Exquisite Charm Of Mature Women Big T’s Interpretation Of Tissot Moon Goddess Series

In 2001, Xu Xiyuan (Big S) became a well-known idol star among Asian audiences for starring in the Taiwanese idol drama ‘Meteor Garden’ overnight. In addition to TV dramas and movies In addition to the drama and the endorsement of advertisements, beauty books and personal poems have also been introduced, which are popular with consumers. With a variety of roles such as singers, hosts, actors, and fashion writers, Big S still insists on performing every professional performance with professional dedication, and is now loved by more and more fans and fans. 10 years is undoubtedly a huge career challenge for a female celebrity in the ever-changing entertainment industry. Many people have lost in the face of time, but time has gradually transformed Big S from a young and apathetic girl into a radiant The mature woman also transformed her from a former newcomer in the Chinese entertainment industry into a star full of charm and professional ability today. As a Tissot image ambassador, Big S completed the shooting of the 2009 Tissot advertising image in Taipei, expressing the graceful charm of the Tissot Moon Goddess series female watches. Da S is very skillful in interpreting the image of the goddess of the moon. In private, she is a beauty and fashion opinion leader. Da S often shares her unique insights on beauty in the media and TV interviews. Big S has not only performed well in theatrical works in recent years, but also received widespread response, and its charm spreads all over Asia. In addition, she showed amazing taste, temperament and charm when she attended fashion occasions. She did not lose to international artists in the slightest. It is a new generation of international superstars with great potential. The Tissot Moon Goddess series interpreted by the big S is composed of 6 watches. Its design inspiration is based on the moon. With the elegant temperament of mature women, it creates the mysterious charm of the moon goddess. From dazzling diamonds to exquisite mother-of-pearl dials, the Moon Goddess series reflects the sophisticated elegance of modern women. Known as the ‘girlfriend’, the Moon Goddess watch collection combines beauty and performance. The moment of beautiful diamonds and elegant fonts shows that the mature and elegant image created by Big S in the film and television works starring in her.