Citizen Eco-drive Diving Watch A Great Companion For Diving Lovers

For diving enthusiasts, diving watches are one of the essential equipment when swimming in the sea. In 2009, Citizen launched two new light kinetic diving watches BJ2110-01E and BJ2120-07E, which perfectly interpreted Citizen’s product development concept of ‘fusion of technology and beauty’ with excellent water resistance, rich functionality and humane details

Citizen’s new light kinetic energy diving watch, BJ2120-07E

Citizen’s new solar-powered dive watch, BJ2110-01E
The professional characteristics of the Citizen Eco-Drive dive watch are reflected in its functional innovation and comprehensiveness. Both BJ2110-01E and BJ2120-07E watches use Citizen’s unique light kinetic energy technology, which absorbs any visible light source and converts it into kinetic energy to drive the watch to run. As long as there is light, there is energy. The Citizen Eco-Drive dive watch can automatically switch from the daily timing state to the diving state immediately after entering the water, and has a water resistance of 200 meters. The 50-minute timer, diving depth display, calendar display, 24-hour display and other functions are also available. Everything. During the diving process, diving time and diving depth are very important safety measurement data. The Citizen Eco-Drive dive watch can automatically measure and record water depth and diving time through advanced sensors. It has a water depth display, a 50-minute timer, Features such as 50m water depth display are for the sake of diving safety. The depth and depth memory function of the two watches not only provides data references for multiple dives, but also serves as a record for divers to share the most authentic diving experience with their companions.
Excellent function is the best interpretation of perfection, and the stylish appearance and comfortable wearing experience will perfect the sublimation. The essence of the design of the Citizen Eco-Drive dive watch is reflected in its visual calmness. The large-diameter dial design ensures maximum visibility. The color of the dial is also carefully selected: in the pure black dial, key parts such as hands, water depth and bezel scale are dotted with blue, like blue water. Leaning in front of me. In addition, the hands and dial of the watch are equipped with a luminous function to provide the wearer with the clearest time display at all times. The straps of the two watches are made of high-quality rubber, which not only has good ductility and soft touch, but also makes the watch more personalized. The case is made of stainless steel and processed by Citizen’s unique DLC technology. At the same time, it increases the wearing comfort, is more lightweight and wear-resistant, and is less prone to scratches. The need for convenience and ease of use when operating underwater.