How Many Watches Do You Know? Count Those Tribute Watches

Anyone who has watched the watch making process or visited the watch factory can’t help but lament how great the craftsmanship of the design and production of the watch is! From the design sketch to the initial prototype, and even the final part grinding to assembly molding, each link condenses human wisdom and the difficult operation of the machine, conceived in a quiet environment, patiently polished parts, and carefully assembled the structure It is the inspiration of the brand that the brand’s watch masters give these parts a life of operation. The founder of the brand has passed down the generations of craftsmanship for hundreds of years or even more, which is admirable! Below, we take the specific salute watches as an example to review the important big names of several brands.

  Since 1833, all employees of Ru Gu Jie Jia Watch Factory have been pursuing the concept of perfection. They adhere to the values ​​that Jaeger-LeCoultre founder Anthony Lecourt values ​​are pure, flawless, exquisite, exquisite and elegant. The HommageAntoineLeCoultre Memorial series is meant to pay tribute to him. When Anthony Lecourt founded his own small watchmaking workshop, he also gave birth to the Jaeger-LeCoultre watchmaking factory that will become internationally renowned in the future. Anthony Lecourt has spent his entire life working tirelessly to make absolutely reliable timepieces. His achievements in the fields of precision and mechanized watchmaking have made Ru Gu a paradise for high-level complications and a mecca for fine production.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Founder: AntoineLeCoultre

 Jaeger-LeCoultre Perpetual Calendar Tourbillon Master Series Commemorative Watch

  In 2013, at the 180th anniversary of the establishment of Jaeger-LeCoultre, Jaeger-LeCoultre launched the MasterGrandeTraditionGyrotourbillon3Jubilee superb traditional tourbillon series commemorative watch. 10 masterpieces. As the core work of three commemorative edition watches ‘in tribute to Mr. Antoine LeCoultre’, this new timepiece combines the superb technology of the Jaeger-LeCoultre watch factory with the elegant decoration bred from the long-established watchmaking craftsmanship. In one, pocket watches made in the 19th century by the watch factory also gave the watch its unique aesthetic concept.
  Jaeger-LeCoultre Classic Tourbillon Master Series Commemorative Watch

  The double tourbillon frame runs precisely, the outer frame rotates around the axis once a minute, the inner frame rotates once every 24 seconds-2.5 revolutions per minute-and this achievement is achieved not only by watch factory engineers and watchmakers Our outstanding creativity also relies on modern cutting-edge equipment like 5-axis automatic production units. Finally, the use of aluminum as an ultra-light material makes the combined mechanism composed of more than a hundred parts less than 1 gram, which is a feat in the field of micromechanics.

  This watch is the tenth masterpiece of HybridMechanica’s large complication series. It is equipped with three independent dials to display the time, which is quite distinctive. Each dial not only reflects the exquisite qualities of the fine watchmaking tradition, but also has its own unique charm. The hour and minute display is decorated with traditional silver-plated pearlescent decoration. The new prince-like hands perfectly match the other elements that make up the timepiece. The traditional rhodium-plated sunburst dial makes the chronograph display more legible and the day / night display is stamped. Limited production of 75 pieces. In the center of the dial is the Jaeger-LeCoultre brand logo and signature, as well as the words 1833. These elements are reminiscent of that distant era. That year, Antoine LeCoultre established his own watchmaking workshop in Ru Valley.


  Roger Dubuis is the only watch factory engraved with the Geneva Seal on all watches, which can be called a rare example and extreme glory in the watchmaking industry. The Geneva mark not only provides excellent guarantee for the movement, but also the entire watch is manufactured in Geneva, as well as strict guarantee of superb craftsmanship, excellent performance, extraordinary quality and durability. Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis, through one of the avant-garde images, exemplifies the firmness of the brand’s timepieces with one of the Geneva emblems that dominates the sky, bringing you a comprehensive understanding of the most stringent and rigorous certification standards for watchmaking.

Roger Dubuis

  In 2014, Roger Dubuis launched the Hommage series, which has been planned for many years and revived, and pays tribute to the founder and founder of the series, Roger Dubuis. The Hommage series has become the core spirit of the brand. The Hommage series is not only a tribute to fine watchmaking, but also highly praises the founder and the original creator of the series, Mr. Roger Dubuis. Let the Hommage series emit a glamorous dazzling light. Over the past 10 years, Roger Dubuis has defined its own watch aesthetics, and the aesthetic soul of Roger Dubuis comes from the watchmaker Roger Dubuis who founded the brand of the same name.

  The Roger Dubuis double flying tourbillon hand-engraved watch has poured the hard work and passion of watchmaking masters and reached the top level of existing precise timing equipment. The brand not only uses it as a timing tool, but also devotes it to high-end A work of art for watch connoisseurs. The Roger Dubuis double flying tourbillon hand-engraved watch combines classic tradition and modern style. It adopts a 45mm 5N rose gold case. The metallic luster is more noble and elegant under the light. Through the sapphire crystal glass, the unique dial design is clearly displayed in front of us. The radioactive hand-crafted engraved patterns let the sun shine, full of energy and enthusiasm. The rose gold inlaid with Roman numerals and the charcoal gray outer ring make people recall the elegant time.

  The dual flying tourbillon is the finishing touch of this watch and one of the high-end skills of watchmaking. The two tourbillons appear symmetrically at the lower end of the watch and are full of mechanical sense. The front of this watch is stunning with a strong mechanical feel, while the back is more like a finely crafted work of art, which makes people appreciate. The metal engraved with the signature of Mr. Roger Dubuis on the back of the sapphire crystal glass is a special mark belonging to the brand and a feeling of countless watch lovers. As the founder and “soul master” of the watchmaking factory, Mr. Roger Dubuy has continued to play a spiritually inspiring and inspiring role in it, and maintains constant communication with Gregory Bruttin, director of the research and development department, and other team members. The new HommageDoubleFlyingTourbillon hand-guilloche watch is the best example.

  Tag Heuer New Caliber1887 Chronograph Jack Heuer Edition

 Jack Heuer

  ‘The limited edition TAG Heuer CARRERA watch was designed by me personally, in honor of my 80th birthday,’ said Mr. Jack Heuer. The watchmaker’s vision is unique. He has designed TAG Heuer’s most iconic modern watches, especially the most legendary CARRERA series.

  TAGHeuer’s honorary chairman, Jack Heuer, is the grandson of the founder Edward Heuer. He served as the company’s CEO during the company’s golden age of innovation in the 1960s and 1970s. Recently, the brand has launched a special edition chronograph. Inspired by the two parts of the TAGHeuer stopwatch he used on professional circuits around the world. In 2012, to celebrate his 80th birthday, Mr. Jack Heuer created the commemorative Calella Calibre17 Jack Heuer 80th Anniversary Chronograph. The classic 41 mm diameter case of this watch, the clear and wide dial, and the automatic movement driving the small dial at 3 and 9 o’clock, all make people feel retro in a subtle way.

  Today, the limited edition of the Calera Calibre17 flagship store offers two different retro dial designs: one is a large charcoal gray dial with a small silver dial; the other is a large silver dial with a dark blue small dial. In addition, these two watches are the same as the previous models, and they are also decorated with the vintage HEUER family emblem on the dial and on the back of the dial. This chronograph uses leading-edge technical details, with elements borrowed from the F1 racing and aviation fields: black titanium carbide steel case, hand-brushed and polished, with high gloss; polished, fine-brushed and sandblasted steel and titanium frames; deep The gray outer edge is set with speed and pulse scales.

  This innovative asymmetric case design is based on the TAGHeuerCARRERA Mikrogirder chronograph: the crown and the chronograph button are slightly angled at the top. The dark gray sapphire case back is engraved with the Jack Hoya shield and signature, and the Calibre 1887 movement boldly set with 39 gems is visible through the case back. In all respects, elegance praises this technology and design pioneer, for his extraordinary and prescient vision.

Summary: For a brand located in the watchmaking industry, watchmaking is an art. Every detail of a watch is a creative space. Even the fine patterns on the case and dial are determined after careful consideration. The founders of watches and clocks are worthy of respect. They adhere to the ‘maverick’ characteristics in many styles, inject fresh blood into the brand, create their own style, and create miracles for many watch enthusiasts. These Even if the founder cannot be worshipped by everyone, it is at least worthy of our memory and respect. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)