Master’s Watch With You Walking The Road Of Life

The world is not perfect, but the years are like songs. We always light up our lives with those beautiful and unforgettable moments of laughter and support us through the setbacks and the trough.
    In ‘Detroit, Rock City’, she is an unknown face; in ‘100 Girls,’ she is just a small supporting role that is hard to remember; ‘Love Honey’ and Or ‘Deadly Detour’, still not receiving much attention, finally came to ‘Don’t Mess with the Zohan’ (Emmanuelle Chriqui) jumped into the screen to conquer The sexy stunner of the vast audience. This summer, she also has a new identity-the global image ambassador of Baume & Mercier.
Baume & Mercier new ambassador and Hollywood actress Emmanuelle Chriqui
    Watching her ups and downs, you think of yourself who just said goodbye to the campus. You know you are as unknown, no one knows your past in unfamiliar territory, and no one cares about the honor you have had. Just like Emmanuel Schleich in the beginning, you soon discover that the original hard work may not win applause. The income that is not proportional to hard work, even makes you doubt your choice. When you are lost, you may only be accompanied by a master’s watch from your grandfather when you graduate. It lies quietly on your wrist, without words, but suddenly reminds you of its long history, and its beautiful meaning-condensing precious moments.

Baume & Mercier h …
   This is an inconspicuous watch. The stainless steel square shell has smooth lines and a gentle atmosphere. On the silver faceplate, Arabic numerals are arranged regularly, and the small number at 3 o’clock reminds you of today’s date-the time has passed so fast, and you can go home for Reunion Mid-Autumn Festival in a few days. At 6 o’clock, the dial of the second hand is slightly different from the white of the large dial, forming a warm two-tone. The only color that escapes is the three smart blue-steel hands, which is the color that can only be obtained after high temperature hardening. At 3 o’clock, there is a crown engraved with the brand’s emblem, but as long as it is worn every day, the mechanical movement inside does not need to worry about the bracelet. The black crocodile leather strap is slightly worn. When your grandfather wore it for you, he taught you to adjust the size of the folding buckle. It turns out that it accompanies you for many hours and daily intimate service, and never asks you to pay attention to it so much. It’s low-key, polite, it’s from the Humberton series, it’s from the Baume & Mercier. This brand that has been committed to creating the highest quality high-end watches since 1830 has also experienced the quartz watch storm, and has fallen and climbed up again. Today, it has unlimited scenery and a brand that is compatible with the exquisite living waterfront Is the new image a snap?
    According to reports, the new image ambassador Emmanuel Schleich has always been a loyalty to the watch. She not only fell in love with the elegant, discreet, lively and confident temperament of her works, but also agreed with her philosophy of appreciating the simple beauty in life. And her light and comfortable fashion style, whether strolling on the red carpet or holiday seaside, can distribute a simple and elegant style anytime, anywhere, and perfectly fit the image of Baume & Mercier watch. This year Emmanuel Schleich will continue to star in Sloan in HBO’s ‘I Have a Big Star’ (‘Entourage’). In the play, this character is constantly struggling in love, but what I want to say is simple-fame and fortune does not mean happiness, true love is priceless. So outside of the play, Emmanuel Schleich also has a passion for philanthropy, not only co-founding with philanthropist John Prendergast, but also a member of the Hollywood Environmental Management Association and the spokesman for the Canadian Colon Cancer Association.

    The watch on the wrist was still silent, but the warm pictures of laughter at graduation, the ding dong when grandfather presented the watch, and other parents’ hugs flashed through the transparent Sapphire crystal. Things are not perfect, but the years are like songs. We always light up our lives with those beautiful and memorable moments of laughter and support us through the setbacks and troughs.