Jacques Droy’s Automatic Doll Series Exhibition Is Coming To Beijing Skp To Demonstrate The Legend Of Machinery In The Last Three Centuries

As a treasure collected by countless European royals and nobles in the 18th century, the meaning of automatic dolls is not just a literal ‘toy’. Its body usually contains a large number of precision gears and parts, and the movement of the doll is driven by mechanical movement through artificial assembly. When you tighten the clockwork, the automatic doll can perform a series of pre-set behaviors, from anthropomorphic shaking your head to the linkage of the entire scene, as if a scene on the stage of a drama is slowly unfolding. Complex automatic dolls can even perform multiple mechanical movements at the same time. Not only are the coherent actions of the doll in one go, but even the branches next to the doll and the birds on the branches can be active along with the scene changes. The action of the puppet can also be specific to every detail: when the craftsman wants to express an automatic puppet that is writing, ‘he’ will have the corresponding behaviors such as laying paper, dipping ink, turning the wrist, etc. The lifelike feeling can’t help but sigh the mechanical wonderful.

Jacques de Loire gold-plated clock
   In the history of the watchmaking industry, automatic dolls have played an important role. An excellent watchmaker is often an excellent automatic doll maker, because mechanical watches and automatic dolls work in the same vein, using clockwork to generate mechanical power to drive gears, and then push the hands. Behind these complex functions is the hard work and wisdom of an artisan, even several generations of industrial people, which makes mechanical watches so popular on smartphones today and still attracts many people; similarly, the legendary stories of antique automatic dolls, It has always been talked about by mechanical enthusiasts.

Jacques Dro copper-plated flower-turned birdcage bell
   ——If the above stories are far away from us, then this time, Jaquet Droz will bring history into reality. From October 24th to 29th, Jacques Droh will host the Jacques Droh automatic doll series exhibition in Beijing SKP to show Chinese watch fans the wisdom of this old Swiss brand for nearly three centuries, and its representative Automatic doll works.

From left to right: automatic doll magician, writer, painter
   In 1738, Pierre Jaquet-Droz founded the first watch factory in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. With a pair of skillful hands and skillful use of mechanical principles, he produced a series of watches and automatic dolls, which attracted a large number of high-class social customers, including King Ferdinand VI of Spain. After gaining great wealth, he devoted himself to the research and production of automatic dolls. In the era when the encyclopedia was brilliant, the power of science was universally acknowledged, and the foundation of the industrial revolution was the foundation of the stone, he devoted himself to realizing the real challenge of his watchmaking career: copying life, the automatic doll born from this-The Writer, The musician (The Musician) and the painter (The Draughtsman) marveled at the kings and nobles of the time. Continuous research in the field of novelty machinery and vivid reproduction of life and moving installations made his works come to life, and also laid the foundation for Jacques de Roy’s later knocking on the palace door of the Forbidden City. When Jacques Dro’s commercial territory expanded to the Far East, even the Emperor Qianlong was deeply trapped in the charm of automatic dolls. To this day, dozens of Jacques de Rodriguez masterpieces treasured in the Forbidden City, through the storms of history, still witness the centuries of love between China and Jacques de Lo.

Jacques Dross Bell Warbler Clock
   Adhering to this shocking technology, Jacques Dross now introduces new masterpieces, the most representative of which is the full range of automatic doll watches: Bird Repeater, Charming Bird Elegant 8-Flower (Lady 8 Flower) and Loving Butterfly Automaton, which debuted at BASELWORLD 2017. Minute Repeater is a minute repeater with fully automatic operation; Charming Bird of Time is the first miniature chronograph watch inspired by the famous bird cage automatic dolls popular in the 18th century; and elegant 8-flowers Zhiyun is the first automatic doll timepiece designed specifically for women; Love Butterfly takes inspiration from a painting created by the painter (The Draughtsman). This automatic doll technology has been developed for three years and applied for two European The patent, once published, became one of the most watched works of BASELWORLD 2017. If you want to see its mechanical charm up close, this exhibition of Jacques Dro’s automatic doll series is an excellent opportunity.

From left to right: Love Butterfly Automatic Doll Watch, Three Questions for the Time Bird, Charming Bird of Time, Elegant 8-Flower Rhyme
   In addition, the first stage of three automatic dolls scattered around the world will also be a highlight of this exhibition. It is reported that Jacques Dro will also launch a brand new automatic doll watch in the world at that time, to pay tribute to the new height of mechanical creation, which lasts for 100 years in China.
   All these ingenious mechanical masterpieces, in today’s civilization full of digital technology, have vocally declared their absolute loyalty and original intention to the noble and authentic industry of watches and clocks. From October 24th to 29th, let’s meet with Beijing SKP to explore the latest outstanding craftsmanship of Jacques Dro, to experience the infinite pursuit and innovation of the brand from history to the future, and to appreciate the subtle beauty and wisdom of machinery.