Hublot And Australian Charity Beard Season Reach Partnership

On March 8, 2015, Hublot, a well-known Swiss luxury watch brand, announced a partnership with the Australian charity Beard Season, and Mr. Elbank at Somerset House (Somerset) Gong) served as the chief sponsor of the pre-show of photography. This preview shows the perfect fusion of the outstanding creations of Hublot and the art world, once again highlighting the two brand philosophy of ‘The Art of Fusion’ and ‘Hublot Loves Art’.
   In 2010, Jimmy Niggles saw a 26-year-old friend die of melanoma, and he later created Beard Season. Long before the ‘hipstmelanomaer’ and even the recent ‘lumbersexual’ event, Jimmy and his friends had long hairs, so that whenever someone asked, they would tell the story of their lost friend. The event quickly spread and became an Instagram phenomenon, conveying a simple but important message: Examining the skin, building long beards, and becoming a Beard Season image ambassador.

   Commenting on Beard Season’s collaboration with Hublot, Jimmy said, ‘Everyone knows that it takes time and effort to gain a beard, but it can help us detect one of the world’s most deadly cancer diseases early. Hublot recognizes this The tremendous power of the ceremony and the willingness to help spread it to more people. The conclusion of this cooperation agreement is encouraging. Mr. Elbank and I look forward to working with Hublot for their sincere cooperation. ‘
   Mr. Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot, said: ‘Hublot is proud to sponsor the Beard Art Preview and officially announce a partnership with Beard Season. Like those who decorate their wrists with Hublot, in Mr. Elbank’s In the photographic image, people refuse to be vulgar, subvert tradition, and face the world with fiery enthusiasm. We look forward to continuing cooperation with Beard Season to help Jimmy and all Beard Season ambassadors to save more lives. ‘