Atmosphere Gold Watch Rolex Daytona 116518 Watch Appreciation

As the most well-known and recognized brand in the world, Rolex deserves to be deserved. Regardless of price or sales, they are among the best in many watch brands. Even friends who haven’t touched the watch will hear about Rolex’s iconic logo and name. Today we come to appreciate a watch with a blue dial from the Daytona series. Its model is 116518.
 The Rolex Blue Daytona watch, with a gold material that symbolizes wealth and success, fuses the uninhibited blue dial, showing the return of personality after success.
The Rolex Daytona Universe Chronograph 116518 Blue Watch continues the classic style of the series. The wide bezel, unique dial, bar pointers, and crown and button layout design make people recognize it at a glance. take.
 The 116518 watch case is made of gold, which is no longer special in the era of materialism and gold “flying in the sky”. However, the matte and polishing treatments still make the surface ‘glorious.’

The blue base color of the dial makes the watch look different, especially the red of the three small dials and the small second hand, which makes the watch exude a strong ‘character’. The three-dimensional digital hour markers and hands are coated with fluorescent coating, which allows the watch to emit bright light in the dim environment, which is also fast and convenient to read the time.
The bottom case is a screw-down gold case back, and it uses Rolex’s oyster design to be completely sealed and waterproof.
The overall appearance and continuation of the brand’s ‘thickness’ make the watch a bright spot on the wrist, as well as an interpretation of a different personality and attitude.
 The Daytona series is the only and most important series of Rolex sports chronograph watches. The 116518 watch is a typical representative of the series, with two special functions of timing and speed measurement.
The chronograph is a basic function in sports function watches. All watches in the Daytona series have this triangular chronograph dial layout design, which can really be called an ‘iron triangle’. This watch uses a column wheel design to make the timing smooth and the button will not be tired.
The speed measurement function is a simple scale-type function, which is indicated by the central chronograph second hand. The standard timekeeping operation is based on a distance of one kilometer, and the average speed is measured, and the movement speed can only be measured within one minute. This feature is not commonly used in daily sports. It is mostly used in racing or racing, but it also depends on personal preference.
Rolex is characterized by precision and durability, and has achieved industry leadership. In addition to the external structure and materials, Rolex is mainly based on movements, especially sports watch movements, which face more challenges than ordinary watches. More tests. The Rolex Daytona 116518 watch uses the brand’s homemade Cal. 4130 movement. Prior to this, Zenith EL series automatic winding high-frequency chronograph movement dominated Wulin, and its appearance replaced Zenith’s position, although Early Rolex Daytona used Zenith movements, but the Cal.4130 and Zenith EL series movements are very different, it is reasonable to call it self-produced.

The Rolex 4130 movement uses the Rolex Perpetual Oscillator, which has one more gear than the 3135 movement, making the winding more efficient. At the same time, the red gear patented by Rolex is used. This gear has very good wear resistance. The bridge design of the balance plate makes the balance spring system more stable and easy to maintain or adjust. The balance wheel is a unique balance wheel patented by Rolex. It has four weights, two balance weights and two timing weights.
In addition, as a chronograph movement, Rolex uses a six-tooth column wheel, which is not high-level but sufficient to ensure chronological performance.
The automatic rotor also replaced the screw bearing of the previous movement with a ball bearing to make it more durable.
 However, because the movement was earlier and did not use the Parachrom blue hairspring, which was later invented, this is a pity. However, many of the 4130 movements today have been replaced with more advanced components, which has led to the same in different watches. The 4130 movement has a different performance.
‘Forgive me for my indulgence in indulgence and freedom of love, and I am afraid that one day I will fall and betray my ideals. Anyone can do it, even if only one day you will share me …’, every time I listen to such a song, always cause The excitement in my heart brings positive energy. And the Rolex Daytona 116518 blue watch also has such a character, it is a symbol of wealth and success in the case, it is wrapped in a piercing purse, seeking the inner core of the true self. It is not like other brands with exquisitely polished and very beautiful movements. Its Daytona and even most models have a consistent bottom design. The movement is not beautiful, but its stability and practicality are almost ‘no People can be enemies. ‘
If I use one sentence to describe it, I think it is more appropriate to use the true self and positive energy of ‘indulgence and indulgence in freedom of love’.
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