A Collection Of Autumn And Winter Collection, Please Check

The morning and evening in the autumn are a bit cold, but noon is like summer, and I just want to say to God-I really have a hard time choosing clothes like you! How to wear Can I make my masculinity different from others in the autumn breeze and gain a fan? It has become a question that I have been seriously thinking about recently, and a very sincere ‘Autumn Dress Code’ has been concluded. Please pay attention to it.

 It’s not difficult to improve one’s fashion sense. After reading so many fashion public accounts, there are always people who teach you how to become ‘more trendy’, ‘more stylish’ and ‘more special’, but it seems that you can’t find it when you return to yourself. To the right method. This fall, let’s take to the street. A more casual and comfortable style may be more suitable for you! Remember the following items, you can easily get the right way to wear in autumn!

1. Use the ‘concave shape’ of the coat!

 For the early autumn weather, sudden cold and hot may be common. Beijing’s autumn has allowed me to see the power of the ‘wind’. I was trembling in the autumn wind. I wistfully thought of using a variety of coats to consider the shape of the street. Choosing a suitable jacket is the key to wearing in autumn!

The right demonstration of a casual suit

 In addition to formal occasions, when facing certain requirements and specifications, casual suits are indeed a good choice. In autumn, the lighter and lighter casual suits match well with suit pants, denim trousers, and trousers. But there is a small tip to pay attention to-do not choose the style that is too slim in the picture above!

Hipster with casual suit street shooting

2.Basic items with comfortable street style
 Jackets, white T-shirts, jeans, these seemingly simple items together show a young, comfortable street style.

Single product recommendation

The three watches in the picture above introduce Casio’s vintage metal watch collection for Casio.

 The street style coincides with the 80s vintage metal watch series launched by Casio. Many young people will choose the g series, but I personally think that the 80s vintage style watch and jacket are more flavorful.

Long jacket

Jacket with metallic design: Casio G-SHOCK launches transparent case Glacier Gold 35th Anniversary

Silhouette jacket

 Choose a simple T-shirt with a jacket, because the temperature in autumn is not very low, and the material of the T-shirt is more comfortable. The bottoms in the picture above are selected as shorts. A pair of lightweight sneakers, paired with tube socks, to play the street style


3. Use the accessories to win the spotlight!

 Accessories are the most important part of an outfit. Looking at a person’s ability to put on clothes depends on his accessories. Just choose the color that matches your body color.

Casio G-SHOCK launches transparent case Glacier Gold 35th Anniversary

Reebok releases new Chalk color for Run.r 96 and Sock Run.r X Casio launches 80s vintage metal watch collection

 Remember the “concave shape” of clever coats in this article, basic items with comfortable street style and clever accessories! You will find your own style in the fall! Let’s ignite together this fall!