Extraordinary Mission To Accompany Long-lasting Glashütte Original New 36 Mp Excellence Watch Tasting

In the watchmaking industry, watches must be given a heavy responsibility. We must not only ensure the accuracy of the time to the greatest extent, but also accompany the owner on the wrist with a reliable quality for a long time. At the 44th Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show in 2016, Glashütte developed a new self-made Calibre 36 automatic movement, which is definitely one of the highlights of the watch show. With rigorous watchmaking technology, every detail of the watch is exquisite and perfect, and hard work is done on the timing, so that time returns to the essence. Glashütte Original launches the original Senator Excellence watch in stainless steel and silver with an advanced design and classic appearance. At the same time, it meets the fine watchmaking art standards, with both innovative ideas and practical value. Official model: 1-36-01-02-05-01

Extraordinary mission to accompany for a long time: simple and innovative first movement

Glashütte Original Cal. 36

   The new Cal.36 movement is currently only available on the Senator Excellence watch series, and there are only three watches made of two steels and one red gold. The original intention of Glashütte original watchmakers and designers to develop this movement was to ‘return time to its essence’ to build a solid foundation for both new generations of watches (both innovative and practical). This watch uses a ‘user-friendly’ design that meets the standards of top watchmaking art. The advanced design and the classic appearance of the previous money have created such a rose gold watch with both elegance and simplicity.
   Glashütte Original takes the reliability and solid structure of the watch as the basic principle in the watchmaking process. These watches must complete the busy life of the owner and defend the reputation of “Made in Germany” with trusted quality. Therefore, in the process of making it is given an extraordinary mission: precise travel time and long-term companionship.

Watch dial display

    The watch’s 40mm diameter 18k red gold case, and the arched sapphire crystal glass with anti-reflective coating on the front and back, provide excellent visibility, giving the watch a simple and elegant temperament.

Watch hands display

   The slender pear-shaped hands of Glashütte’s original past are inherited, making the time clear and easy to read, and the brand’s characteristics are stronger. The avant-garde blue design adds color and vitality to hands and watches.

Watch part dial display

   A light silver frosted lacquered dial, decorated with laser-cut plated black hour markers, luminous red printed numerals, and a corresponding track-type minute ring. Only at 6 and 12 o’clock, there are typical Roman numerals, showing the unique charm of the watch’s ancient elegance. The above designs greatly improve the time-keeping and viewing of the watch. The dial and hands contrast each other and are very beautiful.

Watch crown display

   The 18K red gold ribbed crown bears the brand’s signature “Double G” logo, which emits a soft luster and is more beautiful. After the rose gold material is polished, the texture is more delicate, and the watch is easy to operate.

Watch lug display

    The 18k red gold lugs have smooth lines and delicate texture. The lugs are concise and natural with sharp edges. The 10-mm-thick case is polished and satin-brushed with light and shadow.

Watch dial display
   The watch is paired with a Louisiana alligator leather strap, which is naturally clear and intricate. Set against the 18k rose gold case, it is elegant, sophisticated and comfortable to wear. Equipped with a red gold pin buckle that complements the 18k red gold case, elegant and understated luxury.

Watch movement display

   Inside is equipped with a new self-made Calibre 36 self-winding movement originally created by Glashütte. The silicon spring is used in the movement to make the time more accurate. Through the sapphire crystal case back, you can admire the unique decoration and structural characteristics of Glashütte.

Glashütte Original Senator Excellence Watch

   The new Cal.36 movement is a full application of new technology in the German watchmaking tradition. The brand first equipped the movement with an innovative silicon mainspring for the first time. . First, the design of the precious metal automatic oscillating weight, a 100-hour power reserve and a cardless silicon escapement. Second, the case connection method: the movement of the movement through the case and the case is locked to ensure that the fixed and stable, and the principle of the lens fixing method of SLR cameras is roughly the same.

Watch overall display

Summary: The watch has passed the brand’s own testing standard certification. The speed and structure are stable, accurate and reliable, the running time is long, and the simple and classic appearance is very beautiful. Through the newly designed movement, the accuracy of the travel time is guaranteed, and the time becomes more pure. Such a watch that combines brand style and practical performance, watch friends who like the Bauhaus style and low-key luxury temperament suggest to start with this watch.

Static And Elegant Elegant Taste Of The Tudor 1926 Series Rose Gold Black Dial Watch

On the eve of this year’s watch exhibition, with the announcement of Tudor’s new brand spokesperson Jay Chou, a new series named 1926 also entered the eyes of watch lovers. This series of watches with a retro-inspired dome-shaped design, the center is embellished with delicate embossed dial, in order to pay tribute to the brand’s early history. Combined with the current outstanding watchmaking craftsmanship and design aesthetics, it really gives people a bright feeling. Different from previous models, this series of watches is not only introduced for a single group. Available in stainless steel and intergold case materials, with silver, white and black case colors, as well as 28, 36, 39 and 41 mm case sizes. Demonstrate the brand concept of Tudor watches with people-friendly prices, exquisite craftsmanship and excellent quality. Let’s take a look at the stylish, luxurious black plate and rose gold as an example: (watch model: M91551)

New watch collection

   ‘1926’ represents a year that is important to Tudor. In this year, the founder Hans Wilsdorf registered the trademark ‘The Tudor’ and founded Tudor. The launch of the new timepiece series undoubtedly symbolizes the brand’s history, and the classic design interprets the brand’s mission of precision watchmaking. The shape of the dome-shaped design and the disc surface embossed with embossed patterns in the center remind people of the origin of the Tudor and contrast it with the smooth minute hand scale. Injecting the vitality of the era into the brand’s traditional watchmaking classics, leaving a deep impression.
Watch real shot display

   The case of this watch is made of stainless steel / 18k rose gold, the bezel is made of rose gold, and the rest is stainless steel. All are polished to give an attractive and full look. The lugs are slightly curved, which makes the watch fit more closely on the wearer’s wrist and meets ergonomic settings.

   The polished stainless steel crown is embossed with the Tudor Shield, and the surrounding is designed with a non-slip texture.

   The stylish and generous black disc surface is specially treated to show a delicate embossed pattern, which is clearly distinguished from the outer circle of the second visually, making it easier to read time. Both the hour-markers and willow-shaped hands are rose gold, showing quality and luxury. The Arabic numeral scales are round and blend with the overall temperament. Elegant and unique. At 3 o’clock, there is a white calendar display window, which adds practical functions to the panel.

   The stainless steel back cover ensures the safety of the watch. Equipped with ETA 2824 movement, making the movement more accurate. This watch has a 42-hour power reserve and a water depth rating of 100 meters, which can be said to be a new model that can be moved and quiet.

   The seven-row rose gold chain links are soft and natural in texture and comfortable to wear. The connecting part in the middle is polished and the sides are frosted, showing two different perceptions. The buckle is equipped with a safety discount, which can be worn through simple operation, which is very convenient.

Tudor 1926 rose gold and black dial watch
Summary: Compared with Tudor’s previous funds, the 1926 series has created a new style of the brand, which can be controlled by both sports and formal. Compared with the steel model, the gold model is slightly more mature and generous. If you like this watch, you may wish to pay more attention to it.