Elegant Gentlemen Upgrade Again Ace Agents This Time Has A New Gentleman Black Technology

That is to say, after the success of the 2015 ‘Breaking List’ ‘Ace Agent’, ‘Ace Agent 2: Golden Circle’ was reloaded again on October 20, 2017. As the second work of the ‘Ace Agent’ series of movies, the ‘Ace Agent 2: Golden Circle’ is wonderful. In addition to retaining the suits, wine tastings and surprises of the gentlemen’s agents, the ‘violent aesthetics’ of the British and American gentlemen’s agents have been sublimated again, bringing the blood of the silver screen and the blood that exploded in October. Appealing. On the day of the release, the box office was close to 20 million in 9 hours and broke through 100 million in 24 hours. Then the sequel of ‘Ace Agent’ was pushed to a climax.

   Different from the plot of the first ‘Ace Agent’, the second ‘Golden Circle’ introduced a new story line at the beginning, telling that after the Ace Agent’s British headquarters was destroyed, Igersey and Merlin went to The United States, with US federal agents fighting alongside criminal organizations. Especially in chasing cars and fighting dramas that are staged in less than 30 seconds, there is no doubt to tell the audience: ‘Our special effects have been fully upgraded, you must be prepared!’

More luxurious cast

   In addition to the film’s uncle face (Fairs), the addition of Oscar film post Julian Moore also made this sequel to the agent theme a lot. In the play, she plays the lively, lively, powerful, but cruel, big-boss drug Poppy, and the ‘golden circle’ in the title is the drug trafficking organization she founded. What is different from the drug drug organizations is She hides herself in a large-scale garden built by herself in the mountains of Cambodia. Although she can’t show her face, she has a well-known heart and is protected by robot dogs and biochemicals. Her goal is to gain the right to ultimately control the legalization of drugs through the worldwide distribution of deadly poisons through drug trafficking. Of course, American allied agents Chaning Tantum, Pedro Pascal, Harry Berry, Jeff Bridget, and other front-line Hollywood actors gathered in ‘The Golden Circle’.

Two new tear spots

   Of all the stories, reunion and sacrifice are the two most tear-prone scenes. The ‘Golden Circle’ uses these two weapons to once again portray a more complete character. Tears point 1: When Igesi found and helped Harry restore his memory with the help of American wine agents, the moment they embraced each other, they were full of passion. Tear point 2: Merlin chose to step on a landmine to explode, staring at Aegis and Harry, sing his favorite country song ‘Take Me Home Country Roads’ impassionately, successfully attracted the attention of the guards, and went with them to cover Aeg The explosion of West and Harry entering the enemy’s base camp completely described the glorious image of individual heroism admired abroad. (But then again, Harry can be resurrected by shooting in the brain in the first season, so will the exploded fragmented Merlin be reborn in the third season? Let’s wait and see)

And even more anti-aircraft agents.

(picture from the Internet)

   What excites all fans of ‘Ace Agent’ is the black umbrella in Harry’s hands, in addition to the clean and flat suit. It can be used as a stick, bulletproof, and can observe and shoot enemies through an umbrella. This umbrella also performed well in the second part. In the second part, what impressed me was the printed suitcase in the hands of Igesi. In addition to placing things everyday, it was integrated with bulletproof and shooting, convenient, practical and ready to provide fire support. But under the premise of a powerful smart watch, these two Terminator-style equipment can only retreat to the second line. And this watch is this year TAG Heuer TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 smart watch.

TAG Heuer TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 Smart Watch

   The smart watch worn by gold medal agents in the movie played a key role. Whether it is shooting underwater, fighting scenes or stunt shots, this watch is an indispensable tool for them in any scene. Positioning, long-distance calls, interference with mechanical signals, and control of enemies, all features add a lot to this sharp weapon that turns the sky, leaving a deep impression.

Special edition of this movie

   Of course, this watch will be available to everyone in the near future. Although not as bad as it is in the play (what’s the point?), As a daily smart watch, its performance and configuration are also quite good. Rose gold lugs and Kingsman-printed leather straps reproduce the modern aesthetics of British agents. It also comes with an orange velvet strap, inspired by the iconic orange velvet men’s casual wear worn by Taron Egerton in the film.
   Different from daily money, the special dial is set to midnight blue or gray, which is unique and full of commemorative significance. Kingsman lettering at 9 o’clock and the Tag Heuer logo at 3 o’clock. Every time at 10:10, the K-shaped logo representing the movie will appear with the dial shaking for 10 seconds. As an echo of the key elements of the movie, the Ace special watch transforms the original Android Wear lighting function on the original dial into a gold logo on a white background, which has both elegant British elegance and avant-garde avant-garde style.
Summary: Generally speaking, the second one retains the first movie experience that is both bloody and entertaining. Although the Golden Circle did not exceed the first 8.4 on Douban, it went from the royal gentleman to the western cowboy Both retain the sultry whisky and the cool action scenes. The violent aesthetics among gentlemen is still addictive, and I look forward to the third movie.