Chopard L.U.C High Precision Complicated Mechanical Tourbillon Watch

The new triple-certified tourbillon can be described as the world’s first high-precision and sophisticated watch. It carries certifications of three top Swiss watch manufactures: COSC Swiss Official Observatory Certification, Poinçon de Genève Geneva Seal, and Fleurier Quality Certification, which not only represents an important milestone in Chopard’s watchmaking history, Fleurier’s quality certification shows that the watch has passed the most delicate and acute test of real life, but also shows that Chopard’s watch production level has reached an unparalleled state of the art. The release of this three-certified tourbillon watch is an important benchmark for Chopard watchmaking, and it can be described as a pioneering work in the history of horology. The three certifications are: the COSC Swiss Official Observatory certification, which symbolizes the accuracy of the mechanical movement of the watch, the Poinçon de Genève Geneva mark, which symbolizes the quality and appearance of the movement, and the quality certification, which passed the Fleurier life-of-life test. The so-called real life test represents a comprehensive test of watch performance. The mechanical movement of the watch must be loaded into the case and tested together. It simulates the watch in different lifestyles including temperature, latitude and longitude, eating, walking, strenuous exercise, various Testing in real life. Therefore, the high-precision complication tourbillon with three certifications has been hailed as the most outstanding top-level complication watch in the history of horology, and it is highly reliable in terms of performance quality and appearance. This L.U.C triple-certified tourbillon watch is made of 18K rose gold with a diameter of 43mm and presents a perfect arc regardless of the angle. The satin-finished and polished lugs have been redesigned to ensure they meet better comfort and aesthetic standards, and the crown is also engraved with the L.U.C logo to show the series name. In order to emphasize the outstanding technology of this precision instrument, many craftsmanship are hidden in subtle details: the silver polished dial is more sensitive, with the contrasting black rhodium-plated princess-style hands, the dial is plated from the 1960s Inspired by the rhodium-plated minute track, the overall style perfectly reflects individual characteristics.
     This outstanding work is equipped with a self-winding LUC 1.02QF movement. It is also the only movement in the world with a dual-stack coaxial cascade barrel design. It also has a four-arm balance wheel fine-tuning device that can last up to nine days. Power reserve. The clock and minutes are displayed by the central hand, the power reserve device is displayed at 12 o’clock, and the one-minute small seconds and tourbillon device are displayed simultaneously at six o’clock and the traditional carved Fleurier tourbillon frame is used. As an advanced complex precision watch with three certifications, the first two watch certifications ensure its accuracy and flawless appearance, while the third process certification brings the watch’s overall quality to an extraordinary state.
     The COSC Swiss Official Observatory certification is a professional certification that the public is familiar with the function of the movement, and its main appeal is to evaluate the accuracy of the movement. Each movement must undergo a series of 15-day tests, tests in 5 different orientations, and 3 different temperatures. In order to obtain this COSC certification, every precision timed movement must be specially taken care of and manufactured during its equipping process. In 1886, the cantons and counties re-established the Poinçon de Genève Geneva mark review standard. Advanced and complex mechanical watches must undergo 12 rigorous tests from single parts, material properties, movements, to assembly. This audit is of a very professional level. Only a small number of brands in the entire watch industry are considered to be qualified members, and the standard watch is recognized as a flawless work of movement specifications and appearance. Finally, the Fleurier mark is undoubtedly the most difficult certification to obtain. Before obtaining the Fleurier mark, the watch must have passed the COSC certification. The test process will compress all kinds of simulated scenarios worn for 6 months into a complete 21-hour test for 21 days to ensure that it can be used in various latitudes, longitudes, humidity, temperature, It can pass tests to prove that it has accurate and reliable reliability in various difficult environments and in real life.
     Although this L.U.C Triple Certification Tourbillon is the first officially released tourbillon triple certification watch, each certification is no stranger to Chopard. At present, with the exception of the only Chopard L.U.C XP watch without a second hand, all Chopard L.U.C watches are certified by the COSC Swiss Official Observatory. Quite a few of Chopard’s high-precision and sophisticated watch machines have also been recognized by the Poinçon de Genève Geneva Seal in recent years. As for the Fleurier certification, Chopard is one of the core members of several brands to jointly establish this certification.
Chopard L.U.C triple certified tourbillon watch
Model: 161929-5001
Certification: COSC Swiss Official Observatory Certification / Poinçon de Genève Geneva Mark / Fleurier Certification
Dial: 18K rose gold with silver matte dial
Movement: self-winding tourbillon movement L.U.C 1.02QF
Kinetic energy: storage for 216 hours (9 days)
Strap: Hand-stitched crocodile leather strap with 18K rose gold pin buckle