Vacheron Constantin Malta Collection Women’s Watch

The three new ladies’ watches are elegant and graceful. The brilliant time of diamonds is turned back to 1912, a time full of innovation and progress. Vacheron Constantin is determined to break the circular design conventions and become one of the first watchmakers to launch a barrel-shaped case design. The appearance of the barrel-shaped watch immediately became a symbol of contemporary fashion, and it was highly sought after by both men and women. At that time, the barrel-shaped design was mostly used in high-complexity watches, and the Malte series was one of the most eye-catching members.

 Vacheron Constantin Malta watch

独特 All Malte watches are designed in this unique shape. Today, new women’s watches add a new chapter to the century-old history. Graceful, graceful and luxurious, just like feminine poems with gentle and elegant curves. The clean lines and demure expression and the glittering diamonds, however, let it exude a sexy and elegant atmosphere.

Three women’s watches are presented in pink and white gold. Despite being arrogant, it also shows that everything exists only to focus on one thing: the awe and appreciation of time. A reliable companion, day and night. The silver-plated milky dial also has a barrel-shaped diamond paved in the center to outline the curve of the case. The modern gold-toned Roman numerals and precious metal hour and minute hands are understated and stylish, revealing an intriguing femininity.

The case size of the new Malte Ladies watch is 28.30 x 38.75 mm. The beautiful radian is just around the slender wrist, built-in 1202 quartz movement, with Mississippi alligator leather strap or silk silk strap, classic semi-Malta cross precious metal buckle or diamond buckle style .

 Vacheron Constantin Malta watch

Technical specifications
Model 25530 / 000G-9741
25530 / 000G-9801
25530 / 000R-9802
Malte Women’s Watch
Movement 1202
Power Quartz Movement
Movement size 13.00 x 15.70 mm (53/4 cm x 63/4 cm)
Movement thickness 2.10 mm
Movement Gems 4
数目 Number of parts 33
Vibration frequency 32,768 Hz
Display function hours, minutes
壳 Case Diamond Bezel (50 round-cut diamonds, approximately 0.96 carats)
18K White Gold / 18K 5N Pink Gold
28.30x 38.75mm / thickness 7.28mm
Waterproof function Pass 3 bar pressure test (about 30 meters)
Dial plated with silver blasting or silver blasting with 18K gold diamond center ring (142 round-cut diamonds, weighing about 0.59 carats)
10 inlaid rods and 2 inlaid 18K white gold / 18K 5N pink gold Roman numeral hour markers
Strap 25530 / 000G-9741 Model: Blue gingham hand-stitched crocodile leather strap
25530 / 000G-9801 and 25530 / 000R-9802 models
Warm gray silk ribbon
Buckle 25530 / 000G-9741 Model: 18K White Gold Buckle
25530 / 000G-9801 and 25530 / 000R-9802 models: 18K white gold / 18K 5N gold diamond buckle (21 round-cut diamonds, approximately 0.08 carat)