Raymond Weil Brand Image Miss Zhou Yun Da Nanchang Fortune Plaza Meeting

On the afternoon of September 22, 2012, Raymond Weil, a well-known Swiss watchmaker, held an event called ‘Beauty Woman Blooming Yuzhang’ in the atrium of Nanchang Fortune Plaza.

Jebsen Watches Greater China Ms. Liang Meishan (third from left), Raymond Weil Greater China Brand Ambassador Ms. Zhou Yun (fourth from left)

 On the afternoon of September 22, 2012, the famous Swiss watchmaking brand Raymond Weil Nanchang Fortune Plaza held an event named ‘Beauty 茗 Blooming Yuzhang’ in the atrium. Ms. Liang Meishan, General Manager of Jebsen Watches Greater China, Hengli World Watch Mr. Liu Xiaoming, the deputy general manager of the center, and Ms. Wan Shulan, the general manager of Nanchang Fortune Plaza, joined Ms. Zhou Yun, the brand ambassador of Raymond Weil Greater China, to visit Fortune Plaza and share the grand event.

 The Jasmine series is a new women’s watch series launched by Raymond Weil in 2011. The brand is inspired by the oriental soft and gentle image, emphasizing the smooth and low-key design of the case, and chooses stainless steel, plating Multiple material combinations including rose gold, diamonds and mother-of-pearl, equipped with mechanical or quartz movements, strive to present a women’s watch series that can meet the different needs of women, which shows the brand’s attention and sincerity to the female market.

 In order to reflect the pure and elegant temperament of the Jasmine series, Raymond Weil has hired a well-known domestic actress Ms. Zhou Yun as the brand ambassador for Greater China since last year. Elie Bernheim, global vice president of the brand, also said, “Miss Zhou Yun Wen The graceful oriental femininity is in line with the original intention of Jasmine watch creation. In my eyes, she is Jiayu. ‘In the new season’s advertising image, Miss Zhou Yun’s sweet and touching smile and elegant and soft Temperament, as elegant as jasmine, is perfectly matched with the good-looking girl she wears on her wrist.

 At the event, many guests and media reporters not only saw Miss Zhou Yun’s elegant and moving style, but also shared various interesting things about her cooperation with Raymond Weil. In order to thank Ms. Zhou Yun for her love and support for the brand, Ms. Liang Meishan, the general manager of Jebsen Watches Greater China, presented her with a brand new Jiayu watch, which pushed the whole event to a climax under the numerous magnesium lamps.

 Ms. Liang Meishan emphasized, ‘The reason why Raymond Wee chose Nanchang Fortune Plaza to hold this event is the consumption potential of Nanchang and Jiangxi Province. There are many watch lovers and watch lovers, and many love Raymond. High-end customers. In the future, the cooperation between Jebsen Watches and Hengli World Famous Center will be closer, providing customers with satisfactory products and more thoughtful services. Through continuous efforts of both parties, Raymond Weil will become the fastest-growing, One of the most influential watch brands. ‘

The World’s Largest Watch Collector-qianlong Emperor

The Emperor of the Qing Dynasty loved watch collections more than Shunzhi, Kangxi and Qianlong. The extent to which the three emperors loved watches was better than one generation. The Qing emperor likes collecting watches and clocks, which has nothing to do with the former Ming Dynasty. Many of the watches and clocks collected by the Palace Museum today are mostly collected or manufactured by Qianlong in that year. They are beautiful in shape, exquisitely made, and pieces can be regarded as unique treasures.
160 In 1602, a special guest was welcomed in the Imperial Palace of Emperor Wanli of the Ming Dynasty. He was the famous Italian missionary Matteo Ricci. When Matteo Ricci met the emperor, he brought two greetings: one big bell and one small bell. When Emperor Wanli met, he was ecstatic and praised as a fetish.

Qianlong Tibetan watches on display in the Palace Museum
It stands to reason, this emperor hasn’t seen anything, and no baby has ever played with it. There are too many gold, silver, jade, and emerald agate pearls in the palace. But why did the emperor love so much for the two self-sounding sons? Matteo Ricci knew this very well, knowing that the emperor had seen all the treasures, and that he must offer rare things to win the emperor’s favor.
After the establishment of the Qing Dynasty, the royal family’s interest in clocks continued unabated. At that time, foreigners realized this, and tried their best to use their brains on the clocks and clocks: the sun, moon, stars, horses, flowers, birds, insects and fishes to decorate.

Tourists visit the Palace Museum
What’s so amazing is that it can turn the sun, moon, and stars into clockwise movements through clockwork, move the horses and horses, the characters come alive, the flowers bloom, and the birds cry. With such novelty, how can the emperor survive?
This point attracted Emperor Shunzhi, who loved playfulness and fun, and called it ‘unseen before, unheard of.’ In addition to playing and having fun, Kangxi liked clocks and watched hard work and had a deep interest in Western technology. Kangxi’s collection of watches and clocks is not just for fun.
The craziest thing is Emperor Qianlong. He spared no effort to collect all kinds of strange clocks, and repeatedly ordered the Guangdong customs officials to let them buy Western clocks at no expense, and direct the production in the palace, so that the collection and production of clocks reached the climax of the Qing Dynasty. In Qianlong’s time, the intentions to purchase, manufacture and transform watches were everywhere.
According to the Qianlong Tribute Archive, in the 22nd year of Qianlong (1757), Li Yongbiao, the governor of Guangdong Customs, and Li Shiyao, the general of Guangzhou, paid tribute to ‘a glass-inlaid clock and a gilded watch tower.’
Emperor Qianlong read the tribute and said: ‘The gold-plated Western-style watch kiosk that I entered this time is very good. I look for a few more so good, and then there are a few big and good ones. Don’t discount the price. When it was found, there were a few things in Duanyang Gong. This is why. ‘
Emperor Qianlong’s love of foreign clocks was very urgent, so when he was not at the Duanyang tribute, Li Shiyao and others offered ‘three large and small self-bellied bells, and one gold-inlaid western bell’ in a special way.
Qianlong’s attention and admiration naturally promoted the development of watchmaking. The watchmaker therefore designed and improved many interesting functions for the watch, such as changing text, music birds, moving puppets, water laws, boating, turning flowers, rolling balls, etc. The features are dazzling.
In order to satisfy the emperor Qianlong’s preferences, officials along the coast also purchased rare high-end Western clocks and raced to pay tribute to the emperor. This made Qianlong quickly become the largest watch collector in the world at that time.