Treasure Tourbillon World Tour Arrives In Japan

In commemoration of the founder of the brand, Mr. Bao Di, more than 200 years ago, the genius invented and demonstrated the development and innovation of tourbillon technology. , The pioneer of timepiece invention. The inventor of the tourbillon. ‘(Breguet, the innovator. Inventor of the Tourbillon).

 According to Watch House, after the tourbillon exhibition in New York, Breguet moved the exhibition site to Japan again. Starting on November 20, 2013, Ginza in Tokyo will open the tour of the tourbillon tourbillon.

 Among the more than 20 tourbillon timepieces on display this time, the Breguet “Tradition” 18K rose gold model is particularly attractive. The ‘Tradition’ series is the representative of the Breguet brand. This watch is not only the first 18K rose gold model, equipped with sesame chain tourbillon and silicon Breguet high-level complex timepiece. A new 18K gold dial with black rhodium plating is also hand-engraved.

 Taking inspiration from the legendary pocket watch designed by Mr. Abraham-Louis Breguet, this artistic masterpiece embodies Breguet’s heritage and innovative brand spirit. Its simple and modern appearance highlights the tourbillon and sesame chain device on the board. A structured timepiece vividly displays contrast and layering, giving each component life. These exquisite craftsmanship has obtained four patents, namely the titanium alloy balance wheel, the novel power reserve display on the barrel, the silicon Breguet hairspring, and the tourbillon movement equipped with anti-shock protection mechanism. Watch fans are enthusiastic.

Grand Seiko Grand Seiko High Magnetic Watch Recommended

Grand Seiko’s high-end watch brand, Grand Seiko, has launched high-magnetism-resistant watches, including different models such as quartz and mechanical movements. Since its birth in 1960, Grand Seiko has strived to achieve absolute precision in the field of professional high-end watchmaking. The high-magnetic resistance watch developed this time is especially aimed at engineers who need to work in high magnetic fields for a long time, or have been exposed for a long time. Business people in various electronic instruments and equipment have envisaged that quartz watches have a magnetic resistance of 8 times that of ordinary quartz watches, while mechanical watches have 16 times the magnetic resistance of ordinary mechanical watches. The newly released high magnetic resistant wrist The watch has the highest level of magnetic resistance in the world, which is the highest benchmark in the world! To create a trustworthy watch for high-tech professionals, Magnificent Seiko recreates a new level of watchmaking technology with its precision craftsmanship. Its excellent high-level magnetic resistance meets the needs of professionals and has won the trust of the public.

   Magnetism-precision factory standards of Grand Seiko watches are based on the Japanese industry standard JIS * 4,800A / m. In modern electronic society where electronic equipment is universal and highly magnetic production machines are constantly being introduced. In order to allow users to continue to trust in time, the grand Seiko high magnetic resistance watch is covered with a pure iron magnetic resistance plate to prevent the watch from being Magnetic field interference and magnetic resistance have been significantly improved. In the performance of quartz watches, the grand Seiko high-magnetic-resistant watches have a magnetic resistance of 40,000A / m, which is the highest level of magnetic resistance in today’s global analog quartz movement watches, realizing the ideal of high-end watches in daily use. Realm and showcases its superior movement in this respect. Used in mechanical movements, the grand Seiko high-magnetism-resistant mechanical movement models also have the world’s highest level of magnetic resistance of 80,000A / m. This magnetic resistance level is generally in accordance with the Japanese industrial standard (JIS standard) 16,000A m enhanced magnetic resistance watch, but also greatly improved.

GRAND SEIKO watch (limited to 500 pieces worldwide)


   The internal structure of the watch is magnificent. The pure iron faceplate of the high-precision mechanical movement watch model itself has magnetic resistance performance, which can prevent the movement from being disturbed by external magnetic fields. In addition, the back cover of the watch uses a higher magnetic resistance. Quartz movement models need to be twice as thick as magnetic plates, so they can maintain high accuracy even when they are near magnetic objects at a distance of 1 cm. Grand Seiko’s cutting-edge technology allows the watch not only to maintain its accuracy in daily life, it can still have outstanding and stunning performance in a special environment with high magnetic properties.

   Through the positive red logo design, it is set against the dark black faceplate, showing a strong sense of sporty style, and its magnificent style cannot be ignored. The word ‘MAGNETIC RESISTANT’ emphasizes the color emphasis of high magnetic resistance models. In addition, the hands and time scales coated with LUMIBRITE luminous paint, with the intricately refined lines, highlight the three-dimensional space and layering on the faceplate. , With simple three-pin design, perfectly interprets the classic features of grand Seiko honor style and sports style coexist. The design of the case is based on the idea of ​​high magnetic resistance. The dial and the body are integrally formed to convey the strong and strong characteristics. The super-mirror-polished case presents flawless perfection, confirming the delicate polishing of every detail, just to create the birth of a top-level watch. In addition, the grand Seiko high magnetic resistance watch combined with the 62GS model design model of 1966. In the same year, SEIKO advanced research and development led to the birth of 62GS, allowing manual winding to evolve into automatic winding, which greatly enhanced the watch’s practicality. , Grand Seiko high magnetic resistance watch also inherited the spirit of SEIKO’s continuous evolution and the pursuit of extreme practicality, and became a high-end watch loved by watch players and professionals.


Leonardo Calmly Interprets Tag Heuer Watches

From the emergence of ‘Growing Trouble’, to the ‘Titanic’ shine, to the sensation of many movies such as ‘The Underworld’ and ‘Dream of Space’, Leonardo · Leonardo DiCaprio always adheres to his own pace, from youth to elegance and maturity, making him feel calm and calm in his hands. This elegant and stable yet passion for life and work is in deep harmony with TAG Heuer CARRERA CALIBRE 1887, with experience, insight, hard work, and more self-confidence, noble taste is naturally revealed in the hands and feet, perfectly presented The life of a contemporary elegant man. From time to time, the world is changing, and sometimes the tide is recurring. Sometimes, following the rhythm of your heart, you can go out of your own path without blindness or self-reliance. Men who wear CARRERACALIBRE 1887 will integrate self-confidence, low-key, calm, understand themselves, and adhere to their pursuit. There is no need to show off, but it has already shown the general’s demeanor like ‘flies and smokes’. They are well acquainted with the fast-paced life, take it easy, and enjoy the trials and gifts of life elegantly.

Tag Heuer CARRERA 1887 rose gold chronograph (43 mm diameter)

   Introducing Calella 1887
   The design and innovation of TAG Heuer’s new watches run through the entire 1990s. Since the beginning of the 21st century, the brand has continued to introduce new features, including the first self-made CALIBRE 1887 movement. The CARRERA 1887 chronograph is equipped with TAG Heuer’s first all-in-one column-wheel chronograph movement. This movement is independently produced by the TAG Heuer watch factory, with a power reserve of up to 50 hours, a vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour, and 320 components. The chronograph was the best watch of the year at the ‘Little Hand Award’ at the 2010 Geneva Haute Horlogerie Awards. The 2012 new CARRERA 1887 chronograph launched on this basis, the dial has been increased from 41mm to 43mm; especially elegant and noble rose gold as the main key, with solid polished Arabic numerals and gold-plated hands, low-key restrained and stylish atmosphere ; Black dial, all-round timing function, both elegant and modern, and loyal to Swiss precision watchmaking craftsmanship, is the perfect interpretation of TAG Heuer’s century-old precision timing.