Extreme Piercing Tasting Eboluszurs Classic Watch

The Ebolus Zurs series is named after the founder of Ebolus to commemorate Mr. Jules Borel’s outstanding contribution to the Ebolus brand and its profound influence on the watch industry for more than 160 years. Let future generations continue his ‘romantic, elegant’ philosophy. It can be said that it is the most classic series of watches by Ebolu. Today we bring you a tasting of Eboluzuls series watches, which adopts a full-cut design. The official model of the watch is: GS9338-23221.

    In the field of traditional mechanical watches, there is a design that is both beautiful and technically difficult, that is, openwork. The openwork design can directly show the status of the watch movement in the eyes of customers. Polishing is also essential, so it is beautiful. In addition, the use of openworked timepieces must also ensure that the watch’s frame can support the watch. Where can be openworked, there must be a frame support, how many support points are reserved. This is the technical difficulty of openworked watches. Tong watch is a watch that integrates beauty and technical difficulties.

The biggest feature of the skeleton watch is that it uses ‘through’ and ‘exposure’ just right. The two are integrated into one, which is technically perfect. The process of building is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and gradual. Calmly accumulated cultivation.

 The Ebolus Zurs series watch introduced today for you, with a 40 mm diameter design, a stainless steel case and bracelet, a perforated dial design, with blue steel sword-shaped hour and minute hands, has its own beauty and wrist The time scale of the watch is designed with 11 natural diamonds, highlighting the essence of luxury. We can clearly see the precise movement inside the movement through the front of the watch, which is impossible to achieve in non-openwork watches.

The crown of the watch is also made of stainless steel, and the unique logo of the Ebolu brand is engraved on the crown. This logo is also on the end of the second hand of the watch face. For this brand LOGO, it also has a beautiful legend. It is said that Ernest Borel, the founder of Yibolu, met a beautiful girl at a noble ball. Their graceful dance attracted envious eyes of the audience. A photographer couldn’t help but use the camera to freeze this moving romantic moment. Romantic moments and graceful dance poses inspired Ernest Borel’s inspiration. From the momentary touch in front of his eyes to the permanent impression of the soul, he designed the brand logo of the ‘Yibo Road’ watch with the dance pictures of the two.

According to the data, we know that the thickness of the watch is 10.1 millimeters. Such a thickness is considered to be satisfactory, not an ultra-thin watch, but it will not look very thick when worn on the wrist. The thickness of this watch, whether it is used as Both formal and casual watches can be used, but it should be noted that when you wear this watch, try not to do strenuous exercise.

This watch is equipped with an SW300 automatic movement. Whether it is through the sapphire crystal back cover or the open-faced dial, we can clearly observe the grinding and precise movement of the movement. This movement is a time-lapsed The mature movement that has been tested has been tested with time and accuracy and stability, so there is no need to worry about the stability of the movement and the movement time.

Summary: The domestic public price of this watch is 22,600 yuan, which is significantly higher than other watches in the same series. The value is mainly reflected in the openwork design, movement polishing and inlaid eleven natural diamonds. The evaluation of this watch is high in value, polished, and technically difficult. Of course, it needs more care than other watches when wearing it.