Montblanc Heritage Precision Chronograph Series External Tourbillon Minute Chronograph Expressing Gamma Diamond Limited Edition 25 Pieces

Montblanc Heritage Precision Chronometer Series External Tourbillon Minute Chrono Code Gamma Diamond Edition perfectly combines short-term timing functions with a patented tourbillon that ensures absolute accuracy, highlighting superior and sophisticated timing functions. The most striking feature of this limited edition watch is undoubtedly its exquisite decorative craftsmanship. The 44mm white gold case, with a bezel set with 76 diamonds, and the polished satin finish make this watch even more prominent. Elegant and dazzling.
Unique patented tourbillon
   The watchmakers and engineers at Montblanc Villeret constantly challenge the limits of precise timing and conceive of an external tourbillon, an original ultra-precise adjustment mechanism that rotates once a minute. In this self-developed patented structure, the bottom of the delicate tourbillon frame is smaller than the screw balance, and carries the escapement wheel, the tray, and the balance hairspring screw connecting the balance ring shaft fixing rings at both ends of the frame. This innovative frame is driven by the gear wheel train of the movement and rotates frictionlessly on two-point cross bearings at the bottom of the shaft. As a pivot on a jewel bearing, the extra-long balance wheel shaft is clearly visible through the central opening. This unique structure allows the small-sized balance to oscillate on a higher plane outside the frame, and is separated from the frame, independent of the weight of the balance, so the frame only needs 30% less energy than a traditional tourbillon to drive a rotating movement.
   Another advantage of the external tourbillon structure is that the balance wheel is separated from the rotating frame and is not affected by the inertia of the frame, thus ensuring absolute high accuracy. Thanks to this, Montblanc incorporates a stop-seconds function in the movement. A miniature spring directly stops the screw balance separated from the frame, and the tourbillon can continue to set the time accurately without intervention.
   To accurately adjust the time, the tourbillon frame contains a red arrow mark so that it can read the corresponding scale seconds printed on the tourbillon dial opening.

Homemade movement
   This innovative tourbillon structure is integrated into Montblanc’s self-made chronograph movement, which combines all the elements of traditional chronographs with modern high-performance structures: single button, column wheel, effective and accurate vertical coupler, automatic winding and dual engine Box. The two semi-circular chronograph dials are equipped with hands of different lengths to correspond to the corresponding sector scales, so that this diamond version of the minute chronograph records the elapsed seconds and minutes. The super practical date display is located in the center of the dial, and the special pointer points to the round scale distributed around the blue guilloché pattern.
   The hour hand can be reset by the hour, ensuring quick and easy time setting while traveling. Resetting the hour hand does not affect the minute and second hands, so you can always keep the time accurately. To set the date, the user can turn the hour hand forward or back in 24-hour increments. When the pointer reaches the 24th hour, the date hand will move forward or backward by the corresponding number of days.

Beautiful dial and case
   Inheriting the precision chronograph series, the external tourbillon minute chronograph expresses the dial of the Gamma Diamond Edition, which adopts a multi-layer structure and elegant finish, highlighting the two complex functions of the watch. The most striking thing is undoubtedly the oscillation of the balance wheel, which rotates once a minute to inspire people’s curiosity about the function of the mysterious tourbillon. The dial is decorated with a dark blue aventurine, which is particularly eye-catching. Numerous small dots represent the starry night sky and symbolize the southern hemisphere starry sky that guides Vasco da Gama. In this starry sky, a patent-cut Montblanc star diamond shines at 12 o’clock. In the center of the dial, the date hand is decorated with blue lacquered corrugations, borrowing from the star clock, one of the navigation instruments on the San Gabriel.
   This watch is also closely related to the ship of the Vasco da Gama’s San Gabriel. The sapphire crystal glass on the bottom of the watch is decorated with the picture of the ship of the ‘San Gabriel’, And the signature of this fearless explorer and crew. This series is limited to 25 pieces, symbolizing the geographical latitude of the northernmost point of the Southern Cross Constellation-25 ° N.
About Montblanc
   Since the establishment of the brand, Montblanc has persisted in creating each product with traditional heritage and perfection for more than 100 years. The uncompromising design and quality have enabled Montblanc to successfully create classics that can be passed on to the world. The Montblanc hexagonal white star symbolizes the top quality that the brand is pursuing. Can be reflected in the atmosphere and eyewear products. The Montblanc Workshop explains the commitment to continuous pursuit of excellence while promoting the development of the cultural field. Montblanc, rooted in the field of writing culture, has always played an important role in the field of culture. Through different types of international activities, the brand has continued to write magnificent chapters in contemporary cultural undertakings, and has occupied a place in the world’s culture.

Montblanc Heritage Chronometer Precision Tourbillon Minute Chronograph Express Gamma Diamond Limited Edition 25
Montblanc calibre MB R230
Movement type Mechanical movement, dual barrel, automatic winding mechanism, patented one-minute external tourbillon with stop-seconds device
Timing function Single button with column wheel and vertical coupler
Dimensions diameter = 33.7 mm, thickness = 8.65 mm
Number of components 296
Number of bearing gems 44
Power reserve about 50 hours
Balance screw balance, diameter = 9.7 mm; moment of inertia = 12 mg.cm2
21,600 vibrations / hour (3 Hz)
Flat hairspring
Plywood, rhodium-plated, round grain
Bridge Plate Rhodium Plated with Geneva Ripples
Gear train special tooth profile helps to improve the efficiency of power transmission
Display (watch) Off-centered hours and minutes
Off-center date small dial
Patented external tourbillon at 6 o’clock (rotates once a minute to indicate seconds) with rhodium-plated tourbillon bridge
Display (timed)
60-second and 30-minute counters, dual display hands and corresponding sector scales
Special features Travel function to quickly reset the hour hand and date display forward or backward
The tourbillon can be stopped by pausing the balance directly
Case 18K white gold, polished case, satin-finished between the lugs, bezel set with 76 diamonds
Mirror: arched anti-scratch double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass
Case back Screw-down 18K white gold case back with recessed sapphire crystal glass, decorated with the pattern of the ‘San Gabriel’ ship by Vasco da Gama
Dimensions diameter = 44 mm, thickness = 14.79 mm
Water resistance: 3 bar
Crown 18K white gold, embossed Montblanc hexagonal white star logo
Button Single button at 8 o’clock
The upper part of the dial is made of aventurine, which depicts the starry sky at night. The patented Montblanc star diamond is set at 12 o’clock. The lower part is decorated with silver vertical satin, rhodium-plated sword-shaped hour and minute hands. Crescent shape, eccentric dial decorated with blue guilloche flinqué pattern, two chronograph dials decorated with silver ‘square mesh’ (60 seconds counter at 8 o’clock, 30 minutes counter at 4 o’clock), dual display Hands and corresponding sector scale
Strap Black alligator leather strap by Montblanc Florence Leather Factory, 18K white gold pin buckle
Limited edition of 25 pieces
Acquired 500 hours of quality test certification from Montblanc Lab