Introduction To The Baume & Mercier Series

The Humberton menswear series with moderate size specifications, for the elite men who know the value of their watches, the classic and well-known curved window design, and a larger and more comfortable case The design once again explores Baume & Mercier’s unique design features, which will be a model of pleasing watches. The representative model of this series is an automatic chronograph (34 x 47 mm), made of stainless steel, equipped with an automatic movement, with a power reserve of 65 hours. The rotor is at a glance; likewise, in the red gold model, it is equipped with a manual winding movement with a power reserve of 42 hours, perfectly displaying the exquisite and delicate hollow window on the case back. The representative model uses the Roman numerals engraving of the historical model, perfectly adhering to its timeless and classic design.

The ultimate feature of Humberton lies in adhering to the unique design of historical watches. In addition to emphasizing its elegant aesthetic design, it also incorporates modern modern elements. It is also the biggest challenge of the Humberton series. Extraordinary qualities.
Ling Ni series perfect interpretation of female charm
With its smooth and soft lines, sexy and soft curves, and distinctive luxury temperament, the Ling Ni watch perfectly interprets the ultimate charm of women. The interchangeable strap is a major feature of this series. This year, Baume & Mercier presents three limited-edition autumn and winter leather straps for Lingni lovers. The 27 mm diameter dial in this series is used to continue the fashion style on the wrist. Pearl grey, raspberry red, and shiny metallic coffee & mdash; & mdash; three such limited fashion straps are only available at Baume & Mercier Shanghai and Hangzhou authorized dealers to meet with everyone and make reservations for everyone. Beautiful women can proudly say: ‘My Ling Ni, I want to wear it like this!’ & rdquo;

Caplan series engraved real moments
This new interpretation of the watch collection is inspired by a historic classic: the one-button chronograph manufactured in 1948. A major feature of the new Kaplan series is its dual-material dial, which subtly presents the aesthetic design of the 1950s. This watch has outstanding extraordinary characteristics, equipped with speedometer and rangefinder display functions, and polished satin case to make the watch more refined. The main styles of this series are chronographs, with simple digital engravings and stylish and colorful dials, giving this model a subtle and sporty character.
The history of Baume & Mercier watches dates back to 1830. Reading it carefully is like looking through a genuine watchmaking legend; today, the brand has opened a new chapter and will become the most unique and intimate partner of precious moments in life.