Antique Watches The Choice Of European Riches

This gold Cartier watch was launched in 1921, and it was not discontinued until the 1970s. Please pay attention to its crown, which has the delicate effect of jewelry. Because it is unexpectedly flattering, it will last for a long time and also affect the design of Cartier watches in the market. This one on the right is also Cartier’s housekeeping breed, with weird and novel styles. It was born in 1928; no matter how it is reflected in the market, its appearance alone is very easy to remember.

 Breitling watches are not ‘only’ in the aviation watch manufacturing industry, but they are obviously different. It was born in 1884 in a family factory specializing in making timepieces and other science-related equipment in the Swiss Jura Mountains. The owner of this factory is called Breitling (full name ST · IMIER BREITLING). Since the design and positioning of Breitling aviation watches is ‘making the most practical and reliable aviation watch in the world’, it is not necessary to consider that the average person is ‘tired with numbers’ in the design of the dial. For pilots dealing with numbers, Breitling’s appearance design is in line with aesthetic principles; functions are perfect; practicality is impeccable. In short, it is the favorite of contemporary naval aviation pilots. The Breitling, which was introduced in 1952, has been “good” so far, and it has now become a rare commodity that can not be achieved with a little money.

 Panerai is a famous watch born in Florence, Italy in 1860. It is as famous as David in the town hall. Although the company started from watchmaking, it devoted all its efforts to military production during the First World War, and was widely involved in precision machinery manufacturing. With its watchmaking scientific and technological strength accumulated for many years, Panerai focused on manufacturing high-precision sights, depth measuring instruments and fish detonators, which caused its fame. The MARE NOSTRUM-52MM in the picture is modeled after the professional chronograph supplied by Panerai for the Italian Navy in 1943. Even the smallest details are the same as the original. Military green woven strap.

 Numerous records show that there are many famous celebrities in this brand of Dai Baozhen. Although there are unlucky Louis XVI and his unlucky wife Mary Anton Vannett, this has not affected its reputation in the slightest. The vintage black-faced flight watch was produced in the 1960s and is known for its simple and versatile functions. In today’s auction market, the 50-year-old Breguet is not uncommon, but due to the enthusiastic pursuit of watch fans, the price has never been reduced.

 This ‘broad-bodied’ BULOVA ACCUTRON is the earliest electronic watch produced in Switzerland in 1963. Obviously, the ‘old nobles’ in all famous watches were unwilling to get involved in electronic watches. It’s just a ‘funny’ field. As a popular brand in Swiss watches, Bulova developed this low-end electronic watch with only 27 parts. At the time, it seemed to be a failure of the ‘self-destructing Swiss watch mountain’, and no matter what the subsequent results were, anyway This performance has a long history and is very hard to find.

 This extraordinary Rolex Daytona, with a chronograph function, is a special style launched in 1963. Rolex is a ‘famous brand’ in the world-renowned Swiss watch family. Many varieties are very famous and cost-effective. Even the late leader Mao of China has been awarded a watch of this brand. In the same year, the Swiss watch delegation came to visit China. In the face of China’s top leaders, there is no doubt that they can afford any watch made in Switzerland. However, they still chose Rolex in the choice. This Rolex in the picture has a very strange color mix. The combination of white steel and light pink is rare in high-end watches, and it is still a men’s watch.

 The sports watch, born in 1860 by the Swiss watchmaking family Edouard Heuer, was not as famous as it was before being acquired by LVMH. Swiss watchmaking companies have always regarded pedigree as more important than fame, and once the production is expanded and the popularity rises, the purity of the pedigree will inevitably be affected, so TAG Heuer, like many other Swiss watches, is improving its reputation. Don’t rush to achieve the title. It was not until the 1920 Olympic Games in Antwerp, Belgium that TAG Heuer emerged as an official timer, and it was out of control. TAG Heuer always places its products in the ‘innovative timer’ segment, not to be confused with simple watches. It was for this reason that TAG Heuer first launched in 1975.

 Watches have reached the level of hiding, each of which reflects a wide range of values, and there is no uniform standard. Of course, there is no reason to exclude speculation, but good things have universal value, and there are many people who are sought after. You can’t limit them if you want to limit them. Some tables reflect the scarcity of the world, some tables reflect the noble quality, and some tables reflect the celebrity effect. In addition, the appearance of the watch and the integrity of its mechanical structure are also an integral part of the hiding system. Especially Chinese people, the most important thing is almost impossible.

 Blancpain’s full moon calendar with gold case. The watch was released in 1983, and the moon face exposed under the watch is a moving part of this watch. I heard that this ingenious design was prepared for whimsical Italians, and later became popular in the watch industry. Romantic Italians always consider decoration more important than practicality. If there is a little flower like this, it is certainly better.