New Mido Multifort Pioneer Speed ​​men’s Watch

Fashionable autumn style
     The time series enters autumn and winter, and continues the personality tone of the fashion circle. The new MIDO Multifort Pioneer Speed ​​Men’s Watch brings fashion expression to the watch with a Mocha color. The oversized Mocha dial with a size of 42mm or more has a simple three-pin and The three-eye chronograph model offers a choice to wave away the smoothie summer days with warm earth-like colors like leather, announcing the arrival of chic autumn. Inspired by the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the new generation of the Multifort Pioneer Series recreates the classic style with a dynamic and modern style. The original Geneva dial has straight Geneva ripples. The hairline metal rims are matched with columnar Super-LumiNova fluorescent paint. Instead, it shows the curve that crosses the sea level exclusively for the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the metal texture of the steel structure. The Mocha dial and the brown calfskin crocodile embossed leather strap, the antique and delicate color changes, are originally steel and hard The style of the watch injects a fashionable atmosphere exclusive to autumn. For women’s watches, MIDO recommends the Baroncelli Lady Smile timeless series. Through the mellow chocolate faceplate and the ingenious meniscus date pane, 12 Seldon diamonds, Slightly early autumn.
     Lan Kaiyu, vice president of MIDO brand, said: ‘Machine models are mostly black, white, and silver as the main color series. MIDO has introduced new models in recent years to get rid of conservative basic colors and provide consumers with a richer faceplate. Design and color selection. In autumn and winter of 2012, a variety of coffee-colored watches were launched in each series, which added a lot to the selection of watches. The men’s watch section recommended the new Mocha Multifort Pioneer speed men’s watch; the women’s watch section, launched recently The Baroncelli Lady Smile watch with strong chocolate color has also received considerable praise and inquiry from the market. Mido encourages consumers to change the focus of the overall shape through key details of small details, and has a precise The mechanical watch of this style is highly functional and styling, suitable for wearing in autumn and winter. ‘

Fashionable Autumn Multifort Pioneer Speed ​​Men’s Watch
     The new generation of Pioneer Series design myths comes from the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia. The locals often call this the ‘Coat hanger’ the cross-sea bridge. The Harbour Bridge is the main bridge that connects the Sydney CBD and the North Shore across Sydney Harbour. Under the command of bridge engineer John Bradfield, it took almost 100 years from conception to completion. It was completed in 1932 and until 1967, it was still the highest in Sydney’s city centre Buildings. The highest point of the Sydney Harbour Bridge is 134 meters from the sea level. It has a panoramic view of Sydney’s modern buildings and is also the world’s first single-hole arch bridge. It is also the widest (48.8 meters) long span in the world. From the bridge and one, the name is actually a masterpiece in the history of engineering design, which perfectly displays the avant-garde beauty of the times. This world-renowned landmark in Australia fully displays the beauty of construction technology and structure, which coincides with the core concept of the ‘A mark of true design’ of MIDO. MIDO collects its core spirit in the Multifort Pioneer series. In it, the eternal beauty of the architectural concept is completely conveyed.
     The newly launched Multifort Pioneer Extreme Speed ​​Men’s Watch, a 44mm diameter three-eye chronograph and a 42mm diameter simple three-hand watch are launched simultaneously. The eye-catching Mocha large diameter blends leather tones with original design. Unique, the dial design uses metal forging style to inject the powerful and dynamic atmosphere of men. Through the color matching, it achieves the beauty of rigid and soft watches. It responds to the combination of strength and beauty of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The sapphire crystal bottom cover clearly sees the perspective The beauty of the core, screw-in crown reinforced waterproof structure, waterproof up to 100 meters, fine leather strap with soft suede leather inside, increase wearing comfort, intimate luminous Super-LumiNova digital hour markers, time lines and hands increase The convenience of reading at night and the uniqueness of the watch. Three-eye chronograph model, the dial is equipped with day and date display, the outer circle of the face adopts 60-minute scale, the Arabic numerals on the inner circle indicate the time at 12 o’clock, the clear and simple face configuration, with hierarchical color changes, To increase the visibility of the watch, the recommended price is NT $ 55,800; the three-pin model of the same series, with a simple and clean surface, conveys a sense of elegance and fashion, and the suggested price is NT $ 25,600.
    Autumn Women’s Watch debuts the Baroncelli Lady Smile Timeless Smile Women’s Watch, based on rich chocolate color, creating elegant and elegant work, inspired by the Rennes Opera House in Brittany, France The source, the structure of the great historical site, resides perfectly on the surface. 33mm elegant dial, through the delicate satin ripples of ivory and rich chocolate color, the meniscus-like date window cuts the complete dial arc, 12 Wesselton diamonds are arranged in concentric circles It not only cleverly displays the date display, successfully condenses the dial vision, and brightens the classic and elegant restrained temperament of the watch. Suggested selling price NT $ 30,500.

2015 New Sihh Report: Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels Charms Extraordinaire Watch

At the 2015 Geneva International High-level Watch and Clock Fair (SIHH), Van Cleef & Arpels continued to climb the pinnacle of watchmaking craftsmanship and reproduce the classics of the family.
   The Charms Extraordinaire series was launched in 2008 and is a unique symbolic representation of Van Cleef & Arpels watches. The simple and clean line design expresses the gentle and beautiful aesthetics of the family, and has the feminine feminine charm. The lucky charm dances around the flowing time, swaying in a gesture of raising hands. This year, the Charms Extraordinaire series conveys the message of love with a bright bouquet pattern. The lucky charm is transformed into a delicate pattern pattern, which echoes the dial and guards luck and love. The phoenix, narcissus, saffron, lilac, osmanthus and forget-me-not ensemble spring chants on the dial, heralding the advent of Eros. The family pays tribute to the extraordinary craftsmanship through three unique composition style watches. Van Cleef & Arpels strictly selects precious stones that meet the highest standards of purity, adding a brilliant light to the watch.
Creative process
    The floral patterns depicted in the Charms Extraordinaire series are symbolic, and the dial is decorated with a bouquet that conveys people’s inner hope, love and expectation. Charms lucky charms, like blooming flower buds, turn into precious jewelry. The delicate gradual gems are intertwined with the bezel set with diamonds to create a glamorous glare, harmonious and pleasing to the eye. The mother-of-pearl dial is crafted from a number of exquisite traditional techniques, including flat or three-dimensional fine-painting and convex round enamel.

    The dial is coated with a thick layer of enamel glaze to outline a pattern with a unique relief effect. The unpolished enamel adds a three-dimensional texture to the work, releasing the dial’s magnificent light, creating a delicate beauty of light and shadow.
Series overview
    Charms Extraordinaire Langage des Fleurs is a limited-edition work series. There are three styles, each with different gold outlines of different sizes. Each watch conveys a different vision. Color-gradient gems are inlaid on the bezel, blooming brightly, and reflecting the harmonious tunes of the colors of the watch. This watch comes with two interchangeable shiny alligator leather straps, which can be worn by wearers to match different moods and preferences. The symbolic motif of the flower is engraved on the back of the watch, echoing the various flower words on the dial.
Charms Extraordinaire Espérance
   The most delicate work in the series shines like the sun, and the 25mm case is dazzling under the yellow gold makeup. Convex enamel outlines the golden bumblebee which symbolizes beauty; narcissus represents the thirst for true love; contrasting with the trollii, which symbolizes cricket, the ensemble produces a tune full of hope and hope. The daffodil carved from white mother-of-pearl is painted yellow with a fine-painting process and is set on the dial to give it a three-dimensional texture. The realistic shape of the earrings on the dial once again shows the craftsman’s superb craftsmanship. Their strokes vividly and vividly depict the shape of the flowers, adding a touch of elegance to the patchwork bouquets and delicate and dynamic flowers. A phoenix flower bud surrounds the arranged yellow sapphire and manganese aluminum garnet, touching the charming poetry of nature. Narcissus petals are also inlaid with yellow sapphires, embellished with a manganese aluminum garnet flower. The phoenix pattern is engraved on the bottom of the watch, echoing the dial design.

Charms Extraordinaire Espérance Watch
Yellow gold case, 25 mm diameter, bezel set with diamonds, manganese aluminum garnet, yellow sapphire; yellow gold, Charms charm (rotating around the bezel), yellow sapphire and manganese aluminum garnet
Dial: mother-of-pearl, yellow gold, three-dimensional fine-painting enamel technology, carved mother-of-pearl using fine-painting enamel technology, convex round enamel, diamond, manganese aluminum garnet, yellow sapphire
Watch bottom cover: yellow gold and gold surface engraved with floral patterns, echoing dial dial
Equipped with quartz movement
Interchangeable shiny green alligator strap, yellow gold pin buckle with diamonds

With independent number
Charms Extraordinaire Désir
   The Charms Extraordinaire Désir watch blooms with soft lilac flowers, full of the romance of the first love, and conveys the lingering love among young lovers. The saffron outlined by the convex enamel process exudes fragrance on the dial, and the bright petals surround the three yellow gold makeup spots. The lilac flowers outlined by pink sapphires and amethysts create a brilliant bloom in the three-dimensionally detailed painting of the carved mother-of-pearl. The saffron symbolizing happiness is transformed into a Charms lucky charm, and the magic of happiness is sprinkled around the dial, echoing the gradual pink sapphire and the delicate and delicate purple sapphire.

Charms Extraordinaire Désir Watch
White gold case, 32 mm in diameter, bezel set with diamonds, pink and purple sapphires; Charms lucky charm in white gold set with purple and yellow sapphires (rotating around the bezel)
Dial: Mother-of-pearl, white gold, carved mother-of-pearl with three-dimensional fine painting, convex enamel, pink sapphire, amethyst, yellow gold
Watch back cover: gold back cover engraved with floral patterns, echoing the floral theme design of the dial
Comes with interchangeable bright pink alligator strap, white gold pin buckle set with diamonds
Equipped with quartz movement

Limited numbered edition
Charms Extraordinaire Amour
   On the 38-mm-diameter rose gold dial, the exquisite beauty of laurel bamboo, forget-me-not, and rabbit ear flowers mean unforgettable memories, sincere emotions, and beautiful and harmonious images. The dial shows vividly the beautiful form of flowers in full bloom, highlighting the unique craftsmanship of the master craftsman. The delicate brushwork of the carved mother-of-pearl captures the lively posture of the rabbit ear flower swaying in the wind, and the laurel and bamboo scent created by the convex enamel process is more vivid and dynamic. Rabbit ear buds created by a pear-shaped pink sapphire are lively and lovely, echoing the bright pink sapphire and manganese aluminum garnet on the Charms lucky charm.

Charms Extraordinaire Amour Watch
Rose gold case, 38 mm in diameter, bezel set with diamonds and pink sapphires; Charms lucky pendant in rose gold set with pink sapphires and manganese aluminum garnet (rotating around the bezel)
Dial: Mother-of-pearl, rose gold, carved mother-of-pearl decorated with three-dimensional fine-painting, convex enamel, pear-shaped pink sapphire, yellow gold, yellow sapphire
Watch back cover: gold back cover engraved with floral patterns, echoing the floral theme design of the dial
Equipped with quartz movement
Comes with interchangeable bright red alligator strap, rose gold pin buckle set with diamonds

Limited numbered edition
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