Experience The Endless Charm Tasting Cartier Calendar Chronograph

By using Cartier’s first workshop to refine the self-winding chronograph movement, it creates an iconic high-end men’s watch; while respecting tradition, it subverts the routine, a breakthrough combination of a breakthrough appearance and deep historical heritage , Once again highlighting the unique design talent; injecting the breath of the times into ancient handicrafts, after hundreds of hours of exquisite work, creating a wrist with infinite charm. These are, without exception, the best interpretations of the vitality and creativity of Cartier.

With its strong lines and solid case, the Calibre de Cartier watch series introduced in 2010 through the ingenious combination of frosting and polishing processes, forms a balance with sharp contrast, which can be called a unique chronograph masterpiece. In 2013, Cartier equipped the Caribo watch with a new workshop exquisite 1904-CH MC chronograph movement, and at the same time injected a strong and resolute character into this sporty watch.

This is a watch with prominent design elements: two chronograph dials at 3 and 9 o’clock, a grooved bezel on the dial flange with a minute track scale, and an enlarged Roman numeral hour The standard XII is located above the chronograph. Two new chronograph buttons complement the crown shoulders and add vitality to the watch.

The design of the 42 mm stainless steel case makes the watch more tough and sporty. Stainless steel bezel with engraved minute track. At the same time, this watch includes eight models from stainless steel to white gold diamonds, with a leather strap or metal bracelet. These sporty models reinforce the self-motivated spirit of the Calibre de Cartier.

银 Silver-plated pearl dial, partially snail-shaped decoration, eye-catching Roman numeral XII and bar hour markers each occupy half of the dial. Two snail-shaped (hour / minute) counters with diamonds to polish the bevel. The overall tone is mainly black and gray, and the luminous sword-shaped black oxide steel pointer makes the reading time more intuitive.

The stainless steel octagonal crown is set with a blue multi-faceted synthetic spinel. At the same time, the chronograph buttons at two and four o’clock are also made of stainless steel.

下 Under the sapphire crystal transparent case back, the 1904-CH MC self-winding movement is clearly visible, and the Geneva ripple decoration reflects its unique light, which is particularly conspicuous.


At three o’clock, the watch is a thirty-minute chronograph dial, which is also decorated with a snail pattern. The hands are pure black sword-shaped hands. To ensure the chronograph’s accuracy to the greatest extent, the 1904-CH MC movement is equipped with vertical coupling , Eliminate the traditional central second hand when the start or stop of the jump. The coupling device also minimizes the energy consumption when the chronograph is running, without affecting the power reserve or the stability of the chronograph.

三十 The watch has a thirty-minute chronograph dial at nine o’clock and is decorated with a snail-shaped pattern. The hands are pure black sword-shaped hands. Synchronizing the chronograph functions to zero is a delicate and complex process that requires the perfect coordination of all parts. Cartier equips the 1904-CH MC movement with a linear zero hammer. With the touch of a button, all hands of the chronograph can be accurately and synchronously returned to their original positions.

The watch is a date display window at six o’clock, with a fan window design. Pure black Arabic numerals make the date display particularly clear.

Movement articles

The watch is equipped with a Cartier 1904-CH MC self-winding movement. This brand new movement of 11 1/2 cents is specially designed to ensure the stable operation of the timing system regardless of the level of power reserve. In fact, the dual barrel used in the movement ensures that the winding torque remains perfectly constant for a long time, and that it can control and stabilize the accuracy of the timing. The 1904-CH MC movement is equipped with a precise tuning system, which makes the chronograph accuracy even higher. The tuning operation is done by Cartier’s master watchmakers, including careful adjustment of the ‘C’ fast and slow hands. The winding system of an automatic movement is usually affected by external strong interference to affect its normal operation. To make up for this deficiency, the 1904-CH MC movement is equipped with ceramic ball bearings, located in the center of the rotor, to ensure that the winding system is sturdy and durable.

Summary: The chronograph introduced this time provides the wearer with up to eight choices in terms of style and material. Although the chronograph function is already very common in modern models, it is rare for this watch to be equipped with In addition to a number of major technical innovations, Cartier also adopted a more innovative pawl system to replace the traditional inverter device used in the automatic winding device, which was optimized by increasing the winding speed. Comfort when winding the watch. Finally, thanks to the two-way winding design, the watch can be automatically wound no matter which direction the rotor is rotated. So from the perspective of the movement, this watch can become a rare item.