Celebrities Wear Watches-belgian Polar Explorers Also Love Rolex 力力士

Alain Hubert (Alan Hubert) is a big figure in the adventure world. In addition to climbing many mountains, he has also explored the north and south polar regions for exploration, but he is best known The story is that the International Polar Foundation, IPF International Polar Foundation was founded in 2002 with the purpose of promoting related research on climate change. The famous explorer has left a deep impression in the years of north and south expeditions I was also impressed by the Rolex ROLEX watch he always wore.

Alain Hubert is a Belgian polar explorer. He has been active since the 1980s and even founded the International Polar Foundation in 2002. He has contributed a lot to the study of climate change.

As a polar explorer, Alain Hubert believes that his responsibility is to continue to explore the earth and have the opportunity to see the fragile side of the earth’s ecology with his own eyes. This echoes the inferences of scientists, but scientists may be able to predict that the earth will develop. What kind of state it is, but to understand these changes in a more practical way, we still need to rely on explorers such as Alain Hubert to step by step to the usually inaccessible places of the polar, deep sea, and high mountains to investigate the environment. For the future The earth’s ecological transformation can come up with an early response. Whenever Alain Hubert returns from an adventure mission, he can more deeply experience the importance and urgency of protecting the earth, which will also promote his efforts to promote the concept of environmental conservation-which is closely related to the establishment of IPF.

Out of love for adventure, while constantly breaking through during the adventure, and being able to understand the current state of the earth’s ecology, this is the main reason for Alain Hubert to continue to invest in polar adventures

The reason why Alain Hubert is so invested in his own adventure is actually not complicated, because he feels very comfortable in the process of getting along with nature. He often talks to himself in the process, less competition between people and mentality. Stay focused more and just seek to exceed your limits one time at a time. For him, adventure is fun and enthusiastic. It doesn’t require additional motivation to keep him full of energy at any time. Alain Hubert started his adventure career in the early 1980s, during which time he had the habit of wearing watches. Until 1998, he accidentally saw the Rolex Explorer II, which matches him very quickly from the name of the series. Since then, he has become obsessed with this watch, and even further developed a cooperative relationship because he and Rolex’s ideas fit.

Alain Hubert, who had a habit of wearing watches when he was exploring, started a Rolex Explorer II because of his fate. The precise and durable characteristics of the watch made him a patron, and he also established a good cooperative relationship with Rolex in the future.

For Alain Hubert, Explorer II is not only a matter of time. It is also a life-saving sign for him in harsh environments. Explorers like them originally would wear a gear when they go out. The advantage of Explorer II is that the pointer can be used as a pointer. The compass is used, sometimes there is no basis for identifying the direction in the polar or high mountains, and you will be lost in the trap of nature if you are not careful. At this time, the Explorer II watch helps guide the direction, so that Alain Hubert has more security to find his way out. Feeling, and therefore he always wears his watch when he is on the mission.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer II worn by Alain Hubert

Alain Hubert further stated that the advantage of a mechanical watch is that it can continue to operate as long as it is continuously worn, and the accuracy of the Rolex is well-known and well-known. For explorers, such high quality is even more important. Imagine If they wear a watch that will stop because the battery runs out, or a watch with unstable timing, these are a risk for explorers who are often at the point of life and death, so they can choose An accurate, practical and durable watch is something that Alain Hubert is quite happy with.
The significance of owning a Rolex to Alain Hubert is not to show off, because during the adventure, he really needed to rely on the performance of the watch to accompany him through difficulties one after another, and over time, this Explorer II also became like Part of Alain Hubert’s adventure career, because there are many tasks that rely on the assistance of watches to find a glimmer of light. For the explorers of Zhenggang, the Rolex Explorer II is a tested best partner.