Casio Launches New Tough Movement Watch

CASIO launched the latest ‘TOUGH MOVEMENT’ powerful movement, with automatic correction technology, can receive 6 world standard radio waves with high sensitivity, and automatic correction of pointer position. CASIO’s G-SHOCK and OCEANUS two Large series of brands have launched new watches for this movement.
CASIO’s G-SHOCK launches high-end MTG-1500

   G-SHOCK adopts this movement in the high-end series MTG-1500. The appearance uses a stainless steel engraved plate. The design does not take off the rigid and handsome texture of G-SHOCK. The screws on the dial make this watch more industrially designed temperament. The strap is made of stainless steel and resin, with innovation as the main design direction, suitable for mature men. MTG-1500 adopts two display modes: hour hand and digital. It pursues the coexistence of function and operation. The modes can be operated at the same time. The design shows a three-dimensional surface and is full of functional design flavor.

   OCEANUS has three series: MANTA, Digital Analog and Classic, all with TOUGH MOVEMENT. Classic is a classic style. The titanium alloy strap combined with the sapphire glass surface is full of calm texture and simple and powerful to convey the taste of the brand’s machinery and design.

   MANTA pursues the functional beauty that combines elegance and dynamics. It has a thickness of only 10.5mm, and the sides are manually polished at a specific angle to complete the finished product with smooth arcs.

   Digital Analog combines hands with a digital display, which can display up to three places at the same time. There are three colors, black, blue and gold, suitable for men of different preferences.