Certina Launches Ds Multi 8 Smart Watch

The famous watch manufacturer Certina released its latest DS Multi-8 smart watch in the Beijing Fashion Landmark Park. Beijing in the early winter did not prevent the arrival of various media and fashionistas, and the competition in the cold wind was particularly eye-catching due to the arrival of Certina in Switzerland! With the launch of Certina Global President Mr. Adrian Bosshard, Certina China Vice President Mr. Fang Yan, and senior executives of Hendry Group and invited guest star Ren Quan for the launch of the new watch, marking the snow Another great landmark of Tina is coming out!

The era of change and union
 In the 1970s and 1980s, quartz movements came to the watch manufacturing industry, which turned the industry upside down. Every operator must find ways to implement workarounds to cope with massive layoffs, changing production processes and a new global watch industry model. Certina can’t avoid these huge innovations. In 1983, with the merger of SSIH and ASUAG, it became part of a company called SMH, which was led by a group of investors led by Nicolas G. Hayek. This critical step made SMH one of the most important watch manufacturing groups in the world. After its name was changed in 1999, it has now become a well-known ‘Swatch Group Inc.’ company. Among the bustling teams of the group’s subsidiaries, Certina has become the mid-range ‘sports watch’ brand.

Wisdom in the speed of passion
 The event site was dressed as a simulated racing track: the maintenance room, the starting lights, and the track dividing line all highlight Certina’s inextricable connection with sports and speed.
 A short film that takes us back to the time when Certina was born in Switzerland: from the birth of 1888 to the advent of the patented DS double insurance concept in 1906; from the 2005 GP motorcycle world champion to endorsing the brand to becoming F1 in 2008 Sauber sponsor, Certina tells us about the brand’s growth, development and glory.

 Subsequently, eight dancers used modern body language to interpret the protagonist of the event: eight unique features of the DS Multi-8 smart watch. With the constant roar of the car, Certina invited guests from the famous movie star Mr. Ren Quan to make the scene a climax! Mr. Ren Quan not only shared his unique views on sports and time, but also shared the power of the new DS Multi-8 smart watch with the fashion clock expressor and the concept of fashion matching.

During the event, Mr. Adrian Bosshard, Certina’s global president, also presented Ren Quan with the first new watch of the DS Multi-8 smart series in China, and together with Mr. Ren Quan, he explained the 8 easy functions for everyone. method.

After the event, Mr. Ren Quan also appeared in the new cabinet of Certina Switzerland in Beijing New World Department Store, and unveiled the new cabinet with the brand’s top executives!
Unique and powerful sports technology watch
 The new DS Multi-8 smart series watch is equipped with a unique ETA eight-function analog-digital movement, which can simulate the time-division hands to achieve dual time zone ‘time switching’; the digital display below the watch displays complete weekly calendar information, Alarm, countdown and countdown; three control buttons allow the technology of the DS Multi-8 smart watch to be easily displayed, and it also triggers a bright backlight display, which can clearly see every minute in the dark environment. One second.
 The gorgeous large-size 316L stainless steel case complements the fine-brushed lugs. Together with the brightly polished case surface and bezel, it interprets the two lifestyle modes from classic business travel to global travel.
 The beautiful DS Multi-8 smart series watch will attract many business travelers with its easy-to-use multiple functions and dynamic classic appearance. Not only is it suitable for matching suits because of its tranquil and solemn beauty, it is also enough to complement the stylish leather clothes and sports jackets.
Challenges and rewards
 Certina DS accompanied the Swiss expedition to the Dhaulakiri Peak (8222 meters) in the Himalayas in 1960 and proved its absolute reliability under extreme changes in temperature and altitude. The following year, Certina released the Blue Ribbon, the most durable watch in the world at the time, with an ultra-flat automatic movement. In the rigorous Sealab-II experiment of the American deep-sea diving expedition in 1968, the team members wore Certina DS watches. Two years later, NASA rated Certina DS Super PH 1000m as & ldquo; Excellent & rdquo; and so on in the Tektite I experiment in the coastal waters of the West Indies. In the same year, Japanese skier Miura proved once again that Certina’s reliability was not a bad name in the downhill sport of Mount Everest.
 A year later, Certina Biostar was launched, the world’s first clock to display the body’s physiological rhythm. DS Diamaster came out in 1976 and was immediately favored by a celebrity: that is the American boxing legend Muhammed Ali Mohammed & Bull; Ali. The brand demonstrated its consistent design excellence in the jewellery and watch industry, winning awards at the International Diamond Championships, and winning the Oscar and Baden-Baden Golden Rose Awards in 1970 and 1972. During this period, Certina employed 900 people and produced about 600,000 watches annually.

 Alfred Kurth’s sons Erwin and Hans joined the team in 1920. Their outstanding innovative spirit, coupled with the excellent technology of the company’s engineers and technicians, ushered in the double insurance & ldquo; DS & rdquo; concept in 1959 and became Certina Citroen Milestone. Shock-resistant suspension system, strengthened case, sapphire glass, special O-ring on crown, crown and case back, each part of these components can provide Citroen even under extreme conditions Accept fabulous durability. DS’s dual insurance system has taken the brand a step ahead of the competition, moving her into an era of union with scientific research and technology groups, touching on three human adventure areas: underwater, air and land. For Certina, this is a good opportunity to demonstrate its technical expertise.
 Certina’s enviable market position has been strengthened by its commitment to provide a broad range of ultra-high cost-effective product lines. What makes the brand proud is its headquarters in Switzerland, which is not only a country with a world-renowned reputation, but also a major market for Certina. Over the past half century, the company has successfully entered the Nordic and Central European markets. In recent years, the company has also grown rapidly on other continents, with significant developments in the Middle East, Russia and China.

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