This Little Autumn Surprise Looking Forward To It?

Hey, was it fun to play on holidays? Of course, where are you going next? In your heart.

  The enthusiastic National Day adds a touch of ambiguousness and laziness to this autumn. Do you still miss the scenery in the distance and the warmth at hand? It’s better to fall in love with Amy Long, experience the color of time in the golden autumn season, and look for those small cares that are scattered in life, so that the good moments always linger on your wrist. Emilion releases new models of the Sun God and Bingfeng series to share time with you and praise the beautiful life.
  Light shines-Helios watch
  It is said that in ancient legends, there is a powerful sun god who has the highest power and represents a lofty deity. He can bring hope and strength to the world. Emilion draws inspiration from Sol, a Roman god of the sun, and Eos, the Greek god of dawn, to brighten the sun god watch with the meaning of light. Amyron carved the light into the dial texture through the traditional craftsmanship, which radiates from the center of the dial and extends to the bezel, reflecting the brand’s unique design aesthetics.
  Amy Long launched the new Sun God series ladies watches, the smart 29.5 mm diameter case, full of feminine elegance and charm. The stylish blue sword-shaped hands decorate the dial’s color aesthetics, indicating the ticking of time in the bright light of diamond hour markers. The watch is equipped with a classic automatic mechanical movement, which has been tried and tested to ensure accurate travel time.

  At the same time, Amyron added a luxury watch to the Sun God series men’s watch, reflecting the bright sunshine of the watch. For the first time, Emilion used the K gold bezel in the Helios series. The light-like dial and bezel texture set off a beautiful luster. The gold-plated hour-markers echo the golden sword-shaped hands. Time is as clear and dazzling as the power of sunlight. The automatic mechanical movement accurately grasps the trajectory of time, indicating the change of date and day of the week. Emilion’s new Helios men’s watch has two options: a gold metal bracelet and a black leather strap. It can be casual, formal or attractive.

  Tide to the future-Bingfeng watch
  Are you really courageous? Do you dare to accept my challenge? If you can compare to me on the top of the mountains, I believe in you. Pay tribute to the fearless and challenging spirit of adventure, and seek the inner freedom from the sharp contours of the tops of the snowy mountains and the magnificent mountains.
  Inheriting the personality and vitality of the Bingfeng series, and challenging the future style, Emilion launched the new Bingfeng series black-plated watch. The new watch continues the brand’s love of color aesthetics. The dial is treated with gradient blue to form a strong color collision with the black-plated stainless steel case. It is free from tradition and releases youthful energy. Special luminous hands and hour markers provide clear reading for dim environments, fully reflecting the watch’s practical performance in special environments. The watch has a built-in automatic mechanical movement, which is accurate, reliable, stable and durable. In addition to the black-plated metal bracelet, the watch is also available with a blue canvas strap.

  Do you already feel the fashion guide from Amy Long, why not go on a style trip in this autumn and winter together. Whether it is the glamorous and charming Sun God series, or the cool and handsome Ice Peak series, the new Amyron watch has both elegance and traditional watchmaking aesthetics, perfectly harmonizing performance and appearance, breaking the drowsiness of autumn and winter, and creating a fashionable style.

Precise’ Mechanical Technology Leads Swiss Watchmaking Zenith Creator Tour Exhibition Opens In Beijing

On October 18, 2019, Zenith Creator’s fourth exhibition tour—Beijing Station, officially opened at Beijing Oriental Plaza. The exhibition gathered a series of pioneer timepieces under the brand to accommodate Regular watches, limited edition watches and ultra-complicated craft watches, and many other beautiful works, show us a deep history of more than 150 years of watchmaking brands. At the same time, Zenith Beijing Oriental Plaza store has also made a new appearance, showing the brand’s unique watchmaking essence to the audience with a more avant-garde and trendy design aesthetic.

Zenith Creator Exhibition Tour Beijing Station

Zenith Creator exhibition tour

  During the Zenith Creator exhibition tour in Beijing, the exhibition of highly complex craft watches was a highlight of the exhibition.

Zenith DEFY Series Sesame Chain Tourbillon Limited Watch
  At present, only a few top brands have manufactured this device, and Zenith is one of them. While this watch accommodates the sesame chain device, Zenith also equips it with a tourbillon device. Two complex devices are combined into one masterpiece.

Zenith DEFY EL PRIMERO Double Tourbillon Watch

Zenith DEFY EL PRIMERO Double Tourbillon Watch

  With a tourbillon device known as one of the three complicated function designs, Zenith has housed a double tourbillon in this watch with powerful watchmaking skills, and timed the movement with 1 / 100th of a second—El Primero 9020 The movement supports the operation of this complex watch.

Zenith DEFY Zero G Zero Watch

  This watch realizes that the speed control mechanism is controlled in a horizontal position to obtain the best balance, thereby improving the accuracy of the watch. Zenith’s ‘gravity control’ module device won the GPHG ‘Complex Watch Award’ in 2011.


  In addition to the DEFY INVENTOR watch limited edition in Greater China, Zenith will also present rainbow circle models of DEFY CLASSIC in the future. There are two models, each made of titanium and black ceramic materials.

Zenith Pilot Pilot’s Watch
  In addition to complex watches, Zenith Pilot Pilot watches have a variety of styles. For those who are interested in Zenith Flying, they can enjoy the tour. These high-quality products.

Zenith Pilot Type 20 Extra Special Silver Limited Edition
  This silver pilot’s watch is available in limited quantities and is now sold out.

Zenith Pilot Pilot’s Watch

Zenith Pilot Pilot’s Watch

Zenith Beijing Oriental Plaza Store

Zenith Beijing Oriental Plaza Store

Zenith Beijing Oriental Plaza Store
  In terms of space, there are more beautiful timepieces that have not yet been listed. Friends who are interested may wish to experience the charm of Zenith mechanical skills at the exhibition site. The exhibition date of the Zenith Tourist Beijing Station is from October 18th to October 20th. Watch enthusiasts who love mechanical sense do not miss this opportunity. They have one of the four Swiss watch factories. Zenith will definitely give you a different surprise. The event address is attached below:
Zenith Creator Exhibition Tour Beijing Station Address: Atrium LG 3, Oriental Xintiandi, Beijing
Zenith Beijing Oriental Plaza Store Address: AA51, Beijing Xintiandi, first floor