Certina Return To Himalaya

A dozen years ago, Adrian Bosshard was also a racer on a motorcycle team sponsored by Certina, and used sweat and passion to create one miracle after another on the arena; now, this once The racer has become Certina’s global president and continues to contribute his wisdom and energy to Certina. Together with Certina, Adrian Bosshard wrote with his unremitting efforts the excitement of himself and the Certina brand!

Recently, Certina Global President Adrian Bosshard and Certina Himalayan series watches have come to China, the home of the world. The snow and ice of the ski resort let the guests feel the Certina DS1 Himalayan series watch’s inherent mountaineering blood and extraordinary adventure spirit. Although the temperature on site was only -3 ℃, Adrian Bosshard was full of energy and enthusiasm. He expressed the hope that this listing activity will blow a Certina Himalayan wind in the Chinese market.
From motorcycle rider to global president
As a former professional motorcycle rider, Adrian Bosshard is very fit. He is an avid fan of skiing, sprinting and cycling. Although he has left the professional arena, he is still keen to devote himself to the exciting motorcycle GP and F1 races.
Today, from a race car driver to the global president of Certina, a well-known Swiss sports watch brand, the working environment and nature of work are different. But in essence, these two kinds of work have a lot in common. ‘Before I was a racer, I needed to work closely with mechanics and nutritionists to achieve a good result.’ Adrian Bosshard admitted that today, as Citroen Na Global President, he still needs a group of good partners around him. The reason that attracted him to play for Certina, in addition to the inherent sportsmanship of Certina watches, is more important to him, and more importantly the team spirit contained in its brand. ‘We need a good design team, a sales team, a finance team … only if everyone works together can Certina be taken to a higher level.’

Looking back on his sports career, Adrian Bosshard believes that the spirit of perseverance is the most important. ‘Now this spirit has been affecting the entire team of Certina in a subtle way.’
前 In front of the camera, he is always accustomed to posing his own signature movements-fist, thumb extended to support his chin. Whether in Basel or now, he wants to use this posture to show his confidence and attitude.
March into China and return to Himalaya
Tina Certina first adopted the DS ‘dual insurance’ concept in 1959. This year also marked the birth of Certina’s scientific watch series. At the same time, a series of expeditions aimed at science and sports began to test this new timer under extremely harsh conditions. In 1960, Certina DS accompanied the Swiss expedition to Dhaulagiri (8222 meters) in the Himalayas, and thus proved its absolute reliability under extreme changes in temperature and altitude. Since then, Certina watches have become the favorite of athletes, and the DS Diamaster watch released in 1976 has won the favor of Muhammad Ali.
The new generation Certina DS 1 Himalayan series continues this early tradition of durability and excellence, and is based on innovation. In Adrian Bosshard’s view, the trust that this series of watches has been inseparable from the DS ‘dual insurance’ system. ‘In sports, the safety of athletes is very important, so they want to use quality in competition A good, accurate timepiece. The ‘dual insurance’ system is shockproof and secure, which is why Certina can work with many events. ‘

There are many reasons for choosing Certina DS 1 Himalayan series to be listed in China. Compared to Europe, mechanical watches have a larger market in China, which is an opportunity that many watch manufacturers will not miss. The Himalayan series inherits the tradition of Certina, not only technically strong, but also very beautiful in style. Adrian Bosshard believes that as a classic mechanical watch, the Himalayan series will be loved by many consumers in China.
After coming to China again two years later, Adrian Bosshard is still very excited. China is too big for him. He smiled: ‘China is not just a country for me, it is a continent.’ Therefore, he also has different expectations for Certina’s performance in China. ‘ Compared with Europe, Certina is still in its growth stage in China. In Europe, we have a growth rate requirement of 5% -10%, and in China we hope to achieve double-digit sales growth. ‘
For Certina, Certina DS successfully climbed to Dhaulagiri with the Swiss mountaineering team in 1960, which is a very good historical review of its brand. This time, Adrian Bosshard looks forward to Certina continuing to write its legendary history in the Himalayan hometown.