design, luxurious style
 The WW1 Régulateur scale hands watch exudes classic beauty, clean and refined lines, and high-end precious materials and straps of thick and young, to create an extremely elegant temperament.
 The diameter of the case is 42 mm, and the size is large; the curved crystal glass mirror, the lugs welded to the case, the beautiful alligator leather strap, etc., are reminiscent of the ancestor style of watches that appeared in the early last century.
 The silver-toned dial, swirling hour dial, slim blue hands and scales exude elegance.
 The rose gold case is warm and noble, and the back of the case is engraved with wheat grain patterns. The antique watch is very elegant, showing the exquisite craftsmanship of the watchmaker.

Noble and elegant, practical
 WW1 Régulateur scale hands watch set Bell & Ross watchmaking craftsmanship and technical expertise in one, and through cutting-edge technology to make the display clearer, it is even more the brand’s signature personality; subtle standard hand movement and separate hours and minutes The layout is perfectly combined, the polished rose gold case is meticulous in craftsmanship, achieving a timeless elegance; the limited edition of 99 pieces will definitely be favored by collectors who love classic watchmaking techniques and modern taste.
 More Bell & Ross watch information: bellross /