Kunlun Strives To Create A New Booth For This Year’s Basel Watch Exhibition

The grand event of the watch industry Basel Watch Show will be held from April 25 to May 2 this year. By then, Kunlun will welcome more than 400 retailers and more than 300 journalists from all over the world with a brand new booth.
 Kunlun’s booth will continue to be located in the most prestigious Hall 1. However, the new booth will be more spacious than before, creating a more comfortable and comfortable atmosphere. The completion of the new architectural solution of the Basel Watch Fair has made the number of booths in Hall 1 popular among the brands from 45 in 2012 to 21 this year, making the whole hall more open and more visible for the top watchmaking brands in the venue. Unique style.

Kunlun debuts at Basel Watch & Jewellery Show with new booth design
 The Kunlun booth specially created this time has the same visual design, creativity and technical complexity as the watches made by Kunlun, and the scale is huge, requiring at least 44 days to build and 19 days to dismantle. Up to 30 companies have participated in the design and production of this project, which aims to create a beautiful stage for the brand’s watches, and present the exquisite craftsmanship of the watches in the most gorgeous way.
 Like a building suspended in mid-air

 The new Kunlun watch booth was jointly created by Studer Architecture and 1 Studer, an architectural design company based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. With a dynamic and fluid design element, a three-story structure booth was created. The design of the exterior wall of the exhibition booth is based on the long-standing sandalwood design. Through clever sanding technology, it creates a layered and exquisite sandalwood exterior wall. In addition, the brand’s representative Ti-Bridge series watches are used to fix the support of the long movement, which has also become the inspiration for the design of the architectural structure, injecting a light and suspended decoration into the overall design. These LED-supported aluminum load-bearing brackets extend from the ground to the top in the booth, and the showcases are alternately displayed between the pillars and the sides of the exterior wall, enhancing the transparency of the overall design.
 The interior design of the booth is based on light gray and bronze, with special sandalwood furniture to create a noble and elegant style. The open reception area and multiple vertical flowing spaces increase the overall lightness and transparency, making the interior of the exhibition booth suspended in midair.
 Three-storey booth area of ​​731 square meters

 A total of 15 sales meeting rooms are located in the center of the three-story booth, providing a comfortable and high-privacy meeting space. Guests of Kunlun Watch can also visit the restaurant on the middle floor of the booth to enjoy exquisite cuisine while watching Scenery of Hall 1.
 By the time Basel Watches kicks off this year, watch lovers will be able to see it.