Boys All Love Sneakers, Basketball, Comics, Superheroes … ‘greasy Men’ Love Watches?

For boys, the sweat on the pitch, the favorite girl handing water on the pitch, and the superheroes in comic books are always their favorite. No matter how old they are, they have become ‘greasy ‘Uncle’, suffering from middle-aged baldness, sneakers, basketball, comics, superheroes will always be their topic of concern. There is an episode in ‘The Big Bang Theory’ in which three girls came to the comics shop to understand why boys love comics so much. ‘Why do boys like comics?’ But soon after asking, I was deeply immersed in the world of comics.

Avengers 3 poster

 ‘Reunion 3’ is about to be released in May, and the sensation in Shanghai some time ago is more than that. Every time Marvel’s superhero movie is released, there will be many movie fans to support the cinema, Spider-Man, Captain America, Thor, Dr. Strange …

(From left: Liu Haoran, Wu Lei, Bai Jingting, Yi Yi Qianxi)
 In the ever-changing entertainment industry, the popular ‘little puppies’ are also loved and sought after by many boys and girls. There are four big kings in the front, although they have all been promoted to the ‘big four father-in-law’; after the ‘four big wall heads’ (the wall head is a noun created by the star chasing family: refers to the fact that although I have ‘native’, the only ‘true love’ , But it does not prevent me from going to ‘pin’ other people from time to time), and these ‘four big wall heads’ are Liu Haoran, Wu Lei, Bai Jingting, and Yi Qian Qianxi. These four people are all post-90s except Yi Yi Qianxi is a post-00. Liu Haoran was born in 1997, Wu Lei was in 1999, and Bai Jingting was an older one in 1993.

Actor Bai Jingting, stills of Lu Zhiang in ‘The Summer Solstice’

Bai Jingting in the variety show ‘Star Detective’

 Speaking of Bai Jingting, as an actor, he can be considered very maverick. He can’t post a few Weibo posts in a year. He appeared in front of everyone as ‘Qiao Ran’ in the online drama ‘Hurry That Year’, when he was still a student at Capital University.

Bai Jingting and his basketball shoes

Sneakers Sneakers (1000 words omitted here)

Wake up first thing to remove new shoes

vans, coconut, Gucci …

 Looking over his social network platform, three of the ten photos he sent must be his own shoes. He once ridiculed ‘Beijing, only shoes can’t be taken away.’ He collects shoes, limited, not limited; basketball shoes are his favorite, of course, wearing favorite basketball shoes to play basketball is also the favorite thing in the life of this ‘big boy’.

 On his social account, there are three words that are inseparable from basketball, except for sneakers, which are basketball idols and the daily life of basketball … Of course, comics love to watch, ‘Slam Dunk’, ‘Prince of Tennis’ … especially to accompany basketball fans ‘Slam Dunk’ of the era, remember that my brother also loved this comic very much when he was young. In addition to Bai Jingting who likes this comic, there is also a hot younger brother Liu Haoran.

Liu Haoran

Liu Haoran

Stills from Detective Chinatown 2

 Liu Haoran officially debuted with the work ‘Beijing Love Story’, which is well known to audiences across the country as playing the role of Qin Feng in the films ‘Detective in Chinatown’ and ‘Detective in Chinatown 2.’ You need to know that Liu Haoran was preparing for the college entrance examination when he participated in the filming of ‘Detective in Chinatown’. It was this way of working and reviewing, which also allowed him to get a good grade and be admitted to the Central Academy of Drama. Speaking of which, he also likes to watch Slam Dunk. When I went to Japan, I took a car from Tokyo to the shooting location of ‘Slam Dunk’ in Kamakura, and took a ‘check-in photo’ imitating Sakuragi Flower Road.


Location of ‘Slam Dunk’ in Kamakura, Japan, by Liu Haoran
 After Liu Haoran’s debut, fashion resources and fashion control have been good. We can see him at many brand events. First, Chanel, deeply loved by the fashion industry, showed more possibilities for us when driving the Chanel J12 series.

Liu Haoran wears Chanel J12 watch
 We all know that Chanel does not have a menswear line, so whenever a male star wears a Chanel suit, it is a challenge for this male star. But Liu Haoran put on this Chanel suit (you must know that he has 185cm), but just added some quiet temperament to his tough youth.

Liu Haoran wears Chanel black J12 watch

Liu Haoran wears LV smart watch

Liu Haoran wears LV smart watch

 Collaborating with luxury brands is also a way for celebrities to improve their fashion resources. But some celebrities will always encounter some brands that are not suitable for them when making a choice, and the results may not be ideal. Fortunately, Liu Haoran is very good at driving.

Liu Haoran wears an Omega ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ Speedmaster series to shoot the magazine cover

Liu Haoran wears Jaeger-LeCoultre watch

Liu Haoran wears Roger Dolby watch

 Liu Haoran, who is only 21 years old this year, has accumulated so many resources; not only that, he is not afraid of acting. Sink down and hone your acting skills, hoping that in the future we will see more of his outstanding works. After all, celebrities are fleeting and their popularity is fleeting, but the works do last forever in history.

Wu Lei

Wu Lei

 Speaking of the Chanel J12 series watch, ‘Lei Xiaoliu’ Wu Lei has also worn this watch. Although Wu Lei is young, he is also an old drama. When he was 3 years old, he took the first advertisement of his life. When he was 5 years old, he appeared in his first work ‘Feng Ming Qi Shan of Feng Shen Bang’ and entered the showbiz. In 2015, he won the Most Promising Actor Award in the National Drama Festival with the costume drama ‘Langyao Bang’.

Wu Lei wears Chanel J12 watch

‘Social Lei’ Dai Altman cartoon electronic watch

 During a recording program, the scene changed to the 1990s. The roadside electronic machine ‘Street Fighter’ was played by Wu Lei. It seems that boys are obsessed with games. He wore an Ultraman cartoon electronic watch in his hand, which was in line with the character setting of the day.

‘Piglet Pig’ with Audi

 The ‘social person’ Pig Page ‘watch’ recently brought up on a video website has been blown out by the circle of friends. The above picture of ‘by the way’ drying the car is also very ‘smart’.

Yi Xi Qian Xi

Yi Xi Qian Xi
 Needless to say, although Yi Xi Qian Xi is the youngest of these four people, his popularity cannot be underestimated. Not only was he invited to the Grammy Awards, he was also the first spokesperson for Tmall. This year, he was admitted to the Central Academy of Drama with the first place. His future has unlimited possibilities. Although young, it is also a rising star in the watch industry.

Yi Xi Qian Xi with Zenith Pilot’s Watch

Yi Qian Qianxi wears Hublot

Yi Yi Qianxi wears Cartier Santos watch

 I am not very young, and I have a high eye for watch selection. Not only I have worn a ‘real man’ watch such as Zhenli, but also a ‘big watch’ like Hublot. I remember Yi Xi Qianxi used to say, ‘If I don’t become a star, I want to be a dance teacher.’ At that time, he was under 18, and he was a young man with his own ideas.

Summary: Many friends are looking at the entertainment industry and looking at the younger generation, always wearing ‘colored glasses’ and questioning them. Indeed, the current star-making variety shows that ordinary people are no longer out of reach. But they need to have real strength to become a star, an actor, and a singer in order to stand the test of time and gain their current fame and fortune. Far away, tell me in the comments which one of the ‘big four wallheads’ do you prefer? Do you like sneakers and comics too?