Tag Heuer Wins Calella Pan American Mexico Road Race

Throughout the race, former F1 driver Erik Comas and teammate Isabelle de Sadeleer showed a steel-like will, and after winning the fierce battle alongside Studebake, there was nothing to stop them from rushing to victory. The pace of the finish line perfectly showcases the brand spirit of TAG Heuer’s ‘Don’t Crack Under Pressure’.

   Mexico’s Calella Pan American Road Race starts with Veracruz and Durango, with a total length of 3,000 kilometers. It is the world’s most legendary and most difficult open road endurance race. This year’s race is from October 17th to On October 23, TAG Heuer was the official partner and designated timekeeper for the event. TAG Heuer has sent two cars this year to compete in the race, one by former F1 driver Erik Comas and the other by Jérôme de Sadeleer.

   Jérôme de Sadeleer and navigator Caroline Wilhelms are the youngest pair in the 2014 Calella Pan American Mexico Road Race. During the long road race, the car will inevitably suffer from mechanical failures. Despite all the hardships, this pair has never given up the effort to compete for medals. Their tenacity, youthfulness and sincere smile are the most beautiful footnotes of this event.

   The final winner was presented with a TAG Heuer Carrera watch with a portrait on the bottom of the watch bearing Juan Manuel Fangio (former Argentina F1 driver Juan Manuel Fangio), a perfect fusion of TAG Heuer, racing legend and sporty spirit. By 2014, TAG Heuer has worked with Calella Pan American Mexico Road Race for more than 50 years.

Useful And Useless, But Not A ‘like’ Talk About The Moon Phase Function Of The Watch

Regarding the function of the moon phase, ‘watch fans’ have two opposing views. Some people think that this is a function with the least practical significance, while others think that the moon phase function is very romantic. No one is right or wrong in these two statements, it is just a matter of opinion. For some literary youth or romantic people, it is really romantic to be accompanied by a moon beauty at all times; from a practical point of view, the moon phase function does not seem to be of much use.
   Regarding the claim that the moon phase function is useless, let’s first look at the origin of the moon phase table. According to rumors, the moon phase display technology originated in the era of great navigation, and the moon phase was placed in pocket watches as an important indicator of navigation. In addition, the tide of the ocean is directly related to the gravitational effect of the moon. Tide changes directly affect military strategy, ocean navigation, and marine fisheries. Learning to observe the moon phases can be life-saving at that time. born. However, with the change of the times and the rapid development of high technology, few people have watched the astrology, and the moon phase display function has also become silent. So in this age, the function of the moon phase is no longer as important as it was before, so it is considered useless.

   The moon has been the subject of literati chanting since ancient times. People who like the moon phase function may naturally be romantic, such as me. Personally, I really like the moon phase function. Why not? It is because of its artistic conception. With a moon phase function on a watch, it will become much more vivid.

Breguet NO.5 pocket watch
   The first person who applied the moon phase display to a pocket watch was the famous Mr. Abraham-Louis Breguet. The development process took 5 years. This pocket watch is a Breguet No. 5 pocket watch customized for the then Earl of Saint Miat. This pocket watch is still in the Breguet Museum. Since then, ‘Face Moon’ has also become the most honorable guest on the dial of the moon phase.

Blancpain Cali.6395

Blancpain Small Calender with Cal.6395

    In the 1980s, Blancpain first transplanted the moon phase function to the watch, and introduced the world’s smallest automatic movement Cal.6395 equipped with moon phase profit and loss, month, calendar and week display. This movement was applied Blancpain’s small women’s full calendar moon phase watch series.

   Since then, Blancpain has continued to innovate in the creation of moon phase watches, and has applied the moon phase display function to Blancpain’s classic models. Blancpain’s five moon phase expressions have also become a sign of moon phase display.

Blancpain Classic Calendar Moon Phase Watch 6639A-3631-55B

  This watch is hailed as ‘the most classic moon phase watch’ by the world. It creatively puts the moon phase behind the dial in the round frame under the dial and uses it to lead the development of the sun and the moon. The following three calendars fully demonstrate the time integrity on the wrist.

   Except Blancpain, how do other brands shape the function of the moon phase, let’s take a look at a few of them as examples.

Glashütte Original Eccentric Series 1-90-02-45-35-04

   Glashütte’s original eccentric series all use eccentric design. The moon phase display is located at 2 o’clock. Against the background of the blue sky, a bright moon and stars hang, showing the beauty of the moon and the sky. The unique eccentric dial design and technical appearance make it a fine combination of traditional and modern.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Slim Moonphase Master Watch 1368420

   The Jaeger-LeCoultre Ultra-Slim Moonphase Master Series stainless steel watch presents the date and moon phase display in a modern, purely aesthetic way, noble and elegant. Full of unique depth and charm.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Dating Series 3578420
   The moon phase disk of this watch is very three-dimensional, and the surface is decorated with dark blue grain patterns, which echoes the bright starry night, adding a beauty to the watch and giving the wearer a visual enjoyment.

Jacques Dro Moon Phase Large Seconds
   Jakodro’s design of this watch is very artistic, with two overlapping dials forming the shape of the number 8, symbolizing perfection and perfection. The moon phase display is in the center of the date dial. The first two moon phase display disks use a blue background, and the third one uses onyx. The delicate gold stars sparkle on the dark blue and dark black nights, giving a deep sense.
Summary: Having said so much, like the moon phase function is nothing more than a mood and romance; dislike the moon phase function is nothing more than its impracticality. Once the moon phase function is on the watch, the price will be much higher. How many people are willing to pay for this romance and mood? However, the words ‘like’ are not worth a thousand words, as long as you like it, it is worth it.