Athens Watch America’s Cup Final Qualifier Countdown

After several foot battles in the two-year qualifying tournament, the final final of the 35th America’s Cup Sailing Race 2017 will finally begin in Bermuda.

On May 26, the world’s top players will drive the world’s fastest competitive sailing boat to jointly challenge the America’s Cup final championship. The winner will compete with the defending champion-the Oracle Team. The most historic trophy in the international sport has launched a comprehensive impact.

Athenaeum will continue to support its partner, the Swedish Artemis Racing team in Bermuda, as it has always been, to become the final winner of the 35th America’s Cup.

Artemis Racing’s new rowing boat was officially named “Magic Blue” in Bermuda in February. It represents technology, pioneering spirit and precise and powerful performance. The brand spirit fits perfectly.

The standard length of the America’s Cup new regatta (ACC) is 15 meters (or 49.2 feet). The specifications are basically the same as the AC72s used in the last San Francisco final. The sails and hydrofoils are retained to allow the boat to Fly across the water at full speed.

The differences in the design of this new ship, or the part that allows the Serbian team to study and innovate, are mainly the additional devices on the hull (hydrofoils and steering wheels), aerodynamics, and the hydraulic and electric control systems on board. The hydraulic device must be driven by human operation according to regulations, combining traditional sailing engineering with cutting-edge aerospace technology.

The finals moved to Bermuda, and the changing local conditions also brought many new challenges to the event itself.

The America’s Cup is the highest honor and challenge in the world’s sailing competitions. This summer is bound to be the most exciting one in the history of this competition in recent years.

When Captain Nathan Outteridge of Artemis Racing leads his team to do everything they can to win the glory of victory from the 2013 championship team, Oracle, please join us and cheer for them!