King Of Price/Performance’ In Vacheron Constantin Steel Watches

The watch I want to tell you today is Vacheron Constantin Quedley (No. 4500S). Quedley is a watch I like very much, but this only shows that it has been transferred to a city with me. Cousin brother. Some people may ask, why do you like this watch if you like it? The reason lies not in appearance but in human feelings. This old man and I have exchanged a lot of watches with each other. Before that, he had a golden laborer, which was won by me with a good price. He later expressed ‘regret’. This time, Quedley, considering that I have won the love of others, has come and gone, this Quedley had no choice but to bear it.
 So I wrote Quedley, on the one hand to introduce this watch to you, on the other hand I look forward to the new love miss the old love.

Vacheron Constantin Quedley
Why is Quedley the very cost-effective Vacheron Constantin?
 In the past, I wrote some watches, all at the end, to talk about the price, value, and cost-effectiveness of this watch. But for this watch, I want to put it before.
 Like Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, and Audemars Piguet, as traditional Swiss watchmaking troikas, in order to maintain their brand positioning, they cannot introduce too many steel watches (or steel case sports watches). Except for individual steel watches, almost all products in the entire lineup are Gold watch. Take Vacheron Constantin as an example. Its steel watches only have the vertical and horizontal, Quedley, and the new Wulu series. These three series have steel watch models. The price of steel watches (including sports watches with steel cases) is lower than that of gold watches. Steel watches are stronger and more durable. At the same time, steel watches are also versatile and fashionable, so it is naturally very hot.

From top to bottom, Vacheron Constantin crosses the sea, Vacheron Constantin Quedley, Vacheron Constantin and Wu Lu.
 Among Vacheron Constantin’s three types of steel watches, the public price is the highest in the world (15.6 million), Quedley is in the middle position (125,000), and the three-pin Wu Lu price is the lowest (89.9). Among them, Vacheron Constantin’s most famous steel case sports watch, with high configuration and natural price is expensive. Although Wu Lu’s three-pin is low in public price, this watch serves as Vacheron Constantin’s entry watch. The movement does not have the Geneva mark, thereby reducing Entry threshold. So from the middle position Quedley, the movement configuration is the same as the horizontal and vertical, all are Vacheron Constantin’s own 5100 movement, with the Geneva mark, the movement is in place; Second, Quedley with two straps, a belt A piece of tape, which can be installed and moved, a watch takes all, and the value is high. Taken together, Quedley’s comprehensive capabilities and cost performance are very prominent in Vacheron Constantin’s steel watches.

Vacheron Constantin Quedley in blue and black
 Quedley is a relatively new series in Vacheron Constantin. Quedley was first introduced in 2008 and later launched a steel shell version. At that time, because there was no current Wulu series, the steel case Quedley was Vacheron Constantin’s entry table. Since Quedley is a very new series, it is also relatively modern in design. The appearance of the entire watch is very different from the traditional Vacheron Constantin. Quedley’s case shape is very complicated. We can see carefully that Quedley’s bezel is round, the case (middle part) is cushion-shaped, and the watch as a whole looks barrel-shaped. The bezel and lugs are polished, and the cushion-shaped case is brushed. The watch measures 41 mm, which is a very modest size.

Vacheron Constantin Quedley
 Quedley’s dial design is also very special, the watch’s dial is divided into 3 parts. The outermost circle of the disk is the time stamps with numbers and bars alternating, the middle calendar ring on the disk, and the interior of the disk is printed with the Vacheron Constantin logo and the Maltese cross and English. Quedley’s most distinctive feature is its ring calendar. The date numbers are on a transparent glass plate, the calendar numbers are immobile, and the date is indicated by a small triangle arrow that moves on the outside of the calendar. The date is 31 days, and the small arrow just completes a circle every month. Quedley logo on this calendar. Quedley’s digital and long hour markers are three-dimensional, the numbers and long bars alternate, the watch has a large area of ​​luminous light on the 18K gold hour and minute hands, and the small arrow on the calendar also has luminous. The small arrow of the calendar is agile under the luminous light, and the watch face has some movement style as a whole. Quedley’s face has 3 colors, white, black, and blue. Judging from the market situation, the blue disk is relatively black and white, and it should be even hotter.

The 5100 movement used by Vacheron Constantin Quidley, pay attention to the Geneva mark on the movement on the right.
 One of the places I am very satisfied with Quedley is on the movement. Although the steel case Quedley was Vacheron Constantin’s entry table before the launch of the steel case Wulu, Quedley’s movement was not discounted at all. With the Geneva Seal. The movement configuration is very high. The size of the 5100 movement is 30.6 mm, the thickness is 4.7 mm, the swing frequency is 28,800 times per hour, and the power is 60 hours. Every detail of the movement is finely decorated to meet the 12 rules required by the Geneva Seal. On the splint next to the balance wheel, the golden emblem of the Geneva stamp ‘Eagle and Key’ is printed. Finally, Lin Lin concluded that among the mainstream brands, there are only a few brands such as Patek Philippe (now changed to PP), Vacheron Constantin, Cartier, Chopard, Roger Dubuis and so on. A movement with the Geneva mark takes 40% more time to manufacture than a watch without the mark. Again, many watches without the Geneva mark are good watches, but those with the Geneva mark are definitely good watches.

The upper part is the 5100 movement, and the lower part is Quedley’s 5100 movement.
 Although both use the 5100 movement, the vertical and horizontal (4500V) and Quedley (4500S) rotors are different. Across the sea is the all-gold automatic tourbillon with compass decoration, very luxurious and gorgeous. Quedley’s rotors use a tungsten alloy, and the gray rotor is much lower-key.
 From the perspective of buying a watch, although Quedley is a popular steel watch of Vacheron Constantin, but because Vacheron Constantin’s supply has always been relatively stable, it is easier to buy, you can buy it if you like, very worry-free. But I would like to say one more thing: Vacheron Constantin’s new entry watch steel case Wulu three-pin is very rare, Vacheron Constantin is likely to control the supply of steel case Wulu three-pin. Quedley was basically fine.
 PS. Since there is no full set of pictures left, put on the hands to verify the body.