Exquisite Charm Of Mature Women Big T’s Interpretation Of Tissot Moon Goddess Series

In 2001, Xu Xiyuan (Big S) became a well-known idol star among Asian audiences for starring in the Taiwanese idol drama ‘Meteor Garden’ overnight. In addition to TV dramas and movies In addition to the drama and the endorsement of advertisements, beauty books and personal poems have also been introduced, which are popular with consumers. With a variety of roles such as singers, hosts, actors, and fashion writers, Big S still insists on performing every professional performance with professional dedication, and is now loved by more and more fans and fans. 10 years is undoubtedly a huge career challenge for a female celebrity in the ever-changing entertainment industry. Many people have lost in the face of time, but time has gradually transformed Big S from a young and apathetic girl into a radiant The mature woman also transformed her from a former newcomer in the Chinese entertainment industry into a star full of charm and professional ability today. As a Tissot image ambassador, Big S completed the shooting of the 2009 Tissot advertising image in Taipei, expressing the graceful charm of the Tissot Moon Goddess series female watches. Da S is very skillful in interpreting the image of the goddess of the moon. In private, she is a beauty and fashion opinion leader. Da S often shares her unique insights on beauty in the media and TV interviews. Big S has not only performed well in theatrical works in recent years, but also received widespread response, and its charm spreads all over Asia. In addition, she showed amazing taste, temperament and charm when she attended fashion occasions. She did not lose to international artists in the slightest. It is a new generation of international superstars with great potential. The Tissot Moon Goddess series interpreted by the big S is composed of 6 watches. Its design inspiration is based on the moon. With the elegant temperament of mature women, it creates the mysterious charm of the moon goddess. From dazzling diamonds to exquisite mother-of-pearl dials, the Moon Goddess series reflects the sophisticated elegance of modern women. Known as the ‘girlfriend’, the Moon Goddess watch collection combines beauty and performance. The moment of beautiful diamonds and elegant fonts shows that the mature and elegant image created by Big S in the film and television works starring in her.

The ‘4 Period’ Non-refundable Time

Young people’s understanding of life is never as good as the insights of time obtained by their parents’ life-long work. Perhaps, only after we are parents can we feel the true meaning of long life from the time that cannot be refunded. While you lament the passage of time, you will also be prepared to give your parents a special gift with gratitude. For children, this is a filial piety, and for parents, it is the best blessing for their return to life.

Patek Philippe Ref. 5153 Calatrava Official Watch
    The official watch has a deep relationship with the founder of Patek Philippe (Mr. Patek was a Polish military officer). Honor and restraint are the constant themes of this series of watches. 18K gold, 38 mm diameter. The dial is shiny white with a hand-carved sunburst in the center. Equipped with Patek Philippe 324SC automatic movement, the daily error is between +2 seconds and -3 seconds. Brown large alligator leather strap. Water resistant to 30 meters
Hermes Arceau Moon Phase Display Pocket Watch
    18K rose gold case with a diameter of 43.5 mm. The silver-white dial is adorned with wavy stripes, and the Arabic numerals show a slanting attitude, which is the signature of the Hermès Arceau series. Equipped with H1929 self-winding movement, with hours, minutes, seconds, retrograde date and moon phase display, 55-hour power reserve. The entire pocket watch weighs 83.9 grams, and a single stirrup-shaped lug is attached to an ebony Barenia calfskin strap with a folding buckle. Water resistant to 30 meters
Oyster Perpetual Date Watch
    ‘Platinum steel’ case, 36 mm in diameter, bezel set with 52 diamonds, waterproof to 100 meters. Pink flower dial, 3 o’clock calendar window. The self-winding movement is certified by the official Swiss Observatory. With Memorial Band
Longines Collection 18K Rose Gold
    The design was inspired by Longines’ antique watches made in the early 20th century. Sleek barrel-shaped rose gold case with wavy silver dial lined with blue Arabic numerals. The men’s watch is equipped with L615 movement, small three-hand structure. Women’s watches are equipped with L595 movement, three-handed structure, both watches have a 42-hour power reserve. Dark brown leather belt. Water-resistant to 30 meters

B & D Group Will Bring Eight Brands To The 2015 Shenzhen International Clock & Watch Fair

From June 25th to June 28th, 2015, the 26th China (Shenzhen) International Watch & Clock Fair will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. As the world’s third largest watch event after the Basel Watch Fair and the Hong Kong Watch Fair, the Shenzhen Watch Fair is famous for its rich and complete watch products, professional organization and internationalization. At this year’s Shenzhen exhibition, B & D Group of Germany will bring its eight major brands represented by its German pavilion to Hall 1 again.
Long Kun Navy Series 861651N

   This is the second time that the B & D Group has exhibited as a German pavilion in Hall 1 of Shenzhen Watch & Clock Fair. The pavilion pavilion of the German pavilion this year is divided into two major areas: ‘German Gallery’ and ‘Holy Temple’. The German watch gallery is mainly based on German watches-German military watch model Langkun Laco, which originated in 1925 and was ‘notorious’ in World War II, and inspired by Ziboline airships and the most popular German watch brand Ziboline Zeppelin, Elysee, a racing brand that enjoys a passionate life and has a close relationship with the famous racing driver Schumacher, and Braun, a well-known German brand with a world-renowned design and a perfect combination of design and aesthetics.
Top equipment of German active special forces Lang Kun special forces series 861703

   The Temple of the Holy Gathering is a collection of European-fashioned fashion tide cards-combining Nordic minimalist design and Swiss-made high-quality Lars Larsen, which is sought after by young Europeans, and incorporating pilot dials into color elements is extremely fashionable. With the active cool fly Pop Pilot, the world-renowned cost-effective brand Jacques Lemans, which has won the ‘THE CHRONO AWARD’ award. In addition, there is also an independent design that integrates play, decoration and function, and greatly subverts traditional Division brand Lavranui Lavaro.
Hollow Automatic Lady’s Watch Zibolin Sky Princess Series 7459-5

   The eight major brands to be unveiled at the Shenzhen show are high-quality European watches with brand characteristics and market expression among the more than thirty brands represented by the Perpetual Group. Their common characteristics are unique brand concept, excellent quality, simple and stylish design, reasonable price, very high cost performance, and therefore widely loved by Chinese consumers.
Zibolin Centennial Series & Sky Princess Series 7680-1 & 7459-5

   In addition to tasting European watches with rich styles, the Perpetual Group also prepared a variety of activities for VIPs, media friends, dealer friends and on-site watch fans. For example, the press conference of the 90th anniversary of the Langkun LACO brand, the mysterious appearance of the ZIPPELIN Golden Wheel Award, the signing ceremony of Larson LARS LARSEN brand and the Baibide Group, and the male and female models of major brands. At the event, brands from Germany and Denmark will also send mysterious gifts to watch fans.
Elysee 33033

   Since 2007, the Bebed Group has reached strategic partnerships with a number of European watch brands, and has become the general agent in China of many well-known watch brands in Germany and other European countries. The market positioning covers Volkswagen classic models, designer models, and niche special models, which form a complete brand portfolio from high-end, mid-end to fashion. The sales channel of the Beide Group is divided into two parts: network and entity. There are independent watch stores and European fashion brand collection stores online. At present, it has established long-term and stable cooperation relationships with Tmall Mall, JD.com, Amazon Excellence, Vipshop, etc. ‘Time Palace’ two channel brand development chain, in Qingdao, Chengdu, Changsha, Zhengzhou, Fuzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Taizhou and other places have brand stores.

   The B & D Group led the German pavilion to make a glorious appearance at the Shenzhen exhibition. We sincerely look forward to friends from all walks of life to visit and appreciate the exquisite European watches, mainly German watches, to experience the passionate activities on the scene and share the feast of famous watches.