Earl’s New Couture Précieuse Series Weaving Brilliance Huashang With Precious Stones

Piaget’s new Couture Précieuse series, combining strength and elegance into the most recognizable style. With gorgeous creations that reinterpret the essence of the brand that is astounding and elegant, create unique watches and jewelry for women, show extraordinary style, and weave a truly dazzling Chinese dress.

   Piaget meticulously decorated women with beautiful and inimitable high-end jewellery creations. These ingenious jewellery creations use white diamonds, black spinels and red gems to interpret the unique charm of women. The white brilliance shines from the outside of the diamond and re-reflects it, representing the charm of women from the inside and out; the impenetrable black implies the indescribable mystery and nobility of women; and red is the color of blood, symbolizing life and passion, Women deserve to be loved and loved. This illusion of gems slowly unveiled the mystery of female charm …

   In this biennale, Piaget invited the industry’s top illustrators to design a display stage for these exquisite jewelry creations. David Downton, a well-known fashion illustrator and a core figure in the haute couture world, has created a number of sketches, turning part of Piaget’s creation into an immortal spirit on the artwork. With his sharp eyes and a timeless interpretation of women’s elegance, with gouache paint, plastic color and ink, he created a gorgeous exhibition room in Piaget Gallery, which is tailor-made for these jewels.

Diamond Weaving Flower

  What could be more fascinating than the euphemistic and delicate perspective of artistic presentation? Piaget covered the skin with diamond weaving flowers, as light and elegant as a breath. Like luxurious lace or stunning lace gowns, this collection showcases the silky smoothness of the skin, set against gold and precious stones.

Necklace (G37LJ900)

  The mystery of seduction lies in the gorgeous necklace (G37LJ900) woven and embroidered with gold thread and diamonds around the neck. The overall hollow and clear mesh structure makes it look like lace. The most iconic creation in the series is made with the same exquisite craftsmanship as high-end custom uniforms. From twill cut to rounded edges, the creation took more than 800 hours.

Ring (G34H0200)

  The same earrings (G38LM100) and ring (G34H0200) are also stunning, with gold segments surrounding an Asscher-cut diamond and a rose-cut diamond.

Necklace (G37LJ200)

  The dazzling red star in this feast will undoubtedly be a necklace (G37LJ200) with classic folding fan as the muse in the series, which perfectly shows the wearer’s elegant and noble posture. The delicate red tourmaline carved in the center of the fan is set against the finely crafted mesh pattern, creating a penetrating game of light and shadow. Before the assembly is completed, the blade segments of each lumbar fan are finely set separately. At first glance, if it is already blown by the next breeze, prepare for each opening and closing action.

Bracelet Watch (G0A38211)

  Reproduced from the original 1970s watch, inspired by woven clothing. The strap part highlights the historic and professional accomplishments of the earl’s workshop jewelry masters. Gold is all pleated by hand and woven into a mesh, which is no different from the work of fashion women’s designers. The appearance of this bracelet watch (G0A38211) demonstrates the pride of the earl craftsmen. The gold thread is twisted and shaped using a needle post, creating a unique gold cloth that is perfectly compliant and authentic. There is no doubt that this creation is a tribute to the superb craftsmanship of the Earl in the 1970s.
Shining Lace of Bright Huashang Series
  This series of jewellery creations draws on corsets and ribbons that shape and shape the haute couture to perfect the curves. The radiant laces overlap with each other, which evokes the sensory association of female shoulder and neck skin, and the non-overlapping part at the end is flying in a flowing form.

Inspired by lace earrings (G38LN500)

  A lace-inspired earring (G38LN500), highlighting the delicate arc of the neck, the fascinating 5-carat pear-shaped diamond, more naturally with its sparkling diamonds, has attracted everyone’s attention . In the same vein, the exquisite lace-up watch (G0A38203) is the perfect manifestation of the high-end jewelry watch manufacturing process. The round diamonds and rectangular diamonds that appear alternately are decorated with cases and straps, and they pay tribute to the enchanting lines of female silhouettes. This exquisite watch undoubtedly reveals the elegant heritage of Haute Couture.

Lace Up Watch (G0A38203)

  What’s more, the elaborate corset-shaped jewellery bracelet watch (G0A38200) is set against white gold and diamonds, and the slender lines of the sculpted wrists are like women’s small waists; the laces made of fine jewellery are partly Inlaid with round diamonds, and some with rectangular diamonds, entangled with each other, like an elegant carol, the beauty flowing out of this creation reveals another treasure: a function of time reading A low-key watch hidden in the recess of the wrist. Between movements, time stops for them. Only those who know how to get the favor of this lucky owner can get a glimpse of its secrets …

Lace-inspired necklace (G37LM900)

  Piaget used the assembly technology of this series of jewellery to give it the ability to make jewelry styles that match the curvaceous beauty of women and have excellent softness. The lace-inspired necklace (G37LM900) is even more so. The diamond ribbon decorated on it forms a rigorous line around the neck, or supports the feminine beauty of the open back neckline. This creation was designed by the earl workshop designer and personally painted a gouache sketch. The weight and structure of the necklace are carefully calculated to achieve the required softness. The white gold ribbon is cut one by one and needs to be assembled before gem setting. Whether viewed from the front or the back, the necklace’s inner and outer beauty is infinitely beautiful.
The beautiful totem of the bright Huashang series
  Between these elegant and delicate creations, Piaget learned from men’s suits, and added the unique brandebourg pattern to this competition of charm. This series of jewels weaves the magic magic of beautiful totems through the collision of colors of different gems (diamond, pink sapphire, red tourmaline, red or black spinel) and creative wearing methods.

Earrings (G38LM900)

  The Brondenburg-style elliptical arcs outlined with red tourmalines and diamonds are used as an ear decoration (G38LM900). Bright red gems rotate at the end of the ribbon that sparkles with diamonds, like a choreographed Waltz.

Diamond Watch (G0A38195)

  And another diamond watch (G0A38195), inspired by the gold buttons on the imperial uniform, shows a refined nostalgic style. The diamond case with claws is perfectly combined with the fine-lined diamond strap, and the marquise-cut diamonds are even more elegant.

Tassel necklace (G37LN173)

  The secret of the delicate and elegant fringe necklace (G37LN173) is hidden in its pendant. The fringed tassel is light and rhythmic, like an angel’s hair. The pendant strung by black spinel is hung at the end of the necklace. With the wearer’s body rhythm, it gives the jewellery a new and unique rhythmic rhythm, just like the catchy Charleston dance. Rhythm.
Brilliant Huashang Series —— Behind Gorgeous Craftsmanship

  Couture Précieuse is a unique collection of 71 pieces of the entire series. The design sketch was created by the jewelry designer of Piaget Workshop, and then created by more than 30 watchmakers, jewelers, engravers, mosaics and polishers. .

  The entire range of outstanding jewellery was developed by Piaget and independently produced in Piaget’s Fine Jewelry Workshop.

  After hundreds of hours of research and development and the handmade process of Piaget jewellery masters, Piaget high-end jewellery watches and jewellery creations were given life. Each piece of jewellery can be regarded as a unique creation, because all the master craftsmen involved in their production use their personal experience and artistic acuity to integrate the best interpretation of each piece of jewellery.

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