Time To Move

Since the Swatch Group announced its withdrawal from the Basel Show last year, from May 14th to 16th this year, it has independently organized a new product launch event ‘TimetoMove’. High-end brands gather here: Breguet, Harry Winston, Blancpain, Jaquet Droz, Glashütte Original, OMEGA, events The Swatch Group’s new timepieces for 2019 are displayed on the scene. Below, let us pick out what good things you can’t miss!
Blancpain Air Force Commander Watch



  This watch is a replica watch. Its prototype Air Force Commander chronograph was originally produced by Blancpain in the 1950s and is said to be used by the United States Air Force. Blancpain produced 12 samples for it. The total production is limited and very scarce. It is extremely rare in the collectors or auctions and is considered one of the most mysterious collector watches.

Vintage Blancpain Air Command auctioned in 2016


  One is on display at Phillips Hong Kong on May 27 this year and is estimated to be worth approximately $ 50,000-100,000. Another (not the same) was finalized in 2016 at Phillips (201688EpicStainlessSteelChronographsauction) for 100,000 Swiss francs.

  The new 2019 watch is loyal to the original (size change, original 42mm new version 42.5mm). The original Air Force Commander watch was designed for pilots flying the most advanced aircraft of the time; the new watch was also equipped with detents as well as the original. Functional “counter-clockwise” rotating watch front circle, beige-colored hour markers of “Old Ra” type SuperLuminova, 30-minute counter with small flyback function at 3 o’clock, 9 o’clock The 12-hour hour-dimension small dial, while running around the seconds scale ring is a speed scale ring, which is used to display the average speed at a distance of 1,000 meters.

  The snail-shaped movement inside the watch complements the propeller-shaped red and gold rotor, giving a positive perspective of the aircraft’s propeller. It is equipped with the F388B movement, equipped with a vertical clutch and a flyback automatic chronograph to ensure the smooth start of the chronograph second hand, and to achieve a seamless connection between the stop and start of the chronograph.

Breguet CLASSIQUE 5395 ultra-thin tourbillon skeleton watch


  The reason why I chose this one is not because it is so handsome, even friends who do not understand watches will think that such ‘poisons’ are definitely not ordinary.

  The new Breguet Classique 5395 ultra-thin tourbillon skeleton watch is a highlight of the tourbillon movement, especially the ultra-thin skeleton design with a thickness of only 3 mm. This watch can be regarded as a masterpiece of the cutting edge of the times, both in terms of watchmaking technology and art.

  The 18K gold 581 movement on this watch is only 3 mm thick. Breguet has a hollow design on top of this. In addition, the entire watch is manually engraved, engraved, and chamfered. Use makes this watch more outstanding.

  The non-hollowed part of the surface of the movement is decorated with a hand-engraved engraved flower pattern-the ClousdeParis pattern, which is created by a engraved engraving tool with a diamond tip at the tip. No defects are allowed. It is Breguet’s first initiative to apply these complex skills to the movement together.

Omega (OMEGA) seahorse 300 meters chronograph

Omega ‘Apollo 11’ 50th Anniversary Limited Manual Speedmaster


  Seriously, the new Omega’s new product is really high in value and not ugly. Just looking at its precious metal materials and limited edition release, it can be seen that its price positioning will not be too low. This year is the 50th anniversary of the Omega Speedmaster’s landing on the moon. The brand presented to the audience a 50th anniversary limited manual speedmaster (limited to 6969). This is a very special watch with a dial. The upper part is hidden. For example, at 9 o’clock, an astronaut engraved the pattern of the moment when he stepped down from the lunar module and many other fine designs. Considering the special design and limited sale of this watch, the price will be higher than ordinary watches Slightly higher.

  Therefore, based on comprehensive factors such as price and purchasing channels, this Haima 300-meter chronograph was selected for everyone. The reason for choosing this watch is presumably clear to everyone. The hippocampus 300-meter diving watch has been in a boom and is very hot. Then it will be upgraded to a watch with a timing function. It is expected to be invincible in the same price.

  In addition to the appearance of the new seahorse 300-meter chronograph, the design elements of the diving watch follow: ceramic wave dial, ceramic bezel filled with enamel scale and 10-point helium valve, etc., the dial is enlarged to 44 mm, more suitable for men with thick wrists.

  The watch movement is equipped with Omega’s main 9900 coaxial escapement chronograph movement, which is the latest model of the Astronomical Observatory. It has a 15,000 Gauss antimagnetic ability, a column wheel, a vertical clutch, and a dynamic reserve of 60 hours.

  Although the 300-meter chronograph of the hippocampus is made with high configuration, its public price is really the price of conscience. It is estimated that RMB53,300 (tape) will trigger another wave of boom.

Jaquet Droz Large Second Chronograph


  Jacques de Rouge’s Grand Second Hand (GRANDESECONDE) watch has always been a highly recognizable watch, its iconic eight dial design, presenting an elegant, pure design atmosphere.

  The new GrandeSeconde watch is equipped with a chronograph function and is released as a regular collection. For Jacques Dro, not only must consider technical issues, but also take into account the traditional characteristics of its standard aesthetics. The design must fit the simple and pure style of Grande Second.

  The watch is equipped with an exclusive movement of Jaquet Droz. According to the long tradition of chronograph watchmaking, the movement adopts a column wheel structure and is equipped with a silicon hairspring to ensure that the movement is not affected by magnetic fields and temperature differences. The volume and proportion of the movement have been carefully studied to match the unique geometric shape of the Grande Second. In order to maintain the line of the GrandeSeconde, the chronograph adopts a single-button design, thereby avoiding the addition of start / stop and reset buttons, and maintaining the simplicity of the case.

Glashütte Original Senator Observatory Tourbillon Watch Limited Edition


  This Senator Observatory tourbillon watch is different from the general tourbillon design. Its mechanism is fixed on only one side of the watch, giving it a floating visual effect.

  The watch is equipped with a Calibre 58-05 manual winding movement, which has the precision of an observatory and an elegant and pleasing appearance. With a frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour, the power reserve can reach 70 hours and is indicated by the power reserve display at 9 o’clock. Glashütte Origin has applied for two patents for the innovative application of this movement, which is characterized by the implementation of a novel stop-second mechanism and combined with the zero reset function.

  It should be mentioned here that the observatory certification obtained by the watch is not from COSC in Switzerland, but German calibration service from Glashütte. Each watch is certified by the German Calibration Service in Glashütte to comply with DIN8319. The watch was tested in five different positions for 15 days and three temperatures. In addition, the silicon hairspring has a stronger ability to resist magnetic and temperature differences.

Harry Winston No. 10 Epic Tourbillon


  Harry Winston’s Harry Winston series was launched in 2009. The idea behind it is to use mechanical watches as the starting point for infinitely exploring the limits of watchmaking (in this case, especially the tourbillon) to deeply dig aesthetic design and mechanical complexity Where is the sexual limit, making it a unique existence.

  The new watch is the first time in history Winry Winston has used four extraordinary tourbillons in an epic tourbillon design. The four tourbillons are perfectly symmetrically arranged, with four adjacent and independent centers, and the tourbillon cage rotates every 36 seconds (clockwise, which is faster than the standard 60 seconds in most other tourbillon watches).

  The three differential devices are coordinated with each other to make the travel time extremely accurate, so the energy cost is quite high; this watch is powered by two pairs of fast-rotating engines, which can provide a power reserve of 55 hours. All ingenuity is only for the achievement of an epic tourbillon Histoire de Tourbillon 10, which has reached the level of the Observatory.

  Finally, state that the above models are all selected based on personal preferences, and there are more beautiful new products that can pay more attention to the ‘TimetoMove’ event, friends, see you next time. (Picture / Text Watch House Gu Yu)