How To Identify The Authenticity Of Longines Watches?

From the appearance, the trademarks and brand marks on the dial and back cover of genuine Longines watches are clear and complete; the number of diamonds marked on the dial is consistent with the actual number of diamonds in the movement; the materials marked on the back cover It is consistent with the materials used in the case. The Longines glass is smooth and clear. The outer edges of the case components have no sharpness. The coating has no air bubbles and does not fall off. The counterfeit and authenticity of the Longines watch dial and back cover are marked with illegible trademarks and brand names; the number of diamonds marked on the dial does not match the actual number of diamonds in the movement; the outer edges of the case components are rough, and there are blistering, falling off or broken parts of the plating. 1.The rear cover of the real Longines not only has this model, but also the body number engraved on the bottom. Each model is different. You can take this body number and the warranty card on your watch. Check the body number.The model and body number of the real watch should be the same as those on the warranty card.
2.Looking at the workmanship of the watch, if the font on the real watch and the brand LOGO with the back cover lettering will be very clear and clear, while the workmanship of the fake watch will be rough and the font will be fuzzy.
3.The watches of Longines watches are all sapphire crystals, which are very wear-resistant. You can use this method to identify whether it is a sapphire crystal. Use the water droplet test method to identify the water droplets. Without leaving water marks, then the watch mirror of this watch is a sapphire watch mirror. On the contrary, if the water drops are scattered, it indicates that it is not, there must be a problem with this watch. You can use this as a reference if you really do n’t understand You can take your watch to a regular service station for identification.
    4. Viewed from the movement, the corresponding Longines watch movement is marked with the corresponding brand name on the splint or pendulum; the movement is stable in the case components; the inside of the movement is clean. Counterfeit Longines watch movements have no trademark plate on the splint or pendant, or the marks on the trademark plate are rough, fuzzy, or skewed, or simply pasted with small copper pieces; the movement is not clean, and some movements have copper shavings and hair Silk, fingerprints, etc.
    When purchasing Longines watches, the consumer should check the seller’s inspection certificate and whether the number on the laser imitation mark is within the number listed on the certificate. There are many other methods to identify authenticity, such as using testing instruments to test gold content, travel time accuracy, waterproof performance, surface glass hardness, genuine and fake diamonds, and so on. The measured data is used to verify whether it is consistent with the data and instructions marked on imported watches, and to determine the authenticity. In addition, some famous brand watches have special identification methods due to the movement structure and inherent secrets, but they require professional equipment and instrument inspection.