Boll Launched Engineer Ii Magneto S Watch

For many years, Ball Watch has been committed to researching and improving the antimagnetic technology of mechanical watches. In fact, the accuracy of mechanical watches is easily affected by the ubiquitous magnetic field in daily life. Even if it is only briefly contacted with ordinary artificial magnets, it is possible to magnetize the automatic movement and cause the movement to stop completely. According to the accepted standards of the Swiss watchmaking industry, automatic watches must withstand a magnetic field of at least 4,800 A / m, and the daily error must not exceed 30 seconds in order to be considered ‘anti-magnetic’.

 This year, Ball Watch introduced a shocking new antimagnetic protection concept. The A-PROOF device was invented and patented by Ball Watch, which protects the watch’s mechanical movement through innovative technology. To protect the movement from magnetic fields, the watchmaker must seal the movement in a special protective case. Ball Watch has developed a specially constructed anti-oxidation stainless steel protective case for each anti-magnetic model under the brand. Until recently, the inner layer of this anti-magnetic protective case has been made of soft iron only. The structure includes a rear splint and a protective ring surrounding the movement and dial. The soft iron, which is shaped into an inner case, cleverly conducts magnetic fields and prevents them from entering the movement, thereby preventing the accuracy of the watch from being adversely affected. This process guarantees the antimagnetic performance of Ball Watch’s antimagnetic models as high as 12,000 A / m.

 This year, Ball Watch made another breakthrough on the basis of the aforementioned anti-magnetic technology. A-PROOF anti-magnetic device uses cutting-edge technology in terms of materials and structure. In cooperation with Switzerland’s top watchmaking and microtechnology partners, Ball Watch has carefully selected a metal material (Mumetal) that has never been used in the watchmaking industry to develop its latest antimagnetic protection device. . Nickel alloy is an alloy of nickel, iron, copper, and molybdenum. It has a very high magnetic permeability, so it can attract and shift static or low-frequency magnetic field lines. Compared to other The demagnetization method is effective. This alloy is mainly used to manufacture magnetic shields for industrial, scientific or high-tech fields. Therefore, the watch is equipped with anti-magnetic properties, which is superior to the soft iron of the anti-magnetic protective cover described above. Nickel alloys can make magnetic watches with amazing strength of 80,000 A / m.

 In addition to using revolutionary new materials, Ball Watch engineers strive to eliminate the need for traditional anti-magnetic protective cases that lock the watch movement and seal the watch’s bottom cover. Therefore, an ingenious aperture device has been developed to allow the wearer to follow his needs , Easily open or close the aperture of the bottom cover by turning the rotating outer ring. When the aperture is completely closed, the antimagnetic protective cover made of nickel alloy can be locked. When the aperture is opened, you can watch the movement of the Engineer II Magneto S model through the see-through bottom cover. The aperture is also made of nickel alloy, and its thickness is only 0.06 mm, which has become an industrial pioneer. This mastery of precision and technology fully demonstrates Ball Watch’s leading position in the watchmaking industry. In addition to this fascinating top technology, the Engineer II Magneto S model has a strong and eye-catching appearance with a 42 mm diameter and 12.5 mm thickness stainless steel case. On the subtle and low-key black dial, fine scales are also silk-screened. The flange on the watch marks the main minute scale and separates the rest of the dial with the brand’s green circle. In addition, the second hand also uses the brand watch green. The sharp outline of the rotating outer ring helps the wearer to easily control the aperture of the A-PROOF device, and also highlights the strong style of the watch.

BallWatch patented ‘SpringLOCK’ shock-resistant system

 This model is equipped with the BALL RR1103-CSL automatic mechanical movement, which displays the basic hours, minutes, seconds and date functions. This Swiss-made automatic mechanical movement provides the best guarantee for the accuracy and quality of the watch and has been certified by the Swiss Astronomical Observatory (COSC). Engineer II Magneto S is equipped with Ball Watch’s patented ‘SpringLOCK’ anti-vibration system. This patent registration system was developed in-house by Ball Watch, which can ensure that the movement can still keep accurate when the movement is subjected to external shocks. The hairspring in the movement is surrounded by a ‘protective cover’, which can absorb the energy generated when the watch is subjected to external impacts; the impact of these external impacts is enough to make the movement error of general mechanical movements as fast as about 60 seconds per day. The ‘SpringLOCK’ anti-vibration system can effectively reduce the impact of external shocks by up to 66%, thereby ensuring that the movement of the mechanical movement is accurate. Wearers can now worry-freely participate in sports such as golf, because the watch can still tell the time accurately even in the face of external impact.

 Like other classic models of the brand, the railway (RR) letter pattern at the end of the second hand subtly evokes the traditional recall of Ball Watch railway timepieces. The Engineer II Magneto S model is equipped with a Cordura high-strength nylon strap and pin buckle. One of the key concepts of the brand is to make the wearer clearly read the day and night.

 In order to provide a mechanical watch in an absolutely dark environment and provide clear reading, Ball Watch uses the most advanced Swiss technology to store tritium (3H) safely in a hollow mineral glass miniature gas lamp. . Ball Watch also inlaid this self-luminous miniature gas lamp on the dial and hands of all watches. The strong light naturally emitted by radon allows watch wearers to read clearly in absolute darkness. In addition, its brightness is 100 times higher than that of watches using other light sources. This model is equipped with a locked crown and anti-glare sapphire crystal glass, which is water-resistant to 100 meters, and can pass the 5,000Gs impact test, fully demonstrating the practicality of the watch. This is Ball Watch’s first watch model equipped with the revolutionary A-PROOF anti-magnetic device, laying the foundation for a new generation of anti-magnetic watches in the future. Today, Ball Watch continues to follow the brand’s established route, once again being identified as the leader in the history of watchmaking and the modern adventure timepiece.