Seiko Quartz 40th Anniversary Limited Edition, The Annual Difference Is Only ± 5 Seconds

December 25, 1969 is a day of historical significance for world time! SEIKO launched the world’s first quartz watch, bringing great changes to human time concept and social life. 2009 coincides with the 40th anniversary of the invention of the quartz watch by SEIKO. SEIKO has selected the Grand Seiko, a high-end watch that has always been known for its precision over time, and specially launched the limited edition of the 40th anniversary of the birth of the quartz watch. Since its launch in the 1960s, Grand Seiko has adopted the design concept of ‘great in ordinaryness’, adhered to the meticulous and rigorous watchmaking process, created countless precise and practical models, and continuously developed and rewritten the movement of the ultimate precision aesthetic history , Strictly adhere to the precision and practicality of the top watchmaking technology, and sit firmly in the seat of the chief king of the Oriental Watch Factory. This year, it is equipped with a high-performance 9F quartz movement. The limited edition of the high-precision movement with an annual difference of only ± 5 seconds has once again confirmed the grand truth of Grand Seiko for half a century, and the extraordinary excellence in watchmaking technology. spirit.

Grand Seiko Quartz 40th Anniversary Limited Edition with High-Performance Quartz 9F
The annual difference is only ± 5 seconds, once again challenging watchmaking precision technology, leading the quartz watch market, achieving the king of precision.
 Grand Seiko has always adhered to the concept of ‘precision’ and ‘practical’ watchmaking. Through the advantages of a 100% self-made professional watch factory and the fine manual grinding of watchmakers, it has created an easy to read, comfortable to wear and long-term use. High-quality watch. GS’s high-performance 9F quartz movement has been loved by a large number of customers since its birth in 1993. The quartz watch 40th anniversary limited edition movement specially adjusted the annual difference to ± 5 seconds, which is different from the previous ± 10 seconds, and further pursues precise time.

Grand Seiko quartz 40th anniversary limited edition with high-performance Caliber 9F83 quartz movement
9F movement characteristics:
1. The model uses a ‘double stepping control motor’ to drive Grand Seiko’s thick five-sided three-dimensional cutting pointer, making it more recognizable.
2. ‘Instant day change mechanism’, with a switching speed of 1/2000 seconds, the date and the day of the week window will switch instantly after midnight. This is the first example in a quartz watch! It fully demonstrates that SEIKO is one of the very few in the world that owns slave movement parts. To the consistent production capacity of the finished product, the strength of the self-made watch factory, and Grand Seiko’s insistence on the perfection and precision of every design and detail of the watch.
3. ‘Vibration reduction hairspring’, which greatly reduces the jitter of the second hand, so that Grand Seiko can fully depict every second. 4. The high airtight structure of the movement can prevent the deterioration of lubricating oil and the intrusion of foreign objects into the movement, thereby maintaining the high performance and high accuracy of the movement for a long time.

Grand Seiko Quartz 40th Anniversary Limited Edition
Model: SBGT033
Case: stainless steel
Strap: stainless steel
Table diameter: 37 mm
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, date, week display
Movement: Caliber 9F83 quartz movement, annual difference ± 5 seconds, battery life is about 3 years
Mirror: Sapphire crystal anti-glare coating mirror
Water resistance: 100 meters
 The Grand Seiko Quartz 40th Anniversary Limited Edition completely pursues the ultra-perfect practical performance of quartz watches, far exceeding the ordinary quartz watches on the market. After nearly half a century, Grand Seiko still strictly adheres to the spirit of precision and practicality of top-level watchmaking technology, rewrites the movement of precise aesthetic history, and uses a low-key and calm classic appearance, using the advantages and expertise of 100% professional watch factory The exquisite handwork of the watchmaker and the inherent precision of the watchmaking process have become the leading pioneers of oriental watchmaking.
 Grand Seiko’s 40th anniversary commemorative limited edition model is equipped with 40 three-dimensional ‘quartz logos’ that have symbolized quartz watches since the early 1970s. The three-dimensional quartz logos are exquisitely crafted and placed in fine cutting lines. Among the diamonds, through a variety of angles of light, glamorous light shines, showing a low-key but dazzling delicate feeling. In addition, it also follows the shape, square scale and Quartz font of the world’s first quartz watch ‘SEIKO Quartz Astron’. The watch uses a golden second hand with a white white dial to symbolize the 40th anniversary of the Grand Seiko quartz watch. Commemorative limited edition timeless classic; engraved with ‘Seiko Quartz Watch 40th Anniversary’ and limited number, very memorable, limited edition of 500 models worldwide, limited edition listing.

On December 25, 1969, SEIKO developed the world’s first quartz watch exclusively.
 On December 25, 1969, the world’s first quartz watch ‘SEIKO Astron’ developed exclusively by SEIKO was sold at Wako Department Store in Ginza, Tokyo. At that time, the price was about the same as a passenger car, but the first 17 watches sold were on the market. All sold on that day. The quartz watch is a mechanism that uses the characteristics of quartz (crystal) to obtain stable and high vibration frequency by energizing, using IC to control, and then driving the pointer with a motor. An ordinary mechanical watch powered by a clockwork and controlled by a balance wheel has an average daily difference of more than ± 20 seconds. Conversely, quartz watches have tens of times higher accuracy, with an average daily difference of only ± 0.2 杪, and at the same time they are not easily affected by body movement and orientation. With the popularization of quartz watches, not only has anyone realized the correct time, only the battery needs to be replaced regularly, no daily adjustment is required, and the features of punctuality and convenience are displayed. Bring great change.
 On December 25, 1969, the world’s first quartz watch ‘SEIKO Astron’ developed exclusively by SEIKO was sold at Wako Department Store in Ginza, Tokyo. At that time, the price was about the same as a passenger car, but the first 17 watches sold were on the market. All sold on that day.
 In 2004, SEIKO (invented quartz watch) won the ‘Milestone’ award awarded by the world’s top engineering society to IEEE to influence the history of human life. Any invention that received the IEEE award must go through a 25-year test. In one fell swoop, it won the affirmation of IEEE, the world’s top engineering society, and witnessed the significant contribution of SEIKO quartz watches to human life and its impact on the watchmaking industry. According to the 2008 Japan Association of Timepieces, 98% of global watch production today is quartz watches, once again proving the importance and indispensability of SEIKO’s exclusive development of quartz watches for humans!