Hublot Love Art Hublot 2016 Watchmaking Class The Ultimate Temptation Of Top Watchmaking Crafts And Embroidery Art

Art originates from ingenuity. Hublot, the top Swiss watchmaking brand, has always rooted its pursuit of art in the spirit of the brand, and has continued to explore the art field in an infinite imagination. Today, Hublot is a fusion of Swiss traditional embroidery technology with high-tech innovative watchmaking technology. It cooperates with the Swiss top Bischoff embroidery company, which provides embroidery products for haute couture, and uses embroidery to tell a time story and design together. Big Bang embroidered watch and Big Bang embroidered candy skull watch, using exquisite seductive materials and exquisite ingenious details to decorate the sexy Big Bang embroidered watch, fully show the ultimate charm of women.

   Hublot has long been exploring the latest high-tech materials while paying tribute to traditional craftsmanship. Following the inspiration of denim fabrics, Hublot has used a variety of fashion elements for watchmaking. Hublot completely liberated Eugen yarn embroidery from a long tradition in 2015. For the first time, the top Swiss watchmaking brands have combined the fine elements of haute couture, fashion trends and haute couture to decorate the sexy Big Bang embroidered watches. Perfect interpretation of women’s self-confidence and femininity, the charming and tempting embroidery art and watchmaking technology are combined with each other. The collection of rebellious and sexy organza embroidery shows its unique charm on the dial and strap made of carbon fiber. This is also the first time in the history of watchmaking that the mesh embroidery material is ‘packed’ into carbon fiber. The R & D team devotes itself to research and development.

   On September 26, 2016, Hublot’s 2016 watchmaking class was held in the beautiful and colorful Suzhou, the birthplace of Su Embroidery. This thousand-year-old Gusu City is graceful and quiet, but it is even more beautiful because of Su Embroidery. Hublot invited partners, design director Rachel DeLagenest from Swiss Bischoff embroidery company, and Chinese Soviet embroidery artist Yao Jianping to the antique Yao Jianping Embroidery Art Museum, showing the feminine charm and innovative fusion of Chinese and Western embroidery culture. At the same time, they had further exchanges on the use of Eastern and Western aesthetics in watch design. Hublot as a bridge of art allowed Western haute couture and Eastern style to be here. The embroidery culture of China and the West collided under the traction of Hublot. A new spark.

   Embroidery is the earliest decorative language of mankind, and the traditional embroidery craftsmanship derived from St. Gallen in Switzerland is world-famous. The embroidery produced by Swiss Bischoff embroidery company has always been known for its high-end fashion industry with its novel and unique fashion appearance and elegant design. Design director Rachel from Bischoff embroidery company told the story of the beginning of Big Bang embroidery watch design. It’s very challenging to show the charming embroidery charm between the squares. We are very happy to have such a new attempt. The creative team from the two companies jointly developed a unique pattern layout that merges with the iconic design of Big Bang. This is art and craft In addition to the breakthrough in technology, the creative process is also a new exploration. The birth of the new embroidered watch shows a more unique fashion charm for fashion women who pursue their own style and spiritual independence. ‘

   On the other hand, Su embroidery from the east is elegant and beautiful. Su Jian artist Yao Jianping, who has more than 30 years of experience, is a representative inheritor of Su Embroidery, a national-level non-heritage project. He has created a unique ‘melting stitch’ based on tradition. Style, ‘Express the times with needlework’. Her works have been gifted to leaders of various countries as national gifts on many occasions, and have been permanently collected by the National Art Museum of China, the Nanjing Museum, the Great Hall of the People, Buckingham Palace and other permanent collections. After understanding the birth of the Hublot embroidery watch, Yao Jianping said, ‘I greatly appreciate Hublot’s pursuit and exploration of art. Not only has the dial been embellished with art, but it has also given a new form of expression to the embroidery art. Many people understand the art of embroidery and its fusion and modernity. ‘

   In 2015, Hublot released the first Big Bang embroidered watch, and won the ‘Best Women’s Wear’ at the 15th Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève, the most authoritative Swiss watch industry. Watch Award ‘(Ladies Best Watch). The Big Bang embroidered watch ‘draws with needles’ and incorporates gorgeous organza embroidery into the watch design. The dial is a skull pattern and inlaid with 11 diamonds, while the bezel and strap are soft and gentle vine patterns to strike The beauty interprets the rebellious sexy. At the same time, this is also a technological innovation. For the first time in the history of watchmaking, it is the first time in the history of watchmaking to “load” mesh embroidery material into carbon fiber to create a dial and carbon fiber bezel.

   In 2016, Hublot embroidered watches re-emerged, introducing two new limited edition watch series-Big Bang embroidered candy skull watch (41 mm) and Big Bang embroidered watch (41 mm), continue to be soft and confident The feminine charm is perfectly blended with cutting-edge innovation and technology. Both are limited to 200 pieces. This is the second consecutive year that Hublot has cooperated with Bischoff Embroidery Company to present the ultimate gorgeous new organza embroidery masterpiece for stylish women. The dial design abandons all the traditional thin dial design principles. The designer has significantly reduced the operating thickness so that the hands and embroidery do not touch each other. This watch is a model of ‘art of fusion’. It cleverly uses traditional craftsmanship and transcends the limits of technological innovation. It is the ultimate fusion of superb craftsmanship and ultimate art.

2015 Big Bang embroidered watch

   In 2015, Hublot collaborated with the Swiss top Bischoff embroidery company, which provides embroidery products for haute couture, for the first time, and jointly developed a unique pattern layout to perfectly integrate with the iconic design of Big Bang. The Big Bang embroidered watch dial features a skull pattern and is set with 11 diamonds, while the bezel and strap are soft and gentle vine patterns that interpret the rebellious sensuality with the beauty of collision. This is also a technological innovation, and the R & D team has worked hard for months. At the 15th Geneva Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève, the most authoritative Swiss watch industry, HUBLOT Big Bang embroidered watch won the ‘Best Women’s Wear’ with an overwhelming advantage. Ladies Best Watch.

2016 Big Bang embroidered candy skull watch (41mm)

Turquoise green, sea soul blue, light pink, fuchsia, bright yellow, orange red, purple blue, and colorful silk threads are embroidered in the embroidered silk pieces, shining a touching metallic luster … Big Bang embroidered candy skull watch (41 (Millimeters) inspired by the 2016 runway, the skull graphics, 11 red spinels on the dial and the vine pattern on the strap together compose a colorful and beautiful color Rhapsody. The simple power of the 41 mm diameter case adds to the style: the black ceramic bezel is embedded with 36 red spinels, the steel bezel is decorated with 36 pink sapphires, and the rose gold bezel is decorated with 36 blues. Sapphire embellishment. The dial and the bezel complement each other, set with 12 rare gems, ceramics with red spinel, steel with pink sapphires, and rose gold with blue sapphires.

2016 Big Bang embroidered watch (41mm)

   In 2016, Hublot enriched the Big Bang embroidered watch family with three materials: ceramic, steel and gold. Black or silver Lurex silk embroidery shines on soft color silk. The ceramic model is black embroidery, the steel model is silver embroidery, and the gold model is gold embroidery, just like luxurious and delicate high-end lace underwear. Passing sultry sexy. Enchanting embroidery extends from the dial to the bezel, bringing out the sexy magic.