Reproducing The Elegance With Absolute Elegance Blancpain’s New 2014 Villeret Watch

The Blancpain Villeret series is named after the birthplace of the family. Since its birth, it has always adhered to the simple and elegant interpretation of the true meaning of timepieces, capturing the tradition that the founder of this classic timepiece has always admired. Supreme and reliable creed. Today, this absolutely elegant series has welcomed a new member-combining the eight-day power reserve with the automatic winding function with the date display function, making the time low-key presented on the classic big fire enamel dial, presenting a large The pinnacle of the three-hand model.

 The use of the Great Fire Enamel technique once again reflects Blancpain’s deep attachment and unremitting adherence to traditional watchmaking techniques. This stable and durable material can maintain the gorgeous luster of color indefinitely, which is especially suitable for decorating this elegant and beautiful classic watch. This is a very rare process, and the processing technology to achieve it requires extremely high and unique professional experience: during the production, multiple colors must be applied to the same enamel one after the other, and each layer must be applied in an extremely high temperature environment Medium roasting and strengthening; and digital enamel painting also undergoes the same high-temperature furnace fire baptism. The slightly domed dial shape undoubtedly increases the complexity of this process. Therefore, the dial needs to be carefully inspected after each operation and manually adjusted and modified. In this area, Blancpain has already been skilled.

 In addition, according to the light effect on the dial, Blancpain uses a traditional craft imperceptibly on the big fire enamel dial of this new watch-two engraved between the time numbers 4, 5, and 7, 8 Mysterious imprint ‘JB’ logo. This tradition of secret signatures originates from past enamel craftsmen, who usually engraved their acronyms in their works. Behind this small detail that is not easy to perceive is the deep love and respect of Blancpain for the source of craftsmanship.

 This new watch combines all the classic aesthetic elements of the Villeret series, exuding the inherent elegance and natural beauty of light. The watch has a double-layered red gold round case. The hollow willow-shaped hour and minute hands and the central second hand on the dial are light and agile. The three-point date window is elegant and chic, highlighting the elegant beauty. The case back is even backed by sapphire crystal. You can see the movement of the bridge decorated with the Geneva wave pattern, and the rotor with the honeycomb pattern, to see the power of delicate decorative effects.
 Driving this new self-winding mechanical watch is the Calibre 1335, Blancpain’s self-made movement. It is also equipped with an extraordinary eight-day power reserve function, which perfectly reflects the professional height of the manual watchmaking industry. There is no doubt that this watch will be praised and favored by passionate connoisseurs once it is launched.
 The 2014 Villeret collection has a 42 mm case with a chocolate alligator strap. Blancpain has created a new myth of the Villeret classic series with this masterpiece.