Breguet Heritage Chronographe Indépendant 7077 Chronograph

As an independent complex function, the chronograph has always occupied a place in the watchmaking industry. The timepiece itself shows the passage of time in an intuitive way, but achieving other mechanical functions is a big challenge, because adding a timing function will interfere with the operation of the main gear train. In order to avoid this problem, Breguet has adopted two sets of independent gear trains in the new Chronograph Chronographe Indépendant 7077 series: a set for driving the hour and minute hands, which is adjusted by a balance wheel with a frequency of 3 Hz. It has a 50-hour power reserve; the gear train used for timing functions uses a 5 Hz high-frequency balance wheel to ensure timing accuracy, and cooperates with the gear train responsible for time display. Breguet’s research on high-frequency balances shows that the higher the vibration frequency, the more stable the travel time accuracy, because interference can be quickly corrected. The two gear trains are not connected to each other, so turning on the timing function will not affect the movement of the movement.

   Usually, installing a second gear train means installing two barrels to power the timing device, which requires more space, and the two barrels must be wound separately. Breguet’s watchmakers have adopted a new type of spring on the new Tradition Chronographe Indépendant 7077, which perfectly meets the power requirements of the chronograph. The power required by the timing device comes from the energy provided by the wearer when operating the zero button. Curly leaf-shaped springs can store this energy. Although this traditional spring can only store up to 20 minutes of power, it is suitable for timing functions that measure short-term activities. With this design, the power reserve of the timing device is always full, so the wearer can turn on the timing function at any time without worrying about whether the movement power is sufficient. Breguet has designed a special-shaped spring to ensure that it is always fully curled and has sufficient elasticity to provide additional power when the insurance is released.

   This application of leaf-shaped springs has brought a series of related innovations to Breguet. The eccentric gear train is connected to the leaf spring to offset its torque, thereby ensuring that the amplitude and swing speed of the timing device remain stable. Breguet has applied for a patent for the spring and gear train. This gear train adopts a new shape that can stably output power after changing the previous bending range. In addition, the 7077 chronograph is equipped with an exclusive patented titanium chronograph balance, which perfectly complements the movement balance. If the balance wheel is made of high-density material, its size will generally be reduced. However, one of the characteristics of the Tradition series is that it uses a transparent bottom cover to display the main components of the movement. Therefore, in order not to affect the overall appearance, although the frequency of the two balance wheels is different, Breguet chose the same size and published For aesthetic considerations a symmetrical mounting position is used.

   The timekeeping function of this Breguet Tradition watch is controlled by two screw-in waterproof buttons. Unlike ordinary chronographs, one of these two buttons controls the start of timing, and the other controls the time reset to zero and resets the timing function. It is the latter’s return-to-zero function that tightens the leaf-shaped springs and stores power for the next time. The titanium balance wheel is also equipped with two braking devices on both sides. The first one is mounted on the cam. When the timing starts, the balance wheel is released, and when the timing stops, the balance wheel is fastened. This design ensures that the balance wheel is always in the ideal position and can reach normal amplitude quickly. The innovative device has been patented.

   Tradition’s patented pare-chute shock absorber protection and timing control device reflect the long history of Breguet, especially the timing control device, which reminds us of Breguet’s sale on January 6, 1825 4009 double-second Observation Timer.

   Breguet Heritage Chronographe Indépendant 7077 Heritage Chronograph inherits the traditional characteristics of this series, especially the perfect symmetrical effect. The engraved gold-plated silver dial shows the hours and minutes with an eccentric dial at 12 o’clock, and the chronograph hands are in the center of the dial. The timekeeping indicator is at 6 o’clock. The 2 o’clock position and the corresponding 10 o’clock position each have a retrograde hand to indicate the watch’s power reserve and accumulated chronological minutes, respectively; the 4 o’clock position and the 8 o’clock position are two balance wheels. This hand-wound timepiece is water-resistant to 3 Pa (30 m) and comes with a leather strap.

Table description:
Number: 7077BB / G1 / 9XV
The case is made of 18K white gold with a coin motif on the outer edge. Sapphire crystal case back. 44 mm in diameter. Welded lugs are secured with bolts. Water-resistant to 3 bar (30 m).
The dial is made of silver-plated 18K gold, engraved with engraved flowers, and is eccentric at 12 o’clock. With individual number and signature Breguet. The scale ring uses Roman numerals. The power reserve display is at 2 o’clock, and there is a 20-minute timer at 10 o’clock. Breguet blue-steel hands with a cut-out ‘moon-shaped’ tip.
Hand-wound chronograph movement with power reserve display and 20-minute timer. The number and BREGUET are engraved on the back of the movement. Caliber 580DR. The timekeeping indicator is at 6 o’clock. 16 cents, 62 rubies. 50 o’clock power reserve. Symmetrical reverse linear lever escapement with silicon pallet. Breguet balance wheel with silicon Breguet hairspring. The movement balance vibrates at 3 Hz and the chronograph balance at 5 Hz. Two oscillators, 6-sided tuning.
The strap is made of genuine leather.
Also available in 18K rose gold:
Number: 7077BR / G1 / 9XV