Langue’s First Watch With Panasonic Timekeeping

About two years ago, Lange’s LANGE ZEITWERK watch, with its extraordinary design features, demonstrated its watchmaking philosophy that breaks through conventions and ushered in a new era. So it is no accident that ZEITWERK has become Lange’s first timepiece. Its mechanical design concept provides ideal prerequisites for an integrated self-oscillating gear train.
    When the digital disk is moving forward, it will release a huge force, so it can still provide enough power for other purposes after switching cycles. The stored energy becomes the power of the time signal device, which is used to tighten the spring to drive the two hammers. The hammers made of black polished stainless steel are arranged on the two sides of the small seconds dial of the dial. The left hammer strikes every hour, and the right hammer strikes every quarter of an hour. Two gongs are suspended in a recess between the dial and bezel for easy identification. Every quarter of an hour, the mechanism is activated, striking one of the gongs. Each quarter of the clock will be timed with high-pitched music, and every hour will be clocked with low-pitched music.
Black polished steel hammers, one on each side of the small seconds dial
    In the field of precision watchmaking, the clock hour is a very rare but absolutely practical function. You can choose to turn this function on or off at any time: press the button at 4 o’clock to keep the timekeeping device silent. Silent mode is easy to confirm, just watch the hammer go away from the gong through the sapphire crystal. In addition, when the crown is pulled out, the hammer will return to its original position, so that you can rotate the set time in both directions without activating or accidentally interrupting the time signal device.

    The LANGE ZEITWERK STRIKING TIME watch is equipped with a precision word display, showing a simple and clear layout style. The large hour and minute numbers set next to the display window make the time display clear. Driven by a patented constant-power escapement, the minute display gradually advances with a slight ticking sound and movements imperceptible to the naked eye. Until the whole hour, the three dials move forward one grid at a time, and the pointer will take a big step forward. Now, the clever movement of time is even more fascinating with the sound of music every 15 minutes.
   The LANGE ZEITWERK STRIKING TIME watch is equipped with a Lange-made L043.2 movement. It not only is equipped with hand-decorated delicate parts, the balance wheel is equipped with eccentric weights, and Lange’s proprietary balance spring is undoubtedly able to Meet the expectations of global watch fans for Lange watches. This self-timer watch is 44.2 mm wide. In addition to the white gold case with a black dial, a limited edition of 100 platinum cases with a rhodium-plated dial is also available.
    It is believed that Ludwig van Beethoven is famous all over the world due to the four-tone prelude to the middle horn of his fifth symphony (also known as the Symphony of Destiny). With innovative technical design and excellent timekeeping functions, the third masterpiece of the LANGE ZEITWERK series is as magical as it is bound to become the star of watchmaking.

Lange-manufactured L043.2 manual winding movement
Movement: Lange-made L043.2 movement, manufactured according to Lange’s highest quality standards, mostly assembled and carved by hand; precision-adjusted in five directions; 3/4 plywood made of untreated German silver; handmade Engraved balance wheel splint; jumping function; constant power escapement

Number of movement parts: 528

Number of jewels: 78

Screwed gold sleeves: 3

Escapement system: lever escapement

Pendulum system: Glucydur shock-resistant screw balance with eccentric weights; Lange’s self-made top-level balance spring with chuck system (patented); 18,000 vibrations per hour; combined with lateral fixing screws and gooseneck balance spring Fine-tuning system

Power reserve: 36 hours power reserve on full chain

Functions: Hour and minute jumping time display, small seconds with stop-seconds function, power reserve indicator, musical hour for every quarter of an hour and every hour

Operating device: crown for winding and setting the time; control of the audible time button

Case dimensions: diameter 44.2 mm; thickness 13.8 mm

Movement size: diameter 36.0 mm; thickness 10.0 mm

Mirror and case back: Sapphire crystal (hardness: 9)


Model: 145.029

Number of issues: Unlimited

Case: White gold

Dial: Solid silver, black

Time Bridge: Rhodium Plated German Silver

Hands: Gold rhodium plated

Buckle: White gold Lange pin buckle


Model: 145.025

Number of issues: 100

Case: Platinum

Dial: Solid silver, silver grey

Time Bridge: Rhodium Plated German Silver

Hands: Gold rhodium plated

Strap: Hand-stitched black alligator strap

Clasp: Platinum Lange pin buckle