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May be because of such a strong and long-term strategic partner, China has been the largest market for plum blossom watches for many years, and currently has about 800 in China (except Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau). Retail stores and 50 repair service centers. ‘The plum blossom watch has accumulated a lot of praise in China for many years, especially in second- and third-tier cities.’ Ding Zhixiang, editor-in-chief of Chronos Watches, also attended the celebration at the foot of the Great Wall. However, not long ago, many watch enthusiasts fought fiercely on the famous watch forum ‘Love Watch Clan’ in China about ‘How long can the plum blossoms in this watch industry last?’ , But now it is an indisputable fact that this plum blossom is (almost) invisible out of China. ‘
¬†¬†Titani’s weak global sales performance is probably related to its market strategy of adopting low-key marketing around the world for many years. Since 2002, even the annual watch industry event Basel Watch & Jewellery Fair has not participated for many years. ‘Before, we Participated for 40 years. A more practical reason is that the cost of participation is too high and it costs more than a year. As a small family business, we cannot spend hundreds of thousands of Swiss dollars like some luxury brand watches supported by large consortia. Lang is just going to do a show, or set up a three-story exhibition hall, and also invited chefs from France. ‘Daniel Schluep, global president of titoni, said in an interview.