Those ‘smart Watches’ That Appeared 30 Years Ago

As early as Pebble started financing on Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform, before the concept of the so-called iWatch even appeared in people’s minds, the ‘Casio Calculator Watch’ launched by Casio was already a very modern Sense of watch products. Let’s take a look at the ‘smart watch’ that appeared 30 years ago.

 Pulsar calculator watch

 In fact, when Casio launched calculator watches that year, similar products from other manufacturers had already been on the market five years ago. However, the debate over which calculator watch product is a pioneer in this field has never been finalized. Some people believe that the Calcron LED wrist calculator, which was advertised in Playboy magazine as early as 1975, is the earliest calculator watch product. However, some people believe that the Pulsar calculator watch (formerly Hamilton Watch Company) is the earliest player in this field.

 HP HP-01 Calculator Watch

 In 1977, HP also entered the watch market and launched its own LED calculator watch ‘HP-01’ that year. At that time, the HP-01 was available in five models for a total of $ 650-850. It is reported that HP-01 is much smarter than other ordinary pocket calculators and can complete more than 30 kinds of computing tasks.

 Casio C-80

 Although Casio wasn’t one of the first companies to enter the industry, the company offers consumers great shopping options. At that time, the first calculator watch launched by Casio was called ‘C-80’. This model had relatively large buttons, so users could click the buttons without the need for an additional stylus. What’s more exciting is that this product sells for only $ 50.

 Casio CA-53W

 Finally, let me return to the topic of the Casio CA-53W I just bought this time. Since I bought the Casio CA-53W at the ‘tax season’ (tax season), the United States enters the annual ‘tax season’ once the new year passes. Up to the president of the United States and ordinary people must complete the tax declaration, otherwise Is illegal), so I use this watch not so often.

Do You Know The Major Misunderstandings Of Watch Maintenance? Moderator Personal Test Tell You

The forum has not had a comprehensive, correct and detailed maintenance post. I often see only a few pictures of the movement, there is no maintenance explanation of the text. It knows nothing about the technology, equipment, oil products, operating procedures, testing methods, and venues behind it. There are also some misleading views of table friends over maintenance, consumption. As a moderator, I am deeply worried.
    In this regard, after the Spring Festival, I had an idea. I took a watch that I should maintain and entrusted my friend Mr. Guo Ming to do a maintenance. The whole process was filmed and accompanied by textual explanations. Some wrong maintenance ideas were corrected and written. An article published here. The purpose is to let more watch friends understand the knowledge behind the watch, use it more reasonably, and maintain their love watch. At the same time avoid unnecessary losses.
    Lao Guo was preparing his work for the Basel watch exhibition at that time. There was a lot of work to do, and he had to participate in the defense of the Swiss Association of Independent Watchmakers, so we agreed to do this work after returning to China. Later, the watch friends all knew that Lao Guo successfully became an alternate member of the Independent Watchmakers Association, and his work was also affirmed and encouraged by many masters.
    This time I took out an old IWC Portofino watch, which I bought at the Beijing IWC flagship store in January 2010. It has been more than seven years since then and has been magnetized once. During this period, she was more careful and did not perform maintenance. Due to the large number of watches, the real time for this watch is more than 3 years, and the rest of the time lies in the watch box, hand-winding once a month, walking.

When receiving the watch, Lao Guo was taking a class. As a serious and responsible watch teacher, the daily teaching tasks were still arduous and hard. Preparation of lessons, lesson plans, teaching research, lectures, daily assignments, examinations, scoring, practical operations, etc. I know this very well. In addition, as an independent watchmaker, Lao Guo also needs to complete a series of research and development and watchmaking work. He has not had time to maintain and maintain this watch, and only recently took time out.

This time I sent two watches, IWC and Seagull timing. Due to working hours, only the maintenance process of IWC is described here.
The straps of the two watches are not the original ones. I changed the crocodile leather strap and pin buckle of Beijing Watch Factory, which is more comfortable. The seagull watch’s folding buckle leather strap is really uncomfortable. Change to another strap.

The following is the maintenance process, which is operated and explained by Mr. Guo himself

First of all, I checked the appearance details of the watch. I usually wear the watch more carefully. The case and back cover have a small amount of normal use marks, and there are dust and dirt between the lugs. Teacher Guo checked very carefully.

In fact, the hand time is three or four years, and there is no problem, just a comprehensive maintenance is enough, so after demagnetization, test the various data on the school meter and register it. Then open the back cover to continue the inspection and found a small amount of dirt and rust.

Next, remove the ETA2892-A2 movement from the case, and perform a comprehensive disassembly procedure of the movement parts. The dial and hands are placed in a separately closed dial base and a dust-proof glass cover to avoid external dust interference.

While disassembling all the movement parts, complete a careful inspection of each part to see if there are rusted and worn parts. If necessary, this process must be carefully checked with the help of a microscope. At the same time, this process requires patience and takes a long time, which is often easy to overlook.
   It should also be pointed out that the clockwork box of modern brand watches (except antique clocks), if there is no water rust, wear, etc. or the clockwork exceeds the service life, the clockwork in the clockwork box usually does not need to be taken out for cleaning . Many brands of watches are not allowed to disassemble and clean the mainspring. If there is a problem with the mainspring, replace the mainspring or the entire mainspring box directly.
   It was found that many maintenance personnel in the forum removed the clockwork for cleaning. I hope to draw attention to the fact that no problem with the washing of the mainspring will increase the power output. The multiple washing and installation of the mainspring will only damage the stability of the power output, which is why many brands do not allow the mainspring to be washed. This issue can be written separately in detail later.

Checking movement parts with a microscope

Next, the shell part was processed first, and since I wanted to keep traces of use, there was no sanding.

Therefore, using a high-temperature and high-pressure steam cleaning machine to clean the casing, some greasy or rusty parts can also be pre-washed at high temperature to soften greasy dirt. Then put the shell part into the ultrasonic wave for further cleaning, and finally dry it on the dryer.

Next, it is time to clean the various parts of the movement. First, the first pre-washing is performed by manual cleaning, and then the various parts of the movement are loaded into a synthetic plastic basket. The Acs900 full-automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine is used for cleaning again.

At present, high-end top brands usually use ACS900 full-automatic cleaning machines. It should be noted that the cleaning baskets for the movement parts are generally made of metal. In order to minimize the friction between metal cleaning baskets and parts, Teacher Guo uses expensive but softer materials. Synthetic plastic cleaning basket.

Metal basket and synthetic plastic basket

Put each part into the cleaning basket one by one according to a certain specification, then put it into a professional ultrasonic cleaning machine, and clean and dry according to the set program.

After cleaning and drying, remove all cleaned parts, place them in a space with a dust cover, and start installing all the parts. During the installation process, the uninstalled parts must be stored in the dust cover to avoid dust. Dirt enters.

During the installation of the movement, all prescribed procedures such as refueling, adjustment, and testing must be performed. It should be noted that the installation sequence and refueling must be done in accordance with the requirements of the watch brand manufacturer.
   For example, come on, the main system components of the movement must use different watch oils. There are nearly hundreds of oils on clocks, and dozens of them are commonly used. They must be stored at a certain temperature to prevent oil deterioration. . More important is how to use these oils properly. Different brands of movements use different oils, so this is one of the reasons why maintenance personnel need brand maintenance training. Different brands of movements have different maintenance and maintenance practices. Some commonly used watch oils must be stored at a certain temperature.

Teacher Guo will perform some non-proliferation and special lubrication treatments on some movement parts. These operations do not seem to be conspicuous. There is no difference between the same movement and whether it is not made for a short time. After using it for several years, Only then can you discover the advantages of these measures. We will discuss this issue in detail next time.

Complete the procedures for assembly, adjustment, refueling, and inspection of the movement, and start to install dials, pointers, and other appearance parts. It is best to use the matching needle loading core seat and installation tools to assemble these appearance parts. Then install the shell that has been cleaned and dried. These steps need to be done well. A careful and meticulous attitude is the only correct way.

The next step is to detect various data of the watch as a whole, including various data such as the 5-direction swing, polarization, and day difference of the watches T0 and T24. T0 means the clockwork is full, T24 means that after the clockwork has been run for 24 hours, it is necessary to check the various data of each clockwork time period such as T48 for long-powered watches. . The 5 orientations are CH, FH, 6H, 9H, 3H. Some brand movements require 6 or more orientation inspections.

Because there are too many pictures, only three orientations of the data in the case of full bars are selected to explain. Face and face, head down, the swings are: 299, 293, and 271. The 0.0 day difference is: fast 3 seconds, fast 3 seconds, fast 1 second, and then after 24 hours, test the data in different directions again, and compare the detection results between the two to meet the brand data requirements. You can proceed to the next step.

There are two misconceptions to highlight here:

First: Many watch friends still use the daily difference as the sole measure of the quality of the mechanical watch. The daily error is not comfortable for a few seconds, and it is best to have zero error. This kind of viewpoint mentality is not allowed. Senior cousins ​​pay more attention to the stability of the data, such as swing, polarization, and finally the day difference. The daily error of 1 second and the daily error of 10 seconds are not a problem. The important thing is stability.

Second: For example, this IWC, many watch friends also think that when the clockwork is full, the date difference is closer to 0 seconds with a calibration meter, the better, then it is wrong. The structure of the card degree, usually the speed of the day difference will slow down with the decrease of the swing (of course, there will be a situation that the speed will increase with the decrease of the swing, of which we will write another article to discuss). You cannot ensure that the watch is always in a high swing condition 24 hours a day, you must adjust the day difference by a few seconds when the swing is high, to deal with the situation that the watch’s day difference becomes slower when the swing decreases. Therefore, brands that typically use movements such as ETA will require maintenance personnel to adjust the time difference by a few seconds to tens of seconds under high swing conditions. So based on the day difference display of the following 3 pictures, I will adjust it a few seconds faster.

Through the above steps of operation detection, it has fully met the brand’s requirements for various data. Next, there is a deeper detection, which is the detection of automatic winding efficiency.

Some watch friends often reflect that their watches are worn normally during the day, go home and rest at night to remove the watch, wake up the next morning and find that the watch has stopped, which is a typical problem of low automatic winding or automatic winding failure. How can I be sure that the watch is normally qualified after automatic maintenance? Then you need the following automatic winding meter to play.

As for how to test the efficiency of watch winding with this automatic winding-to-table instrument, each brand has its own data requirements. Let’s sell it for the time being. If you have time in the future, write a special article to discuss this topic. In addition, this instrument has a function that can actually simulate the rotation of a human hand to measure the time difference of the watch in the active state, while the watch calibration instrument only detects the time difference of the watch in the static state.

Next, you need to test the waterproof performance of the watch. Before the watch back cover was installed, the waterproof ring has been replaced. Therefore, after the screwed back cover is put into the high-pressure watch waterproof tester to test the waterproof performance of the watch. 3 bar, which is 30 meters of basic life waterproof, but after 5 bar test, still passed the test. If it is not waterproof, you must use a true water tester to perform the test.

Finally, all the procedures are completed and registered. The time has passed 2 weeks from the time the watch was received to the time it was delivered. This time is not fast or slow, and is a suitable cycle. Take photos before leaving for packing. This is the maintenance process of the basic movement. If you encounter a complex movement, more testing steps are required.

The above is the entire maintenance process, rigorous and meticulous, professional and detailed. After Mr. Guo’s explanation, I learned a lot and opened my eyes. Thank you very much Teacher Guo!

This may be the first informative and authentic watch maintenance article. What we see is not only Mr. Guo’s exquisite skills, serious and responsible attitude and strong technical strength, but also a heart of love for watches and an unselfish heart.

After reading the complete maintenance process of this watch, I don’t know how many masters can take a watch so seriously.
There are quite a few things in the society that are just right, intentionally shortening the maintenance cycle, non-proliferation is useless. Once washed in the oil, no qualified, no equipment, no craftsmanship, I hope my tablemates can make a correct judgment through this post. And understand.

thanks for watching

Guo Ming Old Noodle May 21, 2017 in Shanghai, Beijing.

Citizen Eco-drive Diving Watch A Great Companion For Diving Lovers

For diving enthusiasts, diving watches are one of the essential equipment when swimming in the sea. In 2009, Citizen launched two new light kinetic diving watches BJ2110-01E and BJ2120-07E, which perfectly interpreted Citizen’s product development concept of ‘fusion of technology and beauty’ with excellent water resistance, rich functionality and humane details

Citizen’s new light kinetic energy diving watch, BJ2120-07E

Citizen’s new solar-powered dive watch, BJ2110-01E
The professional characteristics of the Citizen Eco-Drive dive watch are reflected in its functional innovation and comprehensiveness. Both BJ2110-01E and BJ2120-07E watches use Citizen’s unique light kinetic energy technology, which absorbs any visible light source and converts it into kinetic energy to drive the watch to run. As long as there is light, there is energy. The Citizen Eco-Drive dive watch can automatically switch from the daily timing state to the diving state immediately after entering the water, and has a water resistance of 200 meters. The 50-minute timer, diving depth display, calendar display, 24-hour display and other functions are also available. Everything. During the diving process, diving time and diving depth are very important safety measurement data. The Citizen Eco-Drive dive watch can automatically measure and record water depth and diving time through advanced sensors. It has a water depth display, a 50-minute timer, Features such as 50m water depth display are for the sake of diving safety. The depth and depth memory function of the two watches not only provides data references for multiple dives, but also serves as a record for divers to share the most authentic diving experience with their companions.
Excellent function is the best interpretation of perfection, and the stylish appearance and comfortable wearing experience will perfect the sublimation. The essence of the design of the Citizen Eco-Drive dive watch is reflected in its visual calmness. The large-diameter dial design ensures maximum visibility. The color of the dial is also carefully selected: in the pure black dial, key parts such as hands, water depth and bezel scale are dotted with blue, like blue water. Leaning in front of me. In addition, the hands and dial of the watch are equipped with a luminous function to provide the wearer with the clearest time display at all times. The straps of the two watches are made of high-quality rubber, which not only has good ductility and soft touch, but also makes the watch more personalized. The case is made of stainless steel and processed by Citizen’s unique DLC technology. At the same time, it increases the wearing comfort, is more lightweight and wear-resistant, and is less prone to scratches. The need for convenience and ease of use when operating underwater.

Audemars Piguet And Ic-agency Win In Paris

Audemars Piguet Audemars Piguet got their due in Paris, during the ‘Grand Prix Stratégies du luxe 2010’ with its ‘Royal Oak Offshore Grand Prix’ The watch and its partner, IC-Agency, a Swiss company specializing in digital marketing of luxury goods, have won digital marketing awards.

   Founded in 2005, Grand Prix Stratégies du Luxe has been designed for five years to reward those French and international brands for their greatest contribution to the relevance, creativity and integration of their corporate strategy.

   Audemars Piguet loves each other to win the Grand Prix for their limited edition watch ‘Royal Oak Offshore Grand Prix’ launched in March 2010 with IC-Agency for the Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix Watch global business activities in the social media of luxury goods and online advertising.
   This was a very successful business event. The entire series was sold at the end of the event and it was a successful online operation. In six weeks, more than 250 million times reached the target audience. With the addition of more than 26,000 Facebook fans to further accelerate the process of dissemination, the brand’s awareness of search engines and controlling purchase costs has been enhanced. This international multi-platform event is supported by IC-Agency The management operation makes good use of the advantages of digital opportunities to meet the wishes of Audemars Piguet.

   David Sadigh, president of IC-Agency, commented: ‘Audemars Piguet is a very high-end, iconic indicator brand, especially active in the digital marketing field. I am 100% for us We are proud of our partnership, and we work together in Le Brassus and Geneva. This award is the best return to Audemars Piguet. ‘

   The 2010 ‘Grand Prix Stratégies du luxe’ award was won by Hermès. They are committed to let more people participate in the website of ‘Voyage d’ Hermès Hermes Tour’ perfume.

Panerai Submersible Professional Chronograph-guillaume Néry Edition Guillaume Néry Edition

Panerai is proud to introduce a new professional diving watch, which is the embodiment of bravery and perseverance. This new SUBMERSIBLE professional diving chronograph watch is inspired by Guillaume Néry. The French freediving champion has gained international fame for setting world records and taking stunning underwater photos.

   The new Panerai Submersible professional diving chronograph watch-Guillaume Néryedition Guillaume Nérie edition inspired by the French freediving world-class figures, creating a new legend in mechanical engineering, with outstanding performance, advantages and reliability, outstanding achievements comparable to Néry others. Guillaume Neri was a two-time world champion, breaking four world records of constant weight free diving. The former professional athlete has now become an ocean ambassador, turning his rich journey into the vast ocean into stunning images and films. Panerai creates a new watch that combines superb technical performance and vigorous sports style to pay tribute to Guillaume Neri.

   Panerai’s Submersible professional diving chronograph watch-Guillaume Néryedition is a model of professional diving chronograph watch, water-resistant to about 300 meters (30 bar), equipped with a unidirectional rotating bezel to accurately display the dive time. The white luminous hour markers are in sharp contrast with the finely textured shark gray dial, which allows the wearer to read the time clearly in any light condition, even in the dark environment. The bottom of the case is engraved with the signature of the free diving champion himself, and his amazing record-a 126-meter dive in a single breath.

   The watch is attractive and lightweight, with its titanium case complemented by a bezel decorated with a blue ceramic dial, blue hands and a rubber strap. This precision chronograph is equipped with flyback chronograph and zero-seconds to ensure that the watch can be accurately synchronized when adjusting. Panerai Submersible professional diving chronograph watch-Guillaume Néryedition Guillaume Nérie watch with automatic movement P.9100, power reserve of up to three days. The movement is independently developed by the LaboratoriodiIdee of the Panerai Neuchâtel watchmaking factory, allowing the originality and precision of Panerai watches to be exquisitely blended with each design, tempering the perseverance The character and extraordinary strength.

Panerai SUBMERSIBLE professional diving chronograph Guillaumenéryition

PAM00982 technical parameters

Movement: P.9100 automatic mechanical movement, completely developed by Panerai. It is 13¾ diameter in diameter, 8.15 mm thick, 37 stones, Glucydur® balance wheel, and vibrates 28,800 times per hour. Incabloc® anti-shock device, two barrels.
Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds, dive chronograph, flyback chronograph stopwatch, seconds reset.
Case: 47 mm diameter, titanium. Buttons at 8 and 10 o’clock. Titanium unidirectional rotating bezel with blue ceramic dial. The titanium case back is specially engraved. Titanium crown protection (patented).
Dial: Shark gray dial with luminous dots and scales. The second dial is at 9 o’clock, and the hour dial, central chronograph second and minute hands are at 3 o’clock.
Crystal mirror: Corundum sapphire, 1.8 mm thick. Anti-reflective coating. Power reserve: 72 hours.
Water resistance: 30 bar (about 300 meters).
Strap: Panerai’s personalized blue rubber strap and titanium trapezoidal buckle.

Thirty Erli Men Are So Attractive! What Watch Can Match Them?

In ‘The Analects of Confucius’, Confucius has a very classic sentence: ‘I am ten for five and am determined to learn, thirty for standing, forty without confusion, fifty for destiny, and sixty for me. Seventy and do what you want, not exceeding the rules. ‘Thirty is now a common idiom in life, used to mean that thirty years of age can stand on its own. A man in his thirties, an elegant yet stylish watch that fits it perfectly. Today, the Watch House recommends three elegant and stylish watches for everyone, I hope everyone will like them.

Vacheron Constantin Woolen Series 4600E / 000A-B487

Product model: 4600E / 000A-B487
Domestic public price: ¥ 87000
Watch diameter: 40 mm
Case thickness: 9.6 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: 1326
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: vacheron / 67882 /
Watch reviews: Vacheron Constantin’s Wuluzhi is a brand’s new series launched last year. Compared to other Vacheron Constantin’s collections, Wuluzhi looks younger and more fashionable. The price of junior needles is also controlled within 100,000. Get started. This Vacheron Constantin model is a new model of the year, with a new dark blue dial. The design features of the model are visible on this watch: Maltese cross-shaped lugs, partitioned dials, Embedded crown, refined elegance. The 1326 movement powers the watch for about 48 hours.
Jaeger-LeCoultre Beibei Series 9068670

Product Model: 9068670
Domestic public price: 60000
Watch diameter: 42 mm
Case thickness: 13.1 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: 899A / 1
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 200 meters
Watch details: lecoultre / 59868 /
Watch Reviews: The Jaeger-LeCoultre series is also a series launched last year. This series is inspired by the historical models of 1968 and combines modern aesthetic trends. The Jaeger-LeCoultre calendar series features a distinctive dual crown design, one for adjusting the time and the other for controlling the rotating inner bezel. The black dial is decorated with sun-radiated, grained and creamy white finishes, and the hands and hour markers are made of retro vanilla Super-LumiNova ™ * fluorescent material. This watch is sporty and elegant.

Glashütte Original Retro Series 2-39-47-09-02-04

Product model: 2-39-47-09-02-04
Domestic public price: 64500
Watch diameter: 42 mm
Case thickness: 12.40 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: 39-47
Case material: polished steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: glashutte / 68586 /

Watch Comments: Glashütte’s original Sixties series was well received by everyone. Last year, a green dial version of the watch was released. This year’s watch features a bright orange dial, retro and stylish. The design of the dial is very delicate, the color gradually changes from the center to the edge, gradually changing from golden yellow to fire orange, red, and then to the outermost black. The dial, hands and double-sided anti-reflective sapphire glass are slightly curved, and a large calendar display window is located at 6 o’clock. The Glashütte Original Watchmaking Movement 39-47 has a 40-hour power reserve.

Summary: A man in his thirties, without the recklessness and youthfulness of his youth, has seen the turbulent waves and has his own interpretation and cognition of life. The elegant yet dynamic watch is a good illustration of their current state. I hope everyone will like it. (Picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)

Hamilton’s New Jazz Full Skeleton Gentleman And Ladies Watch

Hamilton’s self-developed H-20-S full-hollow movement is not only the precise heart of Jazzmaster Viewmatic Skeleton, Gents and Lady full-hollow gentleman and lady’s watches, but also its beating heart Open and candid beating the soul. The fully skeletonized movement reveals the looming mechanical art under the same skeletonized dial.

 The two watches are equipped with the same movement but different designs, interpreting women’s delicateness and men’s toughness from completely different perspectives, and they are constantly awakening the wearer’s pursuit of exquisite shapes and beautiful hearts. The traditional hollow-out technique and high-tech laser engraving complement each other, and the unparalleled sensory enjoyment makes it a coveted contemporary masterpiece.

 Hamilton’s self-developed H-20-S self-winding movement combines subtle craftsmanship with excellence and precision. The whole body of the movement is treated with brushed texture, the rotor is individually hollowed out, and the hardened Hamilton ‘H’ pattern is engraved on the base plate and the splint. These modern decorations add a dramatic effect to the traditional precision timer. Through the large-scale hollow, you can watch the operation of fine parts such as escapement, hairspring and barrel, so that the wearer can directly participate in this wonderful performance.

Hamilton Hamilton Women’s Hollow Watch

 Hamilton Hamilton Women’s Hollow Watch

 The Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic Skeleton Lady is fully romantic in meticulous mechanical details and proudly reveals its emotions. The extremely modern lines outline a number of ring-shaped hollow windows on the silver shiny dial. The slender and elegant scales on the dial are like eternal drops of dew. These design details lead people’s eyes through the flower-like dial, peeking under the subtle H-20-S automatic winding movement. The rubies on the movement make this flower that never fades. mysterious. Moreover, in order to meet the wishes of today’s busy and efficient ladies, this model specially adopts a quick release strap structure, allowing the wearer to easily change different styles of straps to match various occasions and moods.

 Technical parameters of the Sir Hamilton Hollow Lady watch

Size: 36mm

Material: stainless steel, transparent back cover

Dial: Silver with waterdrop scale

Strap: Five-row stainless steel bracelet / ruby-colored white leather strap (quick release structure, easy to replace)

Movement: H-20-S automatic winding movement

Mirror: Anti-glare coated sapphire

Water resistance: 5 bar (50m)

 Sir Hamilton Hollow Men’s Watch

 The Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic Skeleton Gents is equipped with the same automatic movement as the ladies’ watch, showing and describing the true nature of men. Through the front and back of the watch, you can watch the modern texture of the H-20-S movement. The mechanical watchmaking aesthetics and the bold and masculine spirit meet here. The zigzag arc on the dial outlines a charcoal gray pattern. Through the large-scale hollowed-out dial and movement, people can vaguely see the wrist under the watch. The silver and charcoal gray three-dimensional ring on the outside of the dial shows the time mark from 0 to 60 and the brand name. The hands and scales are coated with Super-LumiNova® fluorescent coating, which is in sharp contrast to the dark-toned dial surface. The watch comes with a five-row stainless steel bracelet or a black leather strap. Suddenly, the concept of ‘showing emotions’ was vividly interpreted.

 Technical parameters of Sir Hamilton Hollow Men’s Watch

Size: 40mm

Material: stainless steel, transparent back cover

Dial: Silver and Charcoal

Strap: Five-row stainless steel bracelet / black leather strap

Movement: H-20-S automatic winding movement

Mirror: Anti-glare coated sapphire

Water resistance: 5 bar (50m)

Kunlun Strives To Create A New Booth For This Year’s Basel Watch Exhibition

The grand event of the watch industry Basel Watch Show will be held from April 25 to May 2 this year. By then, Kunlun will welcome more than 400 retailers and more than 300 journalists from all over the world with a brand new booth.
 Kunlun’s booth will continue to be located in the most prestigious Hall 1. However, the new booth will be more spacious than before, creating a more comfortable and comfortable atmosphere. The completion of the new architectural solution of the Basel Watch Fair has made the number of booths in Hall 1 popular among the brands from 45 in 2012 to 21 this year, making the whole hall more open and more visible for the top watchmaking brands in the venue. Unique style.

Kunlun debuts at Basel Watch & Jewellery Show with new booth design
 The Kunlun booth specially created this time has the same visual design, creativity and technical complexity as the watches made by Kunlun, and the scale is huge, requiring at least 44 days to build and 19 days to dismantle. Up to 30 companies have participated in the design and production of this project, which aims to create a beautiful stage for the brand’s watches, and present the exquisite craftsmanship of the watches in the most gorgeous way.
 Like a building suspended in mid-air

 The new Kunlun watch booth was jointly created by Studer Architecture and 1 Studer, an architectural design company based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. With a dynamic and fluid design element, a three-story structure booth was created. The design of the exterior wall of the exhibition booth is based on the long-standing sandalwood design. Through clever sanding technology, it creates a layered and exquisite sandalwood exterior wall. In addition, the brand’s representative Ti-Bridge series watches are used to fix the support of the long movement, which has also become the inspiration for the design of the architectural structure, injecting a light and suspended decoration into the overall design. These LED-supported aluminum load-bearing brackets extend from the ground to the top in the booth, and the showcases are alternately displayed between the pillars and the sides of the exterior wall, enhancing the transparency of the overall design.
 The interior design of the booth is based on light gray and bronze, with special sandalwood furniture to create a noble and elegant style. The open reception area and multiple vertical flowing spaces increase the overall lightness and transparency, making the interior of the exhibition booth suspended in midair.
 Three-storey booth area of ​​731 square meters

 A total of 15 sales meeting rooms are located in the center of the three-story booth, providing a comfortable and high-privacy meeting space. Guests of Kunlun Watch can also visit the restaurant on the middle floor of the booth to enjoy exquisite cuisine while watching Scenery of Hall 1.
 By the time Basel Watches kicks off this year, watch lovers will be able to see it.